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  1. NSY

    Cryptic Mario Party DS in game Anti Piracy Message

    Over the past few days videos by a YouTuber who goes by the name of Joey Perloni has been going viral seemly showing cryptic in game anti piracy measures in Mario Party DS. Developers inserting anti piracy messages into games but this is very interesting. Below are two videos showcasing this...
  2. NSY

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    well this just got annouced out of nowhere Ladies and Gents, Smash coming to the Swith and the Spaltoon Inklings will be newcomers. Prepare the hype train to get flowing again.
  3. NSY

    Brexit discussion (EU referendum)

    Today is a pretty big the for us in the United Kingdom as people are voting on wherever or not to stay or leave the EU In case you've never heard of it, the EU is an organisation comprised of many European Countries that work together to maintain the economy, create political peace and tackle...
  4. NSY

    Worst AAA publisher?

    A lot of AAA publishers have recently got a bad reputation from gamers for reasons that range from releasing the same game over and over to stuffing microtransactions into their games. It's the modern day that these companies want profit the and while profit (or at least break even) is required...
  5. NSY

    Official E3 2016 thread

    The biggest week in gaming in less than a week away. Nintendo will not doing much this year as they plan to just do a treehouse event and conferences. However their are still 5 other press conferences to look forward. What are your hopes and expectations for this year? Timetable: (times...
  6. NSY

    TV shows that went from Good to Bad

    Many TV shows start out great but as some shows enter later seasons things start to go worse. Which TV Show/Cartoon/Sitcom/Anime went like this?
  7. NSY

    Terrorist Attacks in Brussels

    horrfic terrorist attacks have occurred in an airport in Brussels, Belguim earlier this morning, at least 26 are dead and many more are servally injured. My deepest condolences go out to everyone who was harmed in this occurrence that could only be described as tragic.
  8. NSY

    Scariest/Creepiest moments in video games

    What are the scariest moments in video games? For me the ones that come to mind are the Shadow Temple because of the whole backstory and toture stuff. Mad Pinao is another because of how unexpected it was, the Creepy Castle catacombs due how unnerving and uneasy you actually feel down there and...
  9. NSY

    Rank your Wii games

    [b]Super Mario Galaxy Zelda: Twilight Princess Zelda: Skyward Sword Donkey Kong Country Returns Super Mario Galaxy 2 Super Paper Mario Wario Land: Shake It Mario Kart Wii Sonic Colors Mario Party 8 Sonic Unleashed Sonic and Sega: All Star Racing Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Wii Sports Resort...
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    Zelda Mafia - sign ups

    Welcome to my next mafia game. This one will be based on my favorite game franchise and will be zelda in general with the innocents being the heroes and the allies they've had had and the mafia being various villains from past zelda games. They will be many twists and turns throughout this game...
  11. NSY

    When do you go back to School/College/Uni

    I start back on the seventh
  12. NSY

    Who would you rather see as a new DK rep

    Who would you rather see as the new DK rep should one appear as DLC. I would personally like to see see Dixie mostly because I think she'll offer the most unique moveset of the bunch since they could make good use of the ponytail. I wouldn't mind K Rool because it adds more villians.
  13. NSY

    Animal Crossing: Amiibo Party

    The Animal Crossing game no one was asking for! Discuss
  14. NSY

    Dream Team Mafia: GAME OVER - MAFIA WIN

    DREAM TEAM MAFIA After 13 months of production and lazyness, Dream Team mafia is finally ready to go. The lounge can be found here. Hopefully I can see if I can top the success of the two successful games I hosted and I hope you enjoy this game and you also enjoy the theme even if you never...
  15. NSY

    What is your preferred board design in Mario Party

    Mario Party has changed quite a bit in it's board design. How do you think the boards should be designed in a Mario Party game.
  16. NSY

    The official Christmas 2014 thread

    Surprised no one has made this yet. Discuss what you want for Christmas, what you plan to do and anything to do with the event.
  17. NSY

    Majora's Mask 3D

    ABOUT TIME NINTENDO. THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER So, discuss the remake of Majora's Mask.
  18. NSY

    Trouble accessing chat because i'm "banned"

    This now appears every time I go on chat. I never remember doing wrong nor was I warned for doing anything. Did Anton ban the entire btcentralplus thing because while it kept people like Chugga invading, it just prevents me (and all other bt customers) from using the channel. It could just...
  19. NSY

