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  1. Tyrell Badd

    Kirby: Planet Robobot

    Just announced in today's direct. Releasing June 10. Kirby can control mechs. I think that's all that needs to be said. New ability so far is doctor Kirby (seriously). Returning power-ups that have been long gone are Jet and UFO.
  2. Tyrell Badd

    Club Nintendo Being Discontinued Worldwide

    As the title says, this is a worldwide thing, not just in North America. End of an era. Still no word for what's going to replace (if something is to replace it). At...
  3. Tyrell Badd

    Favorite/Least Fave Smash Bros. 3DS Stages

    Basically what the title says. Game's been out for nearly two weeks and most of us who wanted the game already have it and probably played through all stages at least once. This applies to both new and retro stages. I'll start off with the ones I hate just to get them out of the way. Retro...
  4. Tyrell Badd

    Your Overall Thoughts on Smash 4 (Impressions)

    First and foremost, people are allowed to be negative and mention stuff that they don't like about the game, even if it's Ridley. DO NOT go overboard (aka no "fuck you Sakurai" or "fuck you *person that has different opinion") because that's being silly. DO NOT come into this thread to moan...
  5. Tyrell Badd

    About this board

    You count.
  6. Tyrell Badd

    Top 5 Favorite and Least Fave Zelda Dungeons

    I'm super bored (a.k.a. I can't fall asleep) so I thought this would be an interesting topic to make. It's basically what the title says: what are your five favorite and least favorite 3D Zelda dungeons. You don't have to list five and you don't have to really give a reason why if you don't want...
  7. Tyrell Badd

    Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

    Anyone else looking forward to this game? It's claymation and it looks great.
  8. Tyrell Badd

    The Official E3 2014 Thread

    Well, it's that time of year again. E3 supposedly runs from June 10-12, but Microsoft, Sony, EA, and other are doing their press conferences a day earlier. Here's the current confirmed schedule: Microsoft: June 9 @ 9 am PST/12 pm EST Electronic Arts: June 9 @ 12 pm PST/ 3 pm EST Ubisoft: June...
  9. Tyrell Badd

    Bosses on SSB4 Stages

    In the Direct, Sakurai mentioned that some stages might have bosses, such as the Wily Castle having the Yellow Devil and Pyrosphere having not-confirmed-until-Sakurai-says-so-Ridley. What other stages do you guys think might have bosses? Like, I doubt stages like Skyloft would have a boss...
  10. Tyrell Badd

    Wario: Master of Disguise Clean-up

    So, I plan on cleaning this up and whatnot in the next few weeks (read: months) and I'm wondering if the four other people that own the game can help me clean it up. Ultimately, I wish to make it a featured article, so every little bit of help is appreciated. The list isn't neat and different...
  11. Tyrell Badd

    Attn: People who play Pokemon Dream World

    Please tell me I'm not the only one. :-[ Anyways, I assume only a few of you know (or care) about the Dream World closing down permanently on the 10th. The Dream World is the perfect place to get Pokemon with their HAs and even more so since X/Y don't have a lot of Pokemon with their HAs...
  12. Tyrell Badd


    We might as well get this sorted out early since everything will probably conclude in the next month. I'll edit this list as more people state the prizes they plan on giving out. Edit: Stooben and Dippy, as stated below, have been keeping a track of the prizes we currently have, so instead of...
  13. Tyrell Badd

    Issue LXXIV

    Comment on and rate the May 2013 issue.
  14. Tyrell Badd

    The Official E3 2013 Thread

    It's only a month away, so go ahead and speculate what you think/know will be shown and what you want to be shown. E3 runs from June 11 - June 13 this year.
  15. Tyrell Badd

    Yoshi's New Island

    Discuss the new installment in the series that was announced.
  16. Tyrell Badd

    Mario Party: Island Tour

    Discuss the game here. :posh:
  17. Tyrell Badd

    Harmo Knight

    From Game Freak, the creator of the Pokemon games: That segment with the dogs totally reminds me of the Mz. Ruby battle from Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. I'm interested in this. Anyone else?
  18. Tyrell Badd

    Yoshi's Woolly World

    More like Yoshi's Epic Yarn, amirite? Discuss.
  19. Tyrell Badd


    We might as well start planning for these tournaments now. :metal:
  20. Tyrell Badd

