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  1. Squawks

    Mister Wu is now an administrator!

    Due to his experience as a patroller, solid contributions and strong community standing, Mister Wu has been promoted to wiki administrator. Well done and congratulations! And that should wrap up a busy week in promotions!
  2. Squawks

    Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

    The latest planned Wii U port will also feature a new "Bowser's Fury" mode, and is slated for release on February 12, 2021. Everything we know so far is now on the wiki @ Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. Official website...
  3. Squawks

    Super Mario 3D All-Stars

    Yo, the rumours were true! Wiki article: Super Mario 3D All-Stars
  4. Squawks

    Interview with the voice of Pauline

    I'm not sure whether people have seen this yet, but somebody published an interview with Kate Higgins earlier today. Could be good as article expansion fodder.
  5. Squawks

    Ambitions and dreams

    I thought this could be a good place to share your pursuits and future ambitions. Because of my love of natural fibres and interest in clothing, recently I've been hoping to one day start an organic textiles company in Australia. However I'm in my first year of a nutrition and commerce degree...
  6. Squawks

    Backstory of mysterious old man in WL4 finally revealed

    Anyone who's played Wario Land 4 probably remembers the picture of the mysterious old man that appears throughout the level Crescent Moon Village. And as a kid I often wondered who he was. About a month ago, I lent my collection of official Wario Land 4 Japanese game guides to a...
  7. Squawks

    Super Mario Japanese video cassettes

    A user called togetme2 has been working on remastering some very rare and obscure Japanese video tapes. The two that he's uploaded so far are Super Mario ABC Songs and Mario & Kirby Masterpiece. He's also told me that the following are currently being worked on: - Great Mission to Rescue...
  8. Squawks

    Congrats, Yoshi876

    A big congratulations to Yoshi876, who today received a well-deserved promotion to wiki administrator! :yoshi:
  9. Squawks

    Issue 114

    A new edition is here! (The 'Shroom:Issue 114) Be sure to follow the Awards Committee Director Election, where you can place a vote towards the candidates as their campaigns become available. And similar to our feedback poll for Strategy Wing last month, we are now hosting one for Fake News, so...
  10. Squawks

    Let's Have a Poochy Emoticon

    :poochy: Does our community-wide lord and saviour not have an emoticon? ... I think we need one. Post possible emoticons here! A couple of my own, based on a SMW2 sprite: Option 1: Option 2: which is slightly modified Option 3: (Pyro Guy) Option 4: (2257, from File:Oie poochy.gif)...
  11. Squawks

    Discuss: Coverage for obscure Donkey Kong "CoroCoro Comics" manga

    Contributing to the recent coverage of the "KC Deluxe" area, apparently there were two volumes of an official Donkey Kong Country manga based on the television series of the same name. They were seen in CoroCoro Comics, which is published by Shogakukan, in 2000 and 2001 respectively. Link to a...
  12. Squawks

    Do you use the mobile versions of the wiki and forum?

    A lot of my time is spent out and about, so I'm not always at home on the desktop. I do find the mobile forum version especially useful for checking in on discussions or replying to messages (although I wish there was a clear notification for something new in my inbox). And I love the simplicity...
  13. Squawks

    Request: Additional object articles from SM3Dworld

    As brought up here, many objects which debuted in Super Mario 3D World have been overlooked and not given an article on the wiki. Here is a quick list (see discussion page for descriptions): Crystal Block Touchstone (Touch Screen Platform) Gift Box Slot Block Jump Panel Propeller Platform...
  14. Squawks

    RIP Doc Neeson

    R.i.p. Doc Neeson, what youve done for Australian music will live on for generations to come Xx
  15. Squawks

    Do you have a part-time job?

    Some of you responsibility-clad adult sickos might already have full-time jobs, but lets talk about the young uns! Who has a part-time job? I've worked in a fish and chip shop between school for about a year now, and I love it :D
  16. Squawks

    Cold Chisel

    Best Aussie rock band imo I'd bang 'em
  17. Squawks

    Love and Fear

    I remember reading somewhere that the only two true emotions that people have are love and fear and all the others are degrees of that. Fear manifests itself in a lot of different ways.
  18. Squawks

    help with love

    My girl is leaving for a camping trip tomorrow morning and she won't be back until next weekend, but I already miss her heaps so halp me pass the time. Inbox me or something..
  19. Squawks

    GIMP phuk up

    Ummm kinda confused about something.. there's something about File:Big Beanie Artwork - Yoshi's New Island.png that GIMP doesn't like. Whenever I open the image in GIMP and edit/overright it, it makes the edges very visibly jaggered when I open the saved image in other programs. Da faq?!
  20. Squawks


    I'm never really been on it before, but today I was in fits of laughter after creeping people out earlier today. Aaaand for the grand finale: I wore a pair of jeans on my head and pretended to be a girl. Some boys can be so pervish, urgh.
  21. Squawks

    New years resolutions?

    I guess it's not too late to make a topic like this. What new years resolutions have you made, if any?
  22. Squawks

    What did you get for Christmas?

    The main thing I got was a new record player, which I kinda knew I was getting but it was still a thrill to unwrap! And we're with Nan tomorrow, so that could mean more gifts pending.
  23. Squawks

    Hyrule Warriors

    New title announced in the Nintendo Direct for the Wii U. Revealed to be a cross between the Zelda and Warriors franchises. I really like the look of it.
  24. Squawks

    YouTube link help allows you to link to certain times of a YouTube video, but how did the user here show a blue time link for each track in the description, without displaying the full URL?
  25. Squawks

    Super Luigi Wiki

    For the remainder of the year, the wiki admins have organized a new logo for the wiki, to say farewell to the "Year of Luigi". Enjoy the Super Luigi Wiki! (if ya don't see the change to the logo, clear your cache)
  26. Squawks

    Ripping high resolution album artwork from iTunes?

