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  1. Ruiji01

    Nintendo Direct Thread (Do NOT post here unless one is announced)

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for SNES games on the online service
  2. Ruiji01

    gbatoad's gb-art-thread

    I like the Hammer bros picture, it's neat that you tried a more challenging angle and the foreshortening for the chain ain't too shabby
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    Far-Fetched Suggestions for the next SSB Game...

    That would never... oh...
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    Re: SASS-rasaland (tumblr ask blog) Allow me to be confused by this question: wat Seriously though, what do you mean? I used to be known around here as ToD if that's what you want to know.
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    The official name change log

    Hello, Can anyone here be a dear and please change my name to Quarium? It will be mighty appreciated! c:
  6. Ruiji01

    What gamers do you hate?

    Gamers MMORPGs that get angry at n00bs that want to learn through experience instead of watching youtube videos. Hardcore smash players that cannot have fun, I was a tourney player but fun matches are still fun for the love of God, don't degrade others for not wanting to adjust to your "rules"
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    stop it
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    Is it wrong that I never found any of the naming sillyness funny at all? be it Jon or Dan. This playthrough is starting out slow but I have faith. As for the whole Dan vs Jon thing: I like Danny better due to consistency, Dan's funniest moments aren't as good as Jon's but he's more consistenly...
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    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

    Gotta love how she gets her shit together so quickly and decides to stand up for who she is, no help from anyone to overcome her moment of doubt, that was surprising for me and man, Pinkie still manages to surprise me after 3 years. Gotta love her, she was about to lose her spot as fav pony but...
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    Sonic Boom (new Sonic the Hedgehog with MLP writer)

    I'm okay with the designs, surprised so much people on the sonic fandom are freaking out even about Sonic arms being blue(lol, what nitpickers! those animals have fur in their legs anyways) Knuckles DID hit the gym a bit too hard these last months but oh well, everything else is promising! the...
  11. Ruiji01

    Super Mario 3D World

    Hasn't been able to try it yet, Afraid of even buying a Wii U because reasons :c BUT you guys seem to have high regards for this game and I really need to layout the disgustingly hard Mario hacks and actually play something more laid back but new.
  12. Ruiji01

    Wii U

    I wonder if wii will be seeing an up on these sales, otherwise Nintendo will have to use some ninja skills to gain some of their lost respect again.
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    Equestria Girls (MLP spin-off)

    Watched it: far from impressive, far from bad and it really bugged me the whole time in a passive level. In other words? it was ok
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    I think Barry is still friends with Ego and he also gets paid, so yeah he ain't leaving :P
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    Can Jontron "leave" Game grumps? He and Arin are friends and played videogames together for a while, they just decided to record them later, is not even a job! Is just hanging out... Maybe they had a fight or this is just a joke.
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    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS Discussion

    Re: E3 2013 Super Smash Bros. 4 Discussion But aren't those the majority of moves sonic does on his actual games?
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    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    I started a new game of FFIX yesterday.
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    New Super Luigi U

    I haven't been paying attention to games lately, Never heard about this one... O.O
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    What did you last watch on TV?

    "Regular show" and then the 7th episode of "Attack on titans" Quite the contrast I say :P
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    SSB, SSBM, or SSBB?

    is not as flashy or as complex as the other two but it still holds it's ground as a good fighting game imo
  21. Ruiji01

    Equestria Girls (MLP spin-off)

    I really hope they make fun of Rowellina in universe, that name is so unfitting! sometimes they deliver
  22. Ruiji01

    SSB, SSBM, or SSBB?