    The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker - Nintendo Gallery

    Has anyone else here completed the Nintendo Gallery? Please tell me someone else aside from me did it. :-[ Also, feel free to post your thoughts on it.
  21. Tyrell Badd

    Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

    Talk about Gen VI stuff here. I'll update this with the three starters and the two legendaries that were shown. The game will be released worldwide this October, so now everyone can be happy. Also, it's in 3D. Announcement:
  22. Tyrell Badd

    Gamefreak Mafia I: Sign-ups and Lounge [CANCELLED]

    Oh boy, it's been a while. Anyways, this mafia has no specific theme, so yeah, might as well get that out of the way. This is a simplistic mafia (i.e. see all my other mafias), almost no weird twists, shops, locations, and all those other thingamabobs. If you want a simple mafia, then sign...
  23. Tyrell Badd

    Determining Prize Hand-outs

    So Stoob and I had a short chat about how prizes should be given out. Last year, prizes were given out in a specific order, where the person with the most tokens chose first, then the person with the second most, etc. Due to this, a lot of people didn't get the prize they wanted and some people...
  24. Tyrell Badd

    Future Ideas for Mario Tennis

    Hey guys, I'm bored and there's topics like this everywhere, so I might as well make one of these. What do you want to see in the next Mario Tennis game if there is one? New and returning mini games? Stages? Characters? Possibly the implimentation of boss battles? Discuss.
  25. Tyrell Badd

    Kirby 64 Copy Abilities Tier List

    Sorry, I couldn't resist doing one. Especially one for my favorite game ever. Anyways, I'll be testing the many ability combinations as well as normal abilities. I think there are 49 (42 different ability combinations + 7 abilities)? I'm not sure, but I'll cover them all. I'll be basing this...
  26. Tyrell Badd

    Pikmin 3

    Discuss the best game shown at this year's Nintendo E3. Better trailer.
  27. Tyrell Badd

    TF2 Uncrating Simulator

    Since it's sort of related to TF2, I thought it deserves to go here. I stumbled upon this little simulator. It's all the fun of uncrating without the money...and disappoint of not getting thatr unusual. Not sure if this has been posted here or not...
  28. Tyrell Badd

    Kirby Compilation

    So, yesterday Nintendo announced that for Kirby's 20th anniversary, they will be releasing a compilation of multiple Kirby games for the Wii. I'm going to assume that this is going to be like the Metroid Prime Trilogy as it will only be on shelves for a limited time + all the other goodies the...
  29. Tyrell Badd

    General Discussion

    It's that time of year again. Welcome to the MarioWiki's 6th Awards Ceremony where you vote for your favorites or least favorites. This year, we decided to do things differently, reducing Mario Awards by 5 and increasing Userpedia's by 5. We'll see how this change goes. Committee Members...
  30. Tyrell Badd

    SSB4: Character Moveset and Final Smash Changes

    Since this doesn't seem to fit in with other topics, here you can discuss the possibility of a character's moveset being changed or their final smash being changed. You can also discuss the characters you want in and their possible moveset and final smashes as well. So...let the speculating and...
  31. Tyrell Badd


    Here, we'll plan the tournaments being held to commemorate the Awards Ceremony. Post your suggestions and if you want to host a tournament here. Prizes can be discussed here too. TOURNAMENTS Mario Kart 7 Tournament hosted by Pyro (signups still open)
  32. Tyrell Badd

    Pokemon + Nobunaga Crossover

    The newest "Pokemon" game, which was announced today, is a crossover between Nobunaga Ambition and Pokemon. I honestly thought the new game that was going to be announced were a Ruby/Sapphire remake or even a new Mystery Dungeon, but this is unexpected to say the least. I don't know how this...
  33. Tyrell Badd


    The honk DEAD! That's right, it has been destroyed and everyone that had it have been reverted to their original membergroups. Because of this deletion, topics asking for the honk. rank have decreased 100%! Woohoo! So yeah, honk is gone. The only remnants left are the boards...
  34. Tyrell Badd

    VVVVVV is coming to 3DS eShop

    In case you guys didn't hear about it, the Indie game VVVVVV will soon be purchasable on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. It'll also have new content and other stuff with it. They're also mentioning the production of NightSky and Cave Story for the 3DS too...
  35. Tyrell Badd

    The Official E3 2011 Thread

    With E3 just a week around the corner, I thought that now was a good time to make this thread. What do you expect or hope for at this year's E3 conference? I hope that Nintendo has another strong conference like last year.
  36. Tyrell Badd

    Issue L

    What we've all been waiting for. The big 5-O. Issue L of the Shroom has been released! What are your opinions on it?
  37. Tyrell Badd

    PMD: EoT and EoD Mafia - Day X - Team Skull Wins!

