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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 interview video help!

    Please, someone upload this video for this link to there youtube account, I know I'm not active here, but please upload this and give me the link to the video on you're youtube account, I have dial up internet and this page won't load at all...
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    Who here has Super Mario Galaxy?

    i have it, i got it exactly 1-year after the release in Japan, i think it was one the best games in years. :mario: :mario: :mario: :mario: :mario: :mario: :mario:
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    who is your favorite character of the marioverse

    Mario :mario:, Luigi :luigi:, Peach :peach:, Yoshi :yoshi:, Parakoopa :koopa:, Rosalina :lol:, Waluigi :waluigi: Bowser :bowser:. Those are my favorites.
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    Who is cooler,Waluigi,or wario?

    Waluigi! :waluigi: Waluigi made a first debut in Mario Tennis and since then is one of Mario :mario:verse's best Charactors! Wario can die for all i care . WALUIGI RULES!
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    Which character do you hate the most?

    Mii definitely the Mii then Wario :wario:.
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    Why doesn't Mario have his own anime ?

    it would probably ruin the entire franchise if it came out crappy, :wario:
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    Which Do u Like Super Smash 64, Melee, Or Brawl

    Melee then brawl....hate the one for the Nintendo 64 but thats just me.
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    you like paper mario: the thousand year door

    heck yes!! my FAVORITE MARIO RPG :mario: GAME EVER! the roster of cool characters the first game can't even compare to! it's by far IMO the best Mario :mario: RPG and perhaps the BEST RPG EVER!
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    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    I just wanted to say hello and stuff like that to everyone, 'cuz you know I'm new and I didn't make a new member thread and all... ;)
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    Who was the easiest boss in the history of the Marioverse?

    FYI free loader IMO it's way easier then the bosses from newer Mario Games like Super :mario:Mario Galaxy, Super :mario:Mario 64 and Super :mario:Mario Sunshine.
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    Favorite Mario Adavance Game

    I like Mario World!!
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    Your fav power-up

    i love the Ice Flower that Mario:Mario: Gets on Super Mario Galaxy.!:D
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    Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

    I can't wait! It's gonna be so good!!! I love Mario RPG's!
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    Who was the easiest boss in the history of the Marioverse?

    the bowser boss battles for SMB, you just grab a ax and you win.
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    Favorite Mario Adavance Game

    which is your favorite Game in the Mario Advance Series? voice your opinion here! :mario: :luigi: :bowser:
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    Favorite Mario Party Game

    my favorite Mario party is Mario party 3, next is probably the one for the DS, yeah.....that one is good too.