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  1. Gigaremo

    Crystal Defiance: A MarioWikian Tale

    NOTE: This is probably going to be moved to Userpedia; however, nothing is certain. This is about the Mario Wiki, but it's also about the users, leaving me indecisive. Trying to come up with a good name. The first one I'm trying is Crystal Defiance. Anyone like it? Anyone hate it? Anyone...
  2. Gigaremo

    No RS remakes in Gen V?

    This is about Pokemon, for those of you who hate it, go away. Alright, I've come across something confusing. Kanto & Hoenn happen simultaneously (since they are both in gen 3.) Same with Johto and Sinnoh. (Gen 4.) So wouldn't B/W have to be at the same time as Kanto & Hoenn for there to be...