    Is it possible?
  27. Squawks

    Donkey Kong Country Classics

    I had an idea, and I was wondering what opinions people had on it. Imagine if a new Wii U title was announced, and it was a port which included the three original Donkey Kong Country titles for the SNES home console on one disk. Each game was true to the originals, but beautifully remastered in...
  28. Squawks

    SNES game compatibility

    Are SNES consoles from one region compatible with games from another? This is my situation. I live in Australia, and I found a working SNES at a local garage sale a few weeks ago, and I was wanting to buy the original Donkey Kong Country games online (I can't find them at any nearby pawn...
  29. Squawks

    Request: getting past a Flash requirement on a web archive Is anyone able to get past the Flash requirement for the North American official Wario Land 4 webpage? This would have been the last entry for my source list, but I can't get past it. I've tried everything, even hunted...
  30. Squawks

    Kirby: Triple Deluxe

    A new Kirby game for the 3DS was announced in the October Nintendo Direct.
  31. Squawks

    Cold Chisel no longer available on iTunes

    Yeah, I think I'll just go die now.
  32. Squawks

    Count until a non-wiki staff member posts

    1 Record: 4
  33. Squawks

    How the old times can surpass methods used today

    Recently I visited a museum which was mainly focused on the local history, and I came across a very interesting article at one of the exhibits. I found it amazing that an almost 200 year old method made up of dits and dahs which is commonly thought to be a more time-consuming and unwieldy...
  34. Squawks

    Request: identification of a Yoshi's Island enemy artwork

    *points to title* The user Icysugarspike has recently uploaded a load of artwork from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. There were some arts that he had trouble identifying, though we've figured out most of them... all but one. Can anyone identify the Yoshi's Island enemy seen in this...
  35. Squawks

    Welcome back, Ghost Jam!

    To our delight, Ghost Jam has returned to an administrative position on the wiki. Congratulations!
  36. Squawks

    Inspriational quotes

    What inspirational quotes have you come across recently? They can be original if you like! This is one I wrote myself a few years ago: "To be, you must first become. In order to become, you must first overcome any challenges the path throws towards you; however besetting they may be, if you...
  37. Squawks

    Wiki database error?

    Eh, is it just me or is the wiki currently down? I receive this message whenever I try to load a page: Of course, stuff like this isn't unheard of. But I made a topic to make sure it wasn't just me, and to hopefully provide a public notice of when the server may be fixed.
  38. Squawks

    Ongoing collab: Adding correct licensing and categories to new files

    On the wiki, one of the usual tasks I set myself on my rounds are to keep up to-date with Special:NewFiles. If possible, time would be spent going through every file, correcting uncoded {{Aboutfile (Template:Aboutfile)}}, adding game categories and licensing (Help:License), as a great number of...
  39. Squawks

    Type your username with your tongue

    I'm not going to try... will anyone else?
  40. Squawks

    Your passions

    What are some of the things you are most passionate about in life? As for me, I have a passion for Mario series game artwork.
  41. Squawks

    Should I get a Virtual Boy?

    Perhaps most of you may already be familiar with the Virtual Boy. One of Nintendo's most unsuccessful systems. In 1995, it was launched. Gunpei Yokoi, along with his 60-headed research team together with Reflection Technologies had worked on the Virtual Boy for over 3 and a half years. During...
  42. Squawks

    Assistance in editing scanned images

    Hello. I require assistance in editing scanned images, using either Photoshop or GIMP. This is a section of a scanned artwork that I wish to upload to the wiki in future: My question is, may someone enlighten me about a way to fix up the areas where the image has a criss-cross pattern from...
  43. Squawks

    Post oxymorons

    Oh loving hate.
  44. Squawks

    Help with a Miiverse website login

    HI GUYS. I'm in dire need of assistance concerning a login for the Miiverse website. I was wishing to read the full version of this post, and hopefully future posts on the same subject. Though, it requires a "Nintendo Network ID". Problem is, I don't have a Wii U (which provides a personalized...
  45. Squawks

    Quote the above post and edit it

    Do it.
  46. Squawks

    Issue LXXVI

    The seventy-sixth issue of The 'Shroom has been released... well almost. At the moment we have to get one more sub-team page and the single page created, but otherwise the rest is available here. Enjoy! UPDATE: Single page now available here (The 'Shroom:Issue LXXVI)!
  47. Squawks

    Ever made a prank call?

    I have once, on my old boss which I despised. I had a bit of a laugh afterwards.
  48. Squawks

    New Prime Minister of Australia

    Kevin Rudd had just been voted over Julia Gillard (57 - 45) to lead the Labour Party. So we now have Rudd the Dud as our prime minister... again. All you Aussies, what's your political opinion on this new change in parliament?
  49. Squawks

    Feedback Survey

    Released with Issue LXXV was our Feedback Survey. Readers are invited to give input, suggestions for improvement and general feedback on The 'Shroom in order to help us maintain a quality project. The survey closes on the 20th of July, 2013, and it may be found here. Thank you for your time!
  50. Squawks

    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

    A new Donkey Kong Country game has been announced for the Wii U at Nintendo Direct @e3. This time the villains aren't Kremlings or Tikis, but badass Vikings. Description from Nintendo UK: The first Wii U instalment in the franchise comes from Retro Studios. The side-scrolling platformer has...