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  1. Toad85

    Mario Kart RPG (Signups Inside)

    Hi, all! I'm Toadeightyfive. I used to be pretty active on here years ago, not so much lately but still lurk sometimes. I've been working on a new RPG game I think some people on the boards might be interested in. It uses a spreadsheet-based algorithmic system that simulates the results of...
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    Ok this movie looks stupidly brilliant or plain stupid and I can't tell which

    (edit: meant to imply "movie concept" in title but wouldn't fit)
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    Russian TV documentary uses TF2 fanart as example of WWII propaganda

  4. Toad85

    so i found a $20 3ds gift card in my closet today

    and i need some help spending it does anybody reccomended any good eshop games?
  5. Toad85

    Friendship is Mafia: Season 3-5 Lounge Thread (Signups Open!)

    Oh hey, didn't see you there. This is a thread for a Mafia game. If you are not interested in signing up for things, this is the wrong thread for you! This will be my third mafia (in three years), and will be based around the third, fourth, and fifth seasons of the hit television show My Little...
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    The Official Les Misérables thread

    Figured that, as long as Vommack and I are bantering in the "Click here, post here" thread, I might as well Well, discuss the book, the play, the 1998 and 2012 movies, whatever. So long as it's a work of fiction about the 1832 June rebellion, it goes.
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    Reddit raises over $55K to make Dogecoin a NASCAR sponsor for 2 races.

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    CLUE: The Scottish Mario Play ~ "Piglet, nae!" (A3S3)

    Userpedia Page An upcoming project I may or may not be working on. Hey, Userpedia needs the activity and I need to practice my writing. The idea behind Classic Literature Userpedia Edition (henceforth "CLUE") is that I will write retools/parodies of famous books, plays, etc. with the...
  9. Toad85

    Friendship is Mafia: Scumquestria Girls - REMADE

    MCD and SMG have given me permission to do an Episode III! Sign up below. Game is set to start coinciding with Season 4's premiere November 23rd. 1: Nabber 2: DragonFreak 3: Smasher 4: MCD (via PM) 5: BMB 5: SMG2Daisy 6: Cirdec 7: Epic Nitwit 8: NSY 9: NexandGbx 10: Bowser45 11: Timmy 12: Pyro...
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    Toad's Mafia: Game Thread ~ There's no Night 7. There will never be a Night 7.

    Hey y'all, and welcome to Toad's Mafia. I am your host, Toad. Let's cut to the chase. There are twelve of you. There have been horrible murders up and down the state, and now they have begun to strike this small town. Most citizens are part of the frightened majority, and are innocent of any...
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    Hurt and Heal: Towns in Monmouth County

    If Drift can do it, I can too. Allenhurst: 10 Allentown: 10 Asbury Park: 10 Atlantic Highlands: 10 Avon-by-the-Sea: 10 Belmar: 10 Bradley Beach: 10 Brielle: 10 Deal: 10 Eatontown: 10 Englishtown: 10 Fair Haven: 10 Farmingdale: 10 Freehold Borough: 10 Highlands: 10 Interlaken: 10 Keansburg...
  12. Toad85

    Pronunciation Book, @Horse_ebooks, and Bear Stearns Bravo

    ok so here's the sitch this guy on youtube who pronounces words has stopped pronouncing words, and is instead counting down to the date september 24th. accompanying each new daily video is a cryptic phrase or paragraph, implying this is a) something he's been planning for a long time, b) some...
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    Games not released in your country that you want really badly.

    To start off this discussion, I'm still waiting for the English release of Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney.
  14. Toad85

    Wikiland ~ Don't you dare sign up.

    It's the fic that never starts! Yes, for like the fourth time I will be trying to write this damn thing. Nabber, NSM, and Javelin are signed up automatically as the main characters unless they reject. Additional signups are available. And yes I swear to god I'll write something is time...
  15. Toad85

    am i delusional or are posts vanishing

    first my ubbw thread loses four pages then i notice the "click here and post here" thread went down from 3000-odd pages to 1848 finally i noticed the topic storage must have shed about five pages of threads am i losing it or is something fishy going on
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    Toad draws things (Requests welcome)

    I have a drawing app now and I'm not afraid to use it.
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    Drawception, an online drawing game.

    I found this online game thingy about two months ago. Essentially it's a giant game of "telephone", with drawings. Basically, users create a chain of images and captions that gradually alters over time due to miscommunication. It's surprisingly fun. If anyone else has or wants to create an...
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    Sonic Lost World

    Ok, so this is....something? EDIT: Also this. EDIT 2: This too.
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    Hurt and Heal: Star Trek Movies

    You know the drill. The Motion Picture: 20 The Wrath of Khan: 20 The Search for Spock: 20 The Voyage Home: 20 The Final Frontier: 20 The Undiscovered Country: 20 Generations: 20 First Contact: 20 Insurrection: 20 Nemesis: 20 2009: 20 Into Darkness: 20
  20. Toad85

    Dick Trickle dead at 71.

