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  1. Storm Yoshi

    Mario Wiki Survivor sign-ups(Island of the Banned)

    lolwhat. Yes this is based on the show 'Survivor [insert island here]' but with a MW twist. So basically I was bored and was trying to make a new game that WASN'T a mafia game so I wouldn't get yelled at for starting it then I thought I could make a Mario Wiki version of that weird show...
  2. Storm Yoshi

    Kirby Mafia Day 4

    Timezones, Stormz hates them. The council drew together into Dedede's castle's brand new conference room where they would try to find the mafia... DAWN OF THE FIRST DAY 72 hours remain...
  3. Storm Yoshi

    Kirby Mafia

    Heh-heh. Lol I am not back, Turboo just told me on BM how bad you people are at mafia games since you always bandwagon or follow the cop, both bad approaches. So I'm bringing in my Kirby Mafia that I used on Boo Mansion (where the mafia won because I chose three of the best mafia players around...
  4. Storm Yoshi

    Animator v.s Animation

    So my friend told me about this and its reallt FUNNY! No.1 No.2 Post your opinions here! P.s I'm not doing a poll :P
  5. Storm Yoshi

    Items or Normal Attacks?

    In the SSB series there are items. What do you use or prefer more? Items or Normal Attacks? I use Normal Attacks more
  6. Storm Yoshi

    Offense or Defense

    In the Super Smash Bros. series it is vital to dodge and duck and so one but you need to land an attack also. So in the Super Smash Bros. Series what do you do work on more...Offense or Defense? I work more on Defense
  7. Storm Yoshi

    New Olympic Sport

    The Toilet dive.
  8. Storm Yoshi


    I was browsing the web listening to melee songs and they soundes nothing like the melee I've got :o! I think its because of the fact my version is PAL. Does this mean that american copies sound diffirent? ??? :koopa: :shifty:
  9. Storm Yoshi

    Kids Wiki or Teen to Adult Wiki?

    I have noticed that our wiki is being exposed to alot of very bad stuff via the adds. This is a real concern as what I am talking about is "You have 2 new crush's in ______". And further more I have seen stuff like ladies in bikinies sticking heir butts out and the caption You know you want this...
  10. Storm Yoshi

    Whats Hot and Whats Not:The four latest Brawlers

    My first poll for whats and whats not for the 'shroom. So decide who's hot and who's not!
  11. Storm Yoshi

    Yoshi's Island DS Article Standards

    Ok so I started this topic regarding the poor quality of these articles. Barley any of them have have a picture and there not even in depth like the Yoshi's Island ones.Probably the only good article is Mario's Fleet Feet. If anyone had the time to read this and is interested join my...
  12. Storm Yoshi

    Can You Sprite

    Can you sprite? ??? I'm not asking for someone to sprite for me though :P
  13. Storm Yoshi

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! Its 2008 yay! I might get Nintendo Wii this year and brawl comes out.....although for some of you it might not be January first 2008.
  14. Storm Yoshi

    Dragon Fable

    Ever played it?
  15. Storm Yoshi

    The Nightmare is over!

    Finally no more school for me! You should have heard the huge scream at my school when the bell went it was HUGE! Has your scholl finished yet...if you finished earlier thats only because the government wants to keep Primary School students in school longer! :x but still *celebrate good times...
  16. Storm Yoshi

    Is there a different way of making a comic besides paint?

    Well is there?
  17. Storm Yoshi

    Should I change My avatar

    Well Should I?
  18. Storm Yoshi

    Why you shouldn't ask Bowser for a raise No.2Out of the ashs

    No.2 of my series is here!
  19. Storm Yoshi

    Favourite Transformer from the movie.

    Who's your favourite? No steering wheel, Xbox360 or vending machine! Optimus Prime Bumblebee Jazz Ratchet Ironhide Megatron Starscream Blackout Scorponok Barricade Frenzy Devastator (best I could do =P) Bonecrusher
  20. Storm Yoshi

    Favourite evil Species(NO SUBS)

    who's your favourite out of the main species.
  21. Storm Yoshi

    Adding New smileys

    How do you add a new smiley to the smiley box thing?
  22. Storm Yoshi

    SSB series Comics

    I'm making a series of SSB comics so......who wants to be in the first one?
  23. Storm Yoshi

    My First Comic

    This is my first comic. I themed it on Super Smash Bros. Users in it are smiddle,crstalking/tubbablubba,luigidude and ME! Click on the image to see it in full size!
  24. Storm Yoshi

    Who caused the koopalings to dissapear?

    Okay so who do you think did it?
  25. Storm Yoshi

    Yoshi's Island Or Yoshi's Island DS

    Which ones better? The DS one was the best.
  26. Storm Yoshi

    Favourite Yoshi's Island DS Boss

    Who do you thinks the best? Big Bungee is the best!
  27. Storm Yoshi


    So......What do you think about the movie?
  28. Storm Yoshi

    Super Yoshi in Brawl!

    I'm gonna be in brawl!
  29. Storm Yoshi


    Crystalking and I are making a comic if you would like to particapate put down your name in this topic.
  30. Storm Yoshi


    Ok I've started this topic so people can talk about whatever they want about prehistory(I'll allow dodos dodoman cos there exctinct). Any questions about prehistory....I can answer(well maybe not everything).
  31. Storm Yoshi

    The Official Battle Topic

    Okay so this is what happens, one user will say 2 different characters and another user will say who won that battle and how..... for example Pihrana Plant V.S Goomba winner Pihrana Plant: goomba attemps to attack but misses, pihrana plant goes in warp pipe sneaks behind goomba and eats him...
  32. Storm Yoshi

    Bowser Confirmed Boss for SMG

    Bowsers the confirmed boss of SMG! Heres the pic
  33. Storm Yoshi

    Matrix Fart

    This is some clips from the first matrix movie with edited farts. :lol:
  34. Storm Yoshi

    Adding Pictures for the forum

    Could someone please tell me how to put pictures in my sig?
  35. Storm Yoshi

    Who Wants To Be A Millionare Mario Style No.2

    This is exactly like Koopa klans but nobody appears to go on it that much and I'll allow 10 people to give there characters. I'll be the host and the giver of questions. The host shall be a Orange Yoshi(first thing that came into mind :) ). Lets introduce our contestants............... (after...
  36. Storm Yoshi

    Koopa's Revenge

    A game were the good guy/ Bad guy rolls are switched. Play as koopa :koopa: as you fight your way through 15 worlds defeating enemies such as baby mario, toad :toad: and yoshi(I didn't like killing him :yoshi: but if you hate him you'll enjoy it).
  37. Storm Yoshi

    Favourite evil Species

    This is like chaos ninjas except theres a bigger diversty of characters. Making it less likely for you to choose other. Oh I chose Dry Bones
  38. Storm Yoshi

    Favourite Yoshi color

    This is basically just a vote about your fav yoshi color. go yoshi! :yoshi: It has 14 days in it so vote vote vote! I will post the winner after the 14 days. I chose light blue yoshi
  39. Storm Yoshi

    Really Funny

    if you like to laugh then you should watch this. I promise its funny :lol:
  40. Storm Yoshi

    If You could add any character...

    Okay here's the deal I'll say a mario game series and 10 people(including me) post who they think should be playable in it then it'll change to a different series. Oh and you can't add someone who's already in that series but you can add people who were cut off from the series e.g: Mario Party...
  41. Storm Yoshi


    I need help with putting a picture under my username :cry: help me :?