    KO a character: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS roster

    im bored, so: Mario Luigi Princess Peach Bowser Yoshi Rosalina Bowser Jr. Wario Mr. Game & Watch Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Link Princess Zelda Sheik Ganondorf Toon Link Samus Zero Suit Samus Pit Palutena Marth Ike Robin Kirby King Dedede Meta Knight Little Mac Fox Falco Pikachu Lucario Charizard...
  20. NSY

    Games with split opinions

    So what games do you like/dislike that have very polarised opinions. Games that have both it's fair share of fans and haters.
  21. NSY

    What games you DON'T want to see at this years E3

    Anything that you don't want to see announced goes here. can be likely or very unlikely. I don't want to see another Paper Mario game based off Sticker Star.
  22. NSY

    KO a character: All Mario Kart Tracks

    Wii Wario's Gold Mine GBA Mario Circuit 3DS Daisy Hills GCN Mario Circuit Wii Daisy Circuit N64 Kalimari Desert GBA Sunset Wilds DS Bowser Castle DS Waluigi Pinball SNES Donut Plains 2 DS Tick-Tock Clock GCN Bowser's Castle GBA Riverside Park N64 Luigi Raceway GBA Sky Garden 3DS Wario Shipyard...
  23. NSY

    Swap a character: Fire Emblem Awakening Units

    Safe: Nah Miriel Aversa Chrom Frederick Laurent Flavia Tharja Anna Virion Gerome Maribelle Lucina Morgan Lissa Gaius Severa Cynthia Stahl Priam Sumia Walhart Olivia Ricken Vaike Henry Donnel Avatar Lon'qu Cherche Brady Noire Basilio Gregor Say'ri Gangrel Yen'fay Panne Inigo In danger: Libra...
  24. NSY

    Favorite Mario RPG

    Mario is not just a big name in platforms but also in role playing games as well. What is your favorite of the many RPGs that have stared everyone's least favorite plumber? As of now, Bowser's Inside Story still stands as my favorite as it's the game that feel it has the most charm in it.
  25. NSY

    EA attacks Nintendo again Post your thoughts?
  26. NSY

    Really bad video game music

    Post video game music that you dislike. It can be because it's annoying, boring or you just downright hate it.
  27. NSY

    What games do you think get too much hate

    Pretty self-explanatory. What video games do you think gets too much undeserved hate. Also the I've posted a video below as it talks about some interesting examples of games that are seen as overhated. Go check it out: I find Super Paper Mario to be overhated because the fact people only...
  28. NSY

    Dream Team Mafia - Lounge - Ratings up

    After the failure that was Jungle Mafia, I now feel I am ready to host another mafia game. Don't worry this won't be as complicated or confusing as Jungle Mafia. Hopefully this doesn't end up being my forth fail, if if does, I will probably not host another game ever again. Since I can't...
  29. NSY

    ATTN: Those who are having e-shop problems

    If your having trouble connecting to the Nintendo e-shop the don't worry it's not your fault because the e-shop is currently down due to high traffic. Gah, I spent so much useless time trying to connect to this shit becuase of...
  30. NSY

    KO a character: Fire Emblem Awakening Units

    Chrom Avatar Fredrik Lissa Sully Virion Stahl Vaike Miriel Sumia Kellam Donnel Lon'qu Ricken Maribelle Panne Gaius Cordelia Gregar Nowi Libra Tharja Anna Olivia Cherche Henry Lucina Say'ri Tiki Basilio Flavia Owain Inigo Brady Kjelle Cynthia Severa Gerome Morgan Yarne Laurnet Noire Nah...
  31. NSY

    What do think of "What does the fox say"

    I can't stand this song.
  32. NSY

    What sports do you like to do?