    The unfortunately-named NASCAR veteran was found dead from a gunshot wound in his pickup truck just a few hours ago. Reports say it was suicide. Edit: Goddamnit, someone please move...
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    Count with Pictures

    This used to be a thing, but it died a long time ago. And I don't want to bump a thread older than a large number of the users here. So I'll just recreate the topic and start from scratch. The goal of the game is simple. Count as high as you can but only use images. No text. No videos. No...
  22. Toad85

    The Star Trek Thread

    I just realized we don't have a thread for this, and that is an abomination. So, to kick off the conversation, what's your favorite version?
  23. Toad85

    The Good Dinosaur

    We have a thread for Dory, so why not?
  24. Toad85

    What the hell happened to AOL?

    I found some old Nickelodeon tapes I made when I was four a few days ago, and I keep seeing ads for this old thingy called America Online, and it's bringing back so many memories. I remember this being, like, the biggest thing years ago. It was like Facebook and Google rolled into one; everyone...
  25. Toad85

    I'm writing The Worst Userpedia Story Ever. Yes, this is still a thing.

    Kinda self-explanatory. I noticed how a lot of stories on UP seem to get a lot of flak for their low-quality writing, boring characters, and bullshit plotlines, and I'm going to try to outdo them. So... yeah. :\ Signups: Nabber Neptune GP Bowser45 GutsehMan YoshiMonsta PTR Anton NSM Smasher...
  26. Toad85

    Toad85's Mafia: Attempt III (Serving PAIN)

    only 12 signups, please. no more no less. Sign-Ups: 1: Where no bold has bolded be-bold. (Nabs) 2: A simplistic realtime audio-reversing plugin (Revs) 3: Replacing Boppy (KB) 4: For Ford's sake, I will buy a Taurus. (Palk) 5: No, teh arpanets. (Pyro) 6: I'm not afraid to take a stand. Everybody...
  27. Toad85

    Blue PS2 discs?

    Okay, I went to Gamestop for shits and giggles the other day and I buy a copy of "NASCAR 2001". However, when I opened the case, the back of the disc was this odd blue color, instead of the usual DVD silver. It wouldn't play on my PS2, giving me an error message to the effect of "Your PS2 can't...
  28. Toad85

    The Hurricane Sandy Thread

    Ugh, this is starting to look like one of those hurricanes again.
  29. Toad85

    Something worth making a topic about, for once.

    Alright, I've been browsing around for a suitable replacement show to ease my Doug Walker withdrawal, and I think I found a doozy. It's this guy called Matthew Patrick (MatPat13 for short), and he makes these series of videos on ScrewAttack entitled "Game Theory". Basically, he uses logic and...
  30. Toad85

    User Big Brother World: Season One ~ ATTN Smasher, Cirdec, and Gutseh...

    So I got the idea to do a User Big Brother game, but with the rules from the first US season/most international seasons. For the hell of it. I'll be patient and wait for Lily and Smasher to be done with UBB4 and UBB5, if they prefer; I just wanted to make the thread in advance. RULES: The...
  31. Toad85

    Wikiland: The Less-Cliched Version.

    I got a better, less cliched idea for this. OK, so you know those choose your own adventure stories you sometimes find in Barnes and Noble, those stories where you can direct the story whichever way you want and dictate whether you win or lose? Well, this isn't going to be like that. But it's...
  32. Toad85

    T85's Mafia TRY TWO ~ Lounge ~ 6/16

    Again, using random shit that I like. 14 sign-ups. No more, no less. Also, I may take full liberties to make fun of your username. Sign Ups: 1. Nubs 2. Enesem 3. Epic Nitwit (his name is already stupid enough) 4. HORROR 5. Lakitutheincrediblyslow 6. Pop1966 7. Smash Man (DWN-101) 8...
  33. Toad85

    Toad Fan Club

    wynaut. Members: Smasher BLOF MarioBros2 Yoshigo99 NSM LeftyGreenMario Propeller Toad Red Barchetta IceShadow1199 OJ Toad
  34. Toad85

    I have a problem with my Dualshock2. Could anybody help me out?

    I have a PS2, and two Dualshock2 wired controllers. I haven't used them since 2008, when I got two custom-made wireless Dualshocks. I went to play with the wired controllers again, because the wireless ones weren't exactly adept for playing Mega Man, but the D-pad on one wouldn't work, and the...
  35. Toad85

    >Begin Other Adventure

    For the halibut.
  36. Toad85

    Hurt and Heal/V2W Combo Game: MLB Edition: Oakland V. Arizona (World Series)

    I was thinking about this the other day, and I got around to actually making the thread. Steps would go like this: 1. Each division (i.e. NL East, AL Central) would play a game of Hurt and Heal, with the winner moving on to step 3. The two second-place finishers in each league with the highest...
  37. Toad85


    I am thinking of working on a Star Trek Userpedia story, loosely based on The Next Generation but taking place before "Encounter at Farpoint." Its full title will be Star Trek: The Generation That Isn't Quite "Next," Because it Takes Place Before "Encounter at Farpoint," but Transpires After...
  38. Toad85

    Davy Jones

    First Gary Carter, now this? ...I'm starting to get the feeling that February doesn't like us.
  39. Toad85

    Escape Super Mario Boards.

    The half-ass version.
  40. Toad85

    V2W - Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Edition

    See title. I'll try to be less of a hardass about negative comments. Also, this will take fucking forever. Character List #1 Thomas #2 Edward #3 Henry #4 Gordon #5 James #6 Percy #7 Toby #9 Donald #10 Douglas #14 Charlie #16 #27 Harvey #27 