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    Rest in Peace, Walkazo

    I haven't been very active around NIWA, so I only found out today. I decided to visit my old account here again to express my condolences. I didn't know her very well and haven't been here in years, so I'm not one who can or should be saying much, but I do remember her as a great contributor and...
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    Why does there even need to be a Donkey Kong Wiki

    I'm guessing there is a Donkey Kong Wiki because whoever made it wanted to run their own wiki. There are millions of websites about the exact same thing as already existing websites; you will hardly find one that doesn't have "clones". It must be taken into consideration, however, that all of...
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    Serious discussion about serious topics.

    I don't know if the Dutch translation of "elite" is usually interpreted like that, but as pointed out above, it really doesn't mean that in English, sorry. It's derived from a word meaning "chosen" or "elected" and tends to refer to a group of people...
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    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    A Link to the Past :3
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    Why did you choose your username?

    Didn't we have a thread like this before? I seem to recall explaining this long ago... Maybe it was on a different forum... Ah well. Velli is short for Vellisia, the dragoness in my avatar, who started out as a minor character in a novel I wrote but who I have grown to like a lot :3 The...
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    Who thinks Glover is underrated?

    Not everyone had the kind of money required to buy a Nintendo 64. I was "lucky" to be able to even buy the PC version, so I was even more upset with the controls as I had spent a lot of money on the game and it is thoroughly unenjoyable the way it is. (I can't comment on the Nintendo 64 version...
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    Who thinks Glover is underrated?

    Oh gosh, Glover. I have that game for PC; bought it 'cause it looked so awesome and fun. It wasn't. It's been a long time since I played it, but I do recall the controls being terrible and making it more painful than anything else to play, so the people criticising those do have a point; they're...
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    Do you live close to a country border?

    I live about an hour (maybe more, but not significantly so) from the Netherlands/Germany border (Groningen border, to be exact :p) and have been to the Netherlands a couple times :3
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    Do you wear glasses?

    Don't wear them (though my boyfriend does) and hope I won't need to. Actually, even if I had to, I probably wouldn't wear them; I look terrible with glasses :< (Then again, I also look terrible without glasses... But if I needed them and didn't wear them, I couldn't see my ugliness in the mirror...
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    Woah, Claymates :O I have that game. Picked it up waaaay back at some second-hand store while on a holiday somewhere; don't remember where, I was very young at the time. It came with an English-language manual for some reason instead of a German one, so it would take me a couple years from then...
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    Common Mistakes

    "Birdo is female" is hardly a mistake; Birdo clearly displays a female gender identity. Calling her male because she was born male isn't exactly a very nice thing to do; in fact, it's downright offensive. And Being transgender means that your gender identity differs from your biological sex; it...
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    If a Mario character could come to life, who would you want?

    <predictable>Birdo :3</predictable> Reasons are obvious.
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    Who do you play in SMB2/SMBUSA?

    The Princess :3 Love the floating, makes it so much easier to land precisely where I want after jumping.
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    Which emoticons do you normally use?

    Let's see... unless I'm using something that has actual smiley images that I like (Skype comes to mind, which has very cute ones), I use :3 , 3: , >:3 , 3:< , x3 , =^w^= , =°w°= and... some noseless classics. Also 3:3 when I'm a cow.
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    The Weather in your Area

    Re: What is the weather like for you Cold-ish for Summer, and it has been raining almost non-stop for two days :3 Just my kind of weather.
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    How much do you weigh?

    Around 220 lbs (100 kg), at 6.06 ft (1,85 m) apparently. Yeah, I know, it's way too little :\ I plan to weigh at least 500 lbs eventually.
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    Around what time do you usually get out of bed?

    15:00-16:00, every day :3 Go to bed at 6:00 though, so yeah.
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    Favorite nintendo series

    Kirby, obviously. So why am I posting at a Mario forum? I wish I knew.
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    Hardest/Annoying Mid/Mini Boss

    Waiu from Kirby's Dream Land 2. And often Efreeti from the same game. Heck, every Mid-Boss in that game is hard, really; they even managed to make Mr. Frosty difficult (well, somewhat more so than usual, at least).
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    What VG music can you play on an instrument?

    Too many to list in detail (on the keyboard)... A lot of Rockman stuff (including the Wily Castle one mentioned before), a couple songs from Mario & its various spin-off series (notably the whole soundtrack of Super Mario Bros. & the western Super Mario Bros. 2, and also notably a lot of Super...
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    POLL: Which of Nintendo's series do you want to have an RPG?

    Aren't Zelda games already (action) RPGs? Also, Kirby. If executed right, I imagine his unique(-ish) powers could be very interesting in RPG battles and would make the game less run-of-the-mill.
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    Mason is gone! Quickie-la, evidently. Last activity was on May 2, though, and hidden email.
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    How did you get your name?

    Not much of a story to my name. "Velli" is short for "Vellisia", the name of a character I came up with for a book of mine that I wrote years ago but still haven't gotten published (see the deviantART link in my sig for pictures of the character). She happens to be a dragoness (the one in my...
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    Best recurring boss

    Birdo, naturally :3 As for those actually in the poll though, I don't particularly like any of them, though the Goomba King (who I refuse to call Goomboss) is probably the one I dislike the least. I quite like his trousers(?), actually. EDIT: Why was there a deadline on this poll? o.o
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    Last time I checked, "trans" wasn't a sexuality; transgender & transsexuals may have any of the other sexualities listed in the poll. The way the poll is set up, being transgender/-sexual and selecting that doesn't actually allow one to select any sexual preference. In any case, bi and confused :3
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    Are you a guy or a girl?