    The old one holds a special place in my heart, I played it the most and it is also the only one I played with very high skill leveled players
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    Dead thread

    Re: Mostly ponies and Mario. ToD's Back I drew stuff, mostly OCs
  24. Ruiji01

    Equestria Girls (MLP spin-off)

    Also, on topic: I'm gonna keep my judgement to myself for now, execution is a very important factor even if the setting seems to not leave much space for a good one... If I didn't know MLP at all and I watched a trailer showing the mane6 briefly I would most certainly think they are stereotypes...
  25. Ruiji01

    Equestria Girls (MLP spin-off)

    I think Meghan denied Sunset being in S4... Is a shame though, I like Sunset's design when she's a pony! And the whole "previous student of Celestia" could of have interesting ramifications in the show.
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    Dead thread

    Re: Mostly ponies and Mario. ToD's Back Finished one, looks so cute
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    If you could meet one Mario character in person, who would it be?

    Luigi, I would mess with him a lot
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    My Art Thread

    that's quite the inmature response to slight criticism... Anyways, cute picture
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    Do you read manga?

    Haven't done it in like two years...
  30. Ruiji01

    Dead thread

    Re: Mostly ponies and Mario. ToD's Back I did this, is called "hey bon bon..."
  31. Ruiji01

    Earthbound on Wii U

    Great news! Was utterly surprised this gem wasn't already available on the Wii
  32. Ruiji01

    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

    Fluttershy too? That would have the potential to be even more hilarious (or maybe the 1st season 4 episode starts with Twi crashing right after she said "everything is going to be just fine" XD)
  33. Ruiji01

    Best RPG

    Valkyrie pro- I mean... Partners in time
  34. Ruiji01

    Hand Drawn at Disney

    I believe that might be the future of animation, the blend between traditional and CGI they managed with that short is beautiful and it felt really expressive! The reason they came up with it was the exact same concern of traditional animation being replaced on their films.
  35. Ruiji01

    Names for the next Smash Bros

    shhhh... texture hackers could hear you o.o
  36. Ruiji01

    Names for the next Smash Bros

    I don't remember where I have heard this but: "Super Smash Brothers: Strife"
  37. Ruiji01

    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    Grand theft auto 2
  38. Ruiji01

    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

    Oh well, I was addresing the fan's conflict about Rarity's element in that episode, but about what you just said, I don't have any idea on what to even say xD
  39. Ruiji01

    My very own videogame music

    Mightly appreciated ^^ and oh yeah, I should add a link to the game's page on the OP.
  40. Ruiji01

    My very own videogame music

  41. Ruiji01

    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

    I am of the opinion that "just for sidekicks" Is a great episode and really fun, although most of the fandom seems to disagree (or they outright dislike spike) I think the episode has great jokes, good pacing, pretty nice animation and camera angles and more. NOTE: Most people say Rarity wasn't...
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    What´s your favourite mario party?

    Mario party 2 and 3 are tied for first place, while 5 is right behind them.
  43. Ruiji01

    What do you use more often in the RPG's?

    I'm currently playing partners in time and I'm really enjoying the game, very creative mechanic changes from the first Mario and Luigi, the reason I am only playing it right now is because I don't invest much time a day on RPGs, meaning it took me a long while to finish Super Star Saga. As for...
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    Favorite bands/musicians

    Dream Theater
  45. Ruiji01

    Paper Mario Epix is back in development!

    does it really matter? It doesn't affect anyone in a bad way since we would probably play it. And no one has an obligation to join or post into threads they find no interest in.
  46. Ruiji01

    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    Sonic 2
  47. Ruiji01

    Paper Mario Epix is back in development!

    Wow, guy makes a game out of love for the Red pumbler and for the community to play, he posts his fan creation IN the fan creations section. It's accused of being an evil advertiser. Bullshit, there are shades of gray here, and some guys need to be less uptight here
  48. Ruiji01

    Mother 3 or Earthbound?

    i believe they are versions with the patch already merged. Mine was
  49. Ruiji01

    I think i improved a whole lot

    Not sure i will, with the current state of things and my availability, since it's not just a silly equine umm... The applejack one took 4 - 6 hours. The others probably 1 - 2. I draw them in paper though thanks guy that i missed! thanks! And protoman it's like zero, overrated, gonna do him...
  50. Ruiji01

    Mother 3 or Earthbound?