    What sports do you enjoy doing? I know Sports isn't the most popular thing on this forum but it's still worth making a thread for it. Feel free to say you don't do any sports or you don't like sports within this thread. As for me I actually like doing some sports. I'm a part of a cycling group...
  33. NSY

    Wii U or PS4: Which should I get for christmas

    I really need a new games console, the only two consoles I own are a PS2 (got around 2002/2003) and a Wii (got for Christmas 2007). I haven't brought a new console since and no one's making games for these machines anymore. So I thought I needed a next gen console, the three choices were a Wii...
  34. NSY

    Youtubers you dislike (rant thread)

    Please note that this thread isn't about youtubers you hate as a person, this is about those who you think their videos are not very good. For me, I really don't like Peanutbuttergamer's videos, most of them are bland, unfunny and rushed. When he does a countdown, he never goes into detail of...
  35. NSY

    Game Theory: Mario is Mental (part 1)

    Thought Mario being a communist was bad enough, check this out:
  36. NSY

    Favorite video game franchise?

    What is your favorite video game franchise. For me it is Zelda, mostly because of the adventure feel and the dungeons. The games be not be very hard but they are a joy to play. I used like Mario a lot but I feel that the charm of the games has disappeared. Still enjoy some Sonic games and I...
  37. NSY

    Why Twilight Princess is overrated

    While I did enjoy playing this game, I thought this game had no charm. It was by far my least favorite 3D Zelda game and did not deserve 9s out 10s from everyone because this game had a lot of problems. All the characters have weird design with either none or an annoying personality (Midna and...
  38. NSY

    Unpopular opinions with video games

    In gaming they you have lot of opinions that everyone agrees with. However you will also have opinions that everybody disagrees with which is what this topic is about. I'll start with saying that I like Sonic Riders
  39. NSY

    Just started using Windows 8

    It seems to be very different to past laptops I've used. Hopefully things don't get too annoying.
  40. NSY

    Useless Fire Emblem units

    What units in Fire Emblem games do you think are completely useless. From Sacred Stones, Tethys because she's nothing but worthless and Knoll because you have to count on luck to keep him alive, critical hits can come on him easily. Awakening, Donnell because he is almost impossible to train.
  41. NSY

    Your opinion on Skyward Sword?

    Skyward Sword is the most controversial game in the zelda series, some love it to death, others see it as an disaster and some are in the middle. What is your opinion? I actually really enjoyed the game. I thought the controls were 90% accurate, the dungeons were great, many past flaws were...
  42. NSY

    Is this place really the "Super Mario Boards" anymore

    I was going to put this under suggestions for improvement. While I am expecting most people to disagree with me here but it's a big suggestion and because of that, this needs it's own thread. Mario doesn't seem to be very poplar here anymore. This place seems to have just as much Zelda...
  43. NSY

    Which FE: Awakening character should I use for my profile

    Gender/Sex doesn't matter No joke suggestions please.
  44. NSY

    Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask

    I really like both games a lot. Both of these game are in my top 10 all time favorites. But I have to go with Ocarina because of it is packed full of nostalgia, it's dungeons are amazing (especially the Forest and Sprit Temples) and it feels like it's a legend. There was a load of things I...
  45. NSY

    Dream Team Mafia - Sign ups are open

    I know Jungle Mafia has only started but I'm making sign ups for this game now so the wait doesn't end being as long or as painful as Jungle mafia. Because of them being only certain number of characters in this game, sign ups are limited to 20. 1. Shadowshy 2. LN1 3. Baby Mario Bloops 4. 5. 6...
  46. NSY

    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

    There doesn't seem to be a thread for this so I may as well made. Recently they confirmed there was going to be hero mode which will work exactly like Skyward Sword's. The triforce hunt has also been made easier. It's only on Wii U and it will release in October. As for myself I never got to...
  47. NSY

    Pewdiepie is now youtube's most subscribed and popular channel

    What do you think of this. Do you like Pewdiepie and enjoy his videos or can you not stand him? I am personally not a big fan of him, I can stand his non-horror videos but his horror videos make no sense at all.
  48. NSY

    Should I use Pair Up in Awakening

    This question bugs me, should I use pair up in battle or not.
  49. NSY

    Jungle Mafia: No longer in action, we won't be going any further in. (Cancelled)

    Jungle Mafia Welcome to Jungle Mafia, this is where things get wild as we venture into the deadliest of Rain-forests. Ignore every single one of the announcements I made in the lounge about what I will include because most of the ideas I had for this game got scraped in the end. I will explain...
  50. NSY

    What's your opinion on Animal Cruelty

    Do you think Animal Cruelty is fine as it is or do you want all animals to be free? I am against some cruel animal things such as Bullfighting, hunting or battery farming. However I enjoy eating meat and I also think it's okay to wear fur.