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  1. Parakarrygun88

    The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

    I have returned, with apologies Some of you might remember me, have'nt been on the forum for quite some time. I would like to say i'm sorry to everyone who's stomach i've truned in the past. I have returned as a more mature human being...
  2. Parakarrygun88

    Super Mario Bros 3 VS Super Mario World

    Super Mario World, hands down. I have that game memorized. Beat it with 100% completion.
  3. Parakarrygun88

    Your Rating for New Super Mario Bros U

    Wow, it's been a long time. I have returned from my exodus. I would definitly give this game a 9.5/10. Classic Mario even more reborn, it's Super Mario World on steroids. Yes, I did get ahold of a Wiiu a few days ago and bought it with my own money.
  4. Parakarrygun88

    Luigi's Mansion

    I remember when I was 10 or eleven, I saw this game at a circut city for the first time with the new Gamecube. I think I might have crapped myself, 64 bit graphics magically went to 120 bit graphics, It was amazing.
  5. Parakarrygun88

    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    Call of duty Black ops, Paper Mario
  6. Parakarrygun88

    Do you actually play any non-Marioverse games?

    I play a ton of non-mario games all the time. Call of duty, Goldeneye, Metal slug, Halo, all that crap. But when I get pissed at those games, I always come back to Mario. #1 Mario fan-boy right here!
  7. Parakarrygun88

    The Official Spyro the Dragon Thread

    Guess what, I'm bumping an old topic Falcon Facepalm!!!!! Anyway, the first spyro was and still is awesome. I still play it from time to time.
  8. Parakarrygun88

    Black Ops

    Holy crap, the best COD game in the series. Frank woods is the best character in the game. Single player rocks, Zombies are awesome, Dead ops arcade is sweet as well, Can't get enough of multiplayer. 11/10 I'm definitly getting the First strike map pack when it comes out, are you guy's?
  9. Parakarrygun88

    Most wanted 3DS game

    Legend of zelda: OoT 3DS! Star fox 64 3DS, Metal gear solid 3ds and Duke nukem 3d.....s, just kidding.
  10. Parakarrygun88

    Wii vs Xbox 360

    Wii and Xbox 360 are both dam good consoles, but Wii holds a slight edge.
  11. Parakarrygun88

    Goldeneye N64

    This game needs it's own topic. Remember the good old days of oddjob and Proximity mines? :D
  12. Parakarrygun88

    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    Call of duty: World at war Zombies
  13. Parakarrygun88

    Donkey Kong Country Returns

    This game is very challenging, but very cool. Brings my right back to the good old days of the original Donkey kong country. Still havn't beaten it, still on world 4. Been kinda busy playing xbox.
  14. Parakarrygun88

    Favorite Mario Character

    You do know this topic already exists.
  15. Parakarrygun88

    Super Mario bros.

    Super Mario bros 1 and 3, two of the best games ever made.
  16. Parakarrygun88

    Favorite Super Mario Bros. 3 land

    Giant land is awesome. All the koopas are all fat.
  17. Parakarrygun88

    Favorite female character in Brawl

    Zero suit samus, hello, she's fik'in sexy.
  18. Parakarrygun88

    Favorite Brawl Character

    Link, hands down. Link is a beast.
  19. Parakarrygun88

    Favorite and Least Favorite Smash Bros. Stage

    Temple rocks, Final destination and Smashville are the best, Shadow moses island is pretty cool.... but... the winner is...... Cornaria.
  20. Parakarrygun88

    game poll

    Super smash bros. is the best. Brawl is alright but I have some complaints about it. Melee, I didn't get to play much of that but it was fun. But the real winner is the original. I first played it when I was seven and still play it to this day. Link for the win!
  21. Parakarrygun88

    Favorite Nintendo Character(out of here)

  22. Parakarrygun88

    Next Nintendo Console

    That's a damn good idea.
  23. Parakarrygun88

    Am I the only one who hated Brawl?

    I like Brawl alot, but there does seem to be somthing lacking. I wish they would have fixed the wifi lag with maybe a real, dedicated server or somthing. I like the characters for the most part, although some are bizzare. Subspace emissary is pretty cool but seriously, wtf? Everything else is...
  24. Parakarrygun88

    Marvel vs. Capcom... 3?

    HA HA HA XD! Yeah, that guy. Funny in the third degree. Sorry.
  25. Parakarrygun88

    Super Mario Sunshine

    This(in my opinion)is one of the best Mario games in the series. I love Isle Delfino. All the environments are awesome. I can't think of anything bad to say about this game, accept maybe those levels where you loose your FLUDD.
  26. Parakarrygun88

    How tall are you?

    I thought everybody on the forum was older. I'm seventeen and I believe i'm 5'8. I blame the family genes I inherited, not my fault. I bet I can run faster than all you guys.
  27. Parakarrygun88

    Do you play any instuments?

    I saw an add for these, at first I thought it was a joke but apparently I was wrong.
  28. Parakarrygun88

    Marvel vs. Capcom... 3?

    Who's the little guy with the big head? I laughed my ass off after seeing that.
  29. Parakarrygun88

    Wii vs Xbox 360

    I like Fallout, it's rated M but it's not quite your typical shooter. It's more of an RPG with guns. Halo is just an over-hyped pile of doo-doo.
  30. Parakarrygun88

    Sonic Colors

    Played the DS demo, it was cool. Seemed like sonic rush. There were those cool 3rd person, in-between stages where you collect the rings, I thought that was cool. The game has alot of speed.
  31. Parakarrygun88


    I havn't been on the forums in a while and look what happens, drseaweed comes back. Why is he even on the forum if all he does is troll?
  32. Parakarrygun88

    Book Series You Read

    All this percy jackson crap is new. All we had was Captian underpants and a couple other's I can't remeber off the top of my head.
  33. Parakarrygun88

    Attention Everyone

    It was dogfreak.
  34. Parakarrygun88

    I got a question.

    Thanks for the help but I'm just going to give up. I don't want to get into croping the picture and crap so, nevermind. Go ahead and lock the topic or whatever.
  35. Parakarrygun88


    At this point, I don't care if they re-release it for ds or virtual console. I wouldn't drop 70-135.00 dollars for a SNES copy of this unless I was rich. Crono trigger I would buy on the snes.
  36. Parakarrygun88

    power ups in new super mario bros

    Every time I see secret facepalm I just want to start singing," oh canada" for some reason.
  37. Parakarrygun88

    Donkey Kong Country Returns

    I wish we could fast forward to november 21 when the game finds out. Or at least peek into the future to see if it's going to be any good.
  38. Parakarrygun88

    I got a question.

    As you can see, I found an image, put the url and img code but it won't show up. Perhaps the image is to large?
  39. Parakarrygun88

    Desperate Housewives

    That show sucks.
  40. Parakarrygun88

    What did you last watch on TV?

    Some old 70's show on Retro TV.
  41. Parakarrygun88

    Do you play any instuments?

    I play electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass and drums since I was 4 1/2 years old. I also do a little bit of some vocals, if that counts. Anybody want to start a band?
  42. Parakarrygun88

    Attention Everyone

    I'm glad that I am not the only one who noticed this. It was making me mad seeing all those random poles..... Polls, sorry. All the polls were the same pretty much.
  43. Parakarrygun88

    Have you met any of the users in reality?

    I live in BLARGUHGHUG!!! so come find me. I joined this forum to make some new friends in the video gaming community.
  44. Parakarrygun88

    First Gameboy game

    My first game boy game was Super mario world(Super mario advance 2)
  45. Parakarrygun88

    Mother 3

    Sadface, I guess that means I'll have to get it for an emulator.
  46. Parakarrygun88

    Bowser's Nicknames

    Wait... your in greece? Awesome.
  47. Parakarrygun88

    Mario Party 9

    I would like to see a mario party 1 or 2 remake with better greaphics. But Mario party 9 definitly would be awesome.
  48. Parakarrygun88

    Wii headset?

    From all the speculation that I have read, people are thinking it's going to be like the wii speak only wireless and it sits on your head. I'll buy it if it works with goldeneye 007 or the Conduit 2.
  49. Parakarrygun88

    Super Mario after the financial crisis (funny)

    That's a major LOL XD. But yet sad at the same time, I can't laugh for to long because I too have fallen upon hard times during the "resescion" or whatever the government wants to dub it.