    I'm lazy, so I just copied rules from my old game. You should know everything by now, and if you don' n0t 0kay with that. Welcome everyone. Thanks for signing up. Enjoy your stay here while it lasts. 1. If you have been killed, I do not care if you post here. However, any post...
  38. Tyrell Badd

    Issue XLIX

    What do you think of this month's issue? I am still reading it, so I have no opinion right now.
  39. Tyrell Badd

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: EoT and EoD Mafia - LOUNGE - Enjoy Gummis and Apples

    I might as well start this crap before someone else decides to start it or before another person decides to make their hundreth mafia game. Like Stooben's game, ignore the theme. If you hate Pokemon and the likes, don't complain. The only thing that changes from the roles are that you are...
  40. Tyrell Badd

    Kirby's Epic Yarn: Worst Game of 2010 Humanity as we know it has sunk to a new low.
  41. Tyrell Badd

    Lunar Eclipse

    For those of you who haven't heard, there will be a lunar eclipse visible by North America, South America, and parts of Europe. The event will occur on the evening of the 20th (tomorrow). This is the first one in about 2 and half years, if I remember correctly.
  42. Tyrell Badd

    Metroid Prime Mafia Game Thread - Day Ω - Space Pirates Win

    These rules are totally not copied from my old game thread. EDIT: Which was totally not copied from MG1's game thread. Welcome everyone. You are currently somewhere in the unknown reaches if space. 1. If you have been killed, I do not care if you post here. If you are not playing the game...
  43. Tyrell Badd

    Metroid Prime Mafia Lounge - Enjoy your ratings and pickled eyeballs!

    Hey everyone. I'm bored so I will make a new mafia game! However, it will not start until 2 weeks have passed or when the Shroom mafia ends (if it ever starts >_>). I guarantee it will be better than my DK Mafia game. Not only that, I have a few tricks up my sleeve this time, so whenever this...
  44. Tyrell Badd

    DK MAFIA Game Thread - MAFIA WINS

    These rules are totally not copied from MG1's game. :shifty: This is the game thread for DK MAFIA and only the DK MAFIA. 1. If you have been killed, I do not care if you post here. If you are not playing the game, then do not post. 2. It's fine to roleclaim, that's a very strategic way to...
  45. Tyrell Badd


    Yeah, I know, there are many mafia games going on right now. I already know Ninji/Xzealio's game will end tomorrow or the next day and MG1's just started. This game will not start until both of these are over, or after BPK's game if it ever takes effect. 0 Sign-ups Left :D 1. Zero777 (Kallen...
  46. Tyrell Badd

    Attack Spammers

    If there is anything I hate about Brawl, it's got to be all the assholes online who spam attacks. The most common one being the Pikachu spammer who just sits in one freaking spot and when you get close, they just keep using Thunderbolt. So, share your hate here.
  47. Tyrell Badd

    The Official "I want to be in your section!" Thread

    Hey guys, this is Gamefreak75 and he has a special offer for you! If you want to be included in my section of the Shroom, then post here. Of course, I could do whatever I want to you in my sections, be it throw you into a dungeon or feed you to lions or whatever the hell I can think of. YOU...
  48. Tyrell Badd

    Favorite and Least Favorite Smash Bros. Stage

    Not sure if there is a topic on this... Anyways, what is your favorite and least favorite stage of the three current games and why?
  49. Tyrell Badd

    Epic/Cool/Memorable Bosses

    Discuss the bosses of any game that you found to be cool, badass, or had an epic/memorable fight. THIS THREAD IS FULL OF SPOILERS. LOOK AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  50. Tyrell Badd

    Kirby's Epic Yarn

    Discuss everything that is positive and negative of the game and how it looks so far.