    I might be either, but given the choice, I'll go with girl. :birdo:
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    What is your favorite hammer bros?

    Sledge Bros. because they're fat :3 They also cause small earthquakes with their jumps, which is quite awesome and a rather (if not completely) unique ability for a regular enemy.
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    It's Easter!

    A bit late, but Happy Easter and/or Noblegarden everybunny :3 May your eggs be colourful or something.
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    Songs currently stuck in your head

    SkyRoads - Road 05 Really underrated game (and soundtrack).
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    What are you listening to right now? (PLEASE put videos behind spoiler tags)

    Re: What are you listening to right now? "Up and Down" - Cookie and Herry Monster
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    What's your Zodiac sign?

    It's late August to late September; you're thinking of Scorpio. Which I am, btw >:3 ...feminine and introvert apparently. Very fitting.
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    NIWA founding figure farewelled: WiKirby owner passes away

    Was wondering why there wasn't a thread here yet. It has been in the NIWA news for a while. There's a thread on there, but it's in the staff forums for some reason. It's difficult for me to write about this (you may have noticed that I'm on the WiKirby staff), so I will just quote the thread for...
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    Sites you visit.

    Oh wow, I used to lurk at MFGG waaay back. The memories... *ahem* In any case... This site WiKirby deviantART (online dictionaries) various other dictionaries which I don't feel like listing one by one GoodSearch (yahoo!-based search engine that donates to charity for each search)...
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    Happy Pi day!

    Sadly, it was already Morty McMire day in my timezone when this was posted.
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    Countries we r frm

    (Northern) Germany. And I rather like Sauerkraut, actually, but contrary to popular belief, it's not a staple food here.
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    What are you listening to right now? (PLEASE put videos behind spoiler tags)

    Re: What are you listening to right now? "Wet Paint" - How Now Brown & The Moo Wave. (Yeah, Sesame Street, so what? :p They had really nice songs on there back then.)
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    Best Food Ever?

    I'll eat most kinds of food that don't involve meat or poultry, except for "healthy" or low-fat stuff, but here's a couple favs I can think of, in no particular order: - Tuna pizza (or most kinds of (meat- and poultry-less) pizza in general, but tuna is especially nice) - Filet-o-Fishes -...
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    Happy Birthday Edo (March 8th)

    Happy Birfday :3 I baked you a cake, but I eated it 3:
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    What Languages Do You Speak?

    Sacapuntas is indeed the sharpener; lápiz is the pencil itself.
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    Your Texting Limit

    Never text messaged, if it is what I'm thinking it is. It's the stuff you can do with a cellphone that's like email except you pay for it, right? Seems rather overrated; if I had a cellphone and needed to contact someone, I'd just call them; that was the standard usage for a phone when I was...
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    There is a way to do that, and it's very commonly done both in imported words and native Japanese terms. schmutz is correct here; you put a small "tsu" character before the syllable with the desired consonant sound to "duplicate" it; e.g. in burakku, the small "tsu" goes before "ku", resulting...
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    I think they were trying to put the approximate pronunciations, not the actual romaji spellings. (Though still, even the pronunciations aren't quite right.) I'm not the guy you were looking for, but I can answer this as well. It should be Burakku Paaru Middonaito (Bu-ra-k-ku Pa-a-ru...
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    What Languages Do You Speak?

    I speak it very naively, but assuming you mean natively, I can't help with that, sorry. I've been learning mainly from random dictionary sites and conjugation tables and whatnot. You or your acquaintance could try looking up a Finland forum, though; I believe there's some English-language ones...
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    What Languages Do You Speak?

    It's "guten Tag", actually, and means "good day" :3 "hello" is just "hallo".
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    What Languages Do You Speak?

    That's not too bad :3 "ober" should be "aber" though, and "müsse" is "muss" (it's an irregular verb, the form would be correct if it were regular). Not sure which word you were looking for with the "nähr"; if you mean naar though, that should be "nach" :3 Still pretty good though, lots of people...
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    What Languages Do You Speak?

    And Spanish. Ik kan Nederlands, maar ik kan het beter lezen/verstaan dan spreken :p Het lijkt op Duits. And yeah, I have no idea what Lily's words are supposed to be either.
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    Koopa's two legs or four legs?

    I'm guessing their design just evolved. A lot of enemies looked different in their early appearances than they do nowadays. "Crawling" versions appearing in more recent games are probably references to their original Shellcreeper-like design; Nintendo likes to put references to earlier games...
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    Egyptian man names his daughter "Facebook"

    Read this on Care2 yesterday, somehow predicted it'd end up here sooner or later. They make it seem like something celebration-worthy there for some reason; and sure, it's nice what they've accomplished, but "poor girl" is the only appropriate response here. It's just terrible. Being grateful...
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    Friendly for Girl players?

    I tend to not care much what gender characters in a game are as long as its fun, especially with games like the Mario series, where gameplay takes a clear priority over storyline or character depth; I don't need to identify with the character I'm controlling in order to have fun playing a game...