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  1. BBQ Turtle

    BBQ Turtle's presentation sign-ups

    I realised that I probably should have started this earlier, but I'm opening up sign-ups for people to appear in my awards presentation. I'm trying something a little different this year, but it'll still be hand drawn and there'll be plenty of room for people to appear. If you'd like your...
  2. BBQ Turtle

    Doomhiker is now a patroller!

    Congratulations @Doomhiker on being promoted! I'm sure you'll be a brilliant addition to the team. :)
  3. BBQ Turtle

    BBQ Turtle's presentation sign-ups

    I'm a little surprised that I'm the first to be opening up one of these, but anyway, I've signed up for the award I wanted (M8 Favourite Art Style) and I'm looking for some of your characters to appear in my presentation! If you're interested, just post me a link with a picture of your character...
  4. BBQ Turtle

    Wiki Articles appearing in News Feeds?

    So, this is interesting, apparently the Google Chrome news feed thinks that Wiki articles are new articles, as the new Gooigi one came up in my news feed today: Has anyone else had this? It seems like it's related to the fact that it's a new article, I just found it quite strange that it showed...
  5. BBQ Turtle

    BBQ Turtle's Art Thread

    I finally decided to get around to making one of these, so here's my current pile of Wiki-related stuff: I'm also on DeviantArt, where I post most of my Mario artwork- I already watch a few people from here on there, so you may already know about that. For those who didn't know, here's a...
  6. BBQ Turtle

    Anybody want to sign up for... an Awards presentation? (Closed)

    OK, I've managed to sign up for the award I wanted to now, so I'm now opening sign-ups for anyone who wants their character to appear in my awards presentation! Just post an image/link to an image of your character when you sign up, preferably artwork, but if you've only got sprites, that's fine...
  7. BBQ Turtle

    The Mario & Sonic Clean-up Thread

    Now that I've finished with the sponsors, I've decided that the next big thing I'm going to attempt to do is clean up the Mario & Sonic coverage, which at the moment, is rather bad. I'm planning on starting with the London 2012 Olympics for the 3DS, and I can do all the games except Sochi 2014...