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    Hurt and Heal: Winners edition, volume 16 (WITHOUT items!)

    Yeah, I genuinely don’t know how we’re already at the next Winners game. Let’s just go for it, shall we? A couple things I should mention first: • As mentioned previously, I forgot to include Wario in the previous Winners game. Thus, he is included in this one instead. • This past cycle of...
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    Hurt and Heal: Winners edition, volume 15 (with items, I guess)

    Wait, what now? Time for another one of these already? That was…honestly not as long as I thought it’d be. I would’ve given it, like, 3 years at least. I blame this recent uptick in activity for the Elimination board. shakes fist No, seriously - seven of these winners came from games that...
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    The Official Elimination Game Winners Thread 2.0

    After 6 years of updating the last Winners thread, it has finally reached the 25,000 character limit, meaning that it can no longer be updated. For this thread, I reserved two posts instead of one, which should be more than enough now. This thread will document the winners of all elimination...
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    Hurt and Heal: Winners edition, volume 14 (with items boi)

    Oh...hello! Well, you may remember that I used to host these games every time the 24 most recent character-based elimination games finished. However, this time around, things have changed a lot. Due to the steep drop in activity for elimination games in general (evidenced by both the fact that...
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    Hurt and Heal: Winners edition, volume 13 (with items, yo)

    Hello, ladies and gents, aaand welcome again to the next volume of the Winners series of Hurt and Heal games, where the winners of the 24 most recent character-based elimination games duke it out, leaving one victor standing! Ooh, volume 13…I sense an unlucky game about to happen. Here are the...
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    Man breaks Guinness world record for largest video game collection

    This guy's game collection is nearly 11,000. Impressive, I must say. now he just needs to play all those games
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    Hurt and Heal: Winners edition, volume 12 (with itemsssss)

    Insert introduction for Winners volume 12 here! yeah lol I’m running out of good intros as you can see But as always, welcome to the next volume of the Winners series of Hurt and Heal games, where the winners of the 24 most recent elimination games duke it out, leaving one victor standing...
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    Favorite Nintendo Land attraction

    Surprised this hasn't been made yet. Mine is Metroid Blast, no question. Honorable mentions include Pikmin Adventure and The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest.
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    Favorite non-Mario racing games

    So, outside of the Mario Kart series, what are some of your favorite racing games? I like the Need for Speed series, F-Zero GX, and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.
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    What is your opinion on the New Super Mario Bros. games?

    Now this, I'm interested to see. The NSMB games are definitely fun, no question about that. My favorite games in it are probably the original and NSMBU. NSMB2 wasn't very memorable to me, and while NSMBWii was cool, it just didn't feel a whole lot different (otherwise I would remember playing...
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    Music Mafia: Signups and lounge [CANCELLED]

    ON INDEFINITE HIATUS FOR NOW. I really want to wait on this until I'm comfortable with hosting it and have ample time, and can work on it without going crazy, but I do want to host it in the future. We already made the rolecards and albums (locations) so it would be a waste to not do it...
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    What color is your 3DS? 2.0 (Now with poll!)

    Because the last thread got locked and moved to Topic Storage. Mine is red.
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    Metroid Prime question

    So yesterday I picked up where I left off on Metroid Prime, after not touching it for a few years. I beat the Omega Pirate and got the artifact in the Phazon Mining Tunnel, then returned to the Artifact Chamber in the Tallon Overworld. Question is: how do I return an artifact to the Artifact...
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    Curious question regarding the Mafia FAQ

    So, if the Mafia FAQ wasn't made until April 2012, did you guys just...know how to play? Did anyone teach you? I mean, it was hard for me to catch on how to play until the FAQ was put up, and I'm surprised it wasn't put up when the board first was made.
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    KO a Character: Winners, Losers, and Runner-Ups winners

    I originally planned to do something similar to this on the tenth volume of my Winners games and make it feature only the winners from the Winners games, to celebrate it hitting double digits, but I wasn't sure if people would like it. But I figured I'd try this instead: a KO a Character of the...
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    Hurt and Heal: Winners edition, volume 11 (with items!!!)

    I'm running out of witty intros, so I'll just say it - the 11th Winners hurt and heal has arrived to your local Elimination board! Hard to believe that in 2 months, it'll have been 2 years since I've been hosting these games. Items are here. Reusing the majority of the items from Winners 5...
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    Have you ever gotten a sunburn?

    I haven't. I don't go to the beach very often in the first place - it's probably been over a year or two; and I usually put on sunscreen if I'm going to be in the sun all day, anyways.
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    How old were you when you joined this forum?

    I was 12.
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    Anyone else having Google issues?

    Ever since this morning, when I try to access Google, a Chrome error window will pop up with the header "This webpage is not available" with the caption "The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address." Anyone else having...
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    Worst Mario music

    Contrary to the "Best Mario Music" thread, is there any Mario music that you actually dislike? I personally can't think of any.
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    What pests do you get often in your home?

    Being a Floridian, I get lizards in the house more than anything. I rarely even see spiders or roaches around.
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    Do you always use 3D mode when playing 3DS games?

    I always use 3D when playing my 3DS games. It doesn't give me a headache or anything, and I like that little extra sense of depth. I used to always keep the 3D mode on, whether I was playing it or not, but I learned recently that turning the 3D mode off when not in use saves the battery a whole...
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    Problem with Windows 7 hard drive space

    So, on my Windows 7 laptop, I checked my hard drive today, and saw this: This doesn't make sense to me because all of my programs only take up a total of 1.6 GB. What could be taking up all that space? Last time I checked, it was at around 11 GB left, so this sudden drop in space doesn't seem...
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    Whose Line Is It Anyway? 2013 discussion thread I'm pretty damned stoked about this. The only downside is that Drew Carey won't be hosting. I feel like it won't be Whose Line without him. Hopefully CW won't ruin it, but hey, the 3 original guys will still be in it, which is...
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    Could somebody resize this image?

    I need this image 100x100 or smaller, as I was going to use it on another site as my avatar, but they only accept avatars 100x100 or smaller. Thanks in advance.
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    Question about Paper Mario

    So, I've asked a few friends this, only for them to be unsure. I want to see if someone knows for sure. Is there a tattle log in the first Paper Mario? Like the tattle log in PMTTYD; one where you can see all the tattles you've ever done with Goombario?
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    Help with altering the quote template

    I wanted to bring the quote template to another wiki, but if I copy and paste the coding from the wiki's template, it'll make it so you can put in a quote, a character, and a game. How do I make it so you can only insert a quote and a character in it? Also, how do I make it so that the character...
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    Super Mario 64 VC problem

    So, just a while ago, I moved the Super Mario 64 channel from my Wii memory to the SD card memory, because it takes up nearly 100 blocks of memory and I'm running a bit low. I also took the save data in Data Management and moved that to the SD card as well. When I booted it up from my SD card...
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    How many school periods do you have each day?

    Because I'm interested to see how many periods other schools have. Anyways, I have 8 periods, including lunch, which is counted as its own period at my school.
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    KO a Character: Half-Life

    Surprised this hasn't been done yet. I'm not sure how many Half-Life fans are here, but I know there's certainly a few. Anyways, I tried to include the majority of main characters within the 2 games, as well as some enemies, just to give this a good amount of characters. Adrian Shephard Alyx...
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    KO a Character: Dangan Ronpa 2

    I accidentally posted this in Mindless Junk somehow, heh. Just a little short side game I figured I'd make as Winners volume 10 is coming to a close. Similar to the first Dangan Ronpa KO a Character I made, I won't play this as I'm not familiar with it. I'll let you guys determine the winner...
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    How many computers/laptops are in your house?

    There's 5 in my house. 3 laptops (2 of which are mine) and 2 desktops (1 of which is mine).
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    Hurt and Heal: Winners edition, volume 10 (with items, as always)

    After a whopping 5 months, the 10th winners hurt and heal! It’s finally hit double digits after over a year-and-a-half of me hosting these! These are the items. Reusing the same items as Winners 7, because after 10 volumes it's hard to think up new items, heh. In the future Winners games (which...
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    G4 getting rebranded this year This really sucks. I love G4. It's where I watch E3 every year, and not only that, I love Attack of the Show and X-Play. So now, they're rebranding it to the Esquire Channel, aimed at metrosexual viewers. All...
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    What was your very first edit to the wiki?

    This was my first edit, back in March 2008. I added to Gooper Blooper's page that he appears as a boss in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, which Glowsquid reverted shortly after.
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    Unused files

    Ever since my ban on MarioWiki I haven't really been going on it much. Lately I figured I'd start checking out the place some more, reading articles and the like, looking at everything. Eventually, I looked at some of the special pages, and realized the number of unused files is outrageous...
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    Do you use walkthroughs?

    Simple question: Do you use walkthroughs when playing a video game? I only use walkthroughs if I'm resuming a game I haven't played in a long time and need to see what I need to do next, or if I'm absolutely stuck in a game. I don't use them to guide me throughout an entire game as I feel that...
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    Who here completed The Perfect Run?

    I haven't. I've been stuck on that level in SMG2 for probably about 2 years now and never could finish it. I still try it every now and then (I've been trying it all throughout this weekend) but can never complete it. I could really use some tips; the farthest I usually get is the area with the...
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    The Home Alone film series discussion

    One of my favorite Christmas franchises of all time, the Home Alone series is great. The first and second ones were by far the best and very funny. Macaulay Culkin was definitely the best protagonist in the series, and Marv and Harry were the best antagonists as well. Now, I haven't seen the...
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    Do you collect anything?

    If you do, what do you collect? The only thing I can really say I actively collect are diecast cars from Disney's films Cars and Cars 2. I've been collecting them since 2006 and probably have over 350 of them, but I haven't counted them in a while.
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    MCS's Completely Random GIMP Edits Dump (CLOSED)

    This thread is now closed. Please do not request anything. In this thread, I'm just going to dump random, pointless, and senseless things I've made in GIMP. Feel free to comment, and I'll post more of these when I make more senseless stuff. I will take requests if it is something relatively...
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    How many times have you moved?

    I haven't moved once; stayed in this same house my entire life. So 0 times for me.
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    KO a Character: Dangan Ronpa

    This is going to be short, but I'm shocked a game for this hasn't been made yet. Now I have very little knowledge on Dangan Ronpa, and am only making this for you guys. May the best character win. Aoi Ashina Byakuya Togami Celestia Ludenberg Chihiro Fujisaki Hifumi Yamada Junko Enoshima...
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    What is your ethnicity?

    I'm sure there's been a thread for this before, but basically say what your ethnicity is. I tried to list the common ones, but state if your ethnicity is not listed. I'm Italian.
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    The official Team Fortress thread

    Now, I'm surprised. I did a search on here and couldn't find an official Team Fortress thread. Xephyr has one, but this forum doesn't. Anyways, discuss Team Fortress Classic/Team Fortress 2 here. Team Fortress Classic is very enjoyable, and while it doesn't have achievements or anything too...
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    Jerry Nelson, voice/puppeteer of the Count and other Muppets, dies on Thursday

    Rest his soul. Let us honor the Count with some pictures and videos.
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    KO a Character: Star Wars

    To prepare for my Star Wars Vote to Win that I've been planning for months, I decided to make a KO a Character of Star Wars first! and I need some people for the next Winners game because the document is so empty Tried to include mainly the characters that most everyone knows if they watch Star...
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    Favorite bands/musicians

    So there's a thread for your favorite song. But for you people like me who can't pick just one favorite song, who are some of your favorite bands/musicians? For me, I'd say Foreigner, Led Zeppelin, Foster the People, Rush, and Primus, to name a few.
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    The Nickelodeon discussion thread

    Personally, I thought Nickelodeon was pretty damn good at a point. Old-school SpongeBob was great, All That was great, and so were Ned's Declassified, Drake & Josh, and Rugrats, when I watched Nickelodeon when I was little, and I'll admit, a few years later, even the first few iCarlys were...
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    Hurt and Heal: Winners edition, volume 9 (with items!)

    Here it is, the 9th Winners hurt and heal! It’s also been nearly a year of me hosting these games consistently! These are the items (which are actually the same items from Winners 7). 10th post: Super Leaf from Mario Kart 7 (Hurt x4) 20th post: Invincibility Leaf from Super Mario 3D Land (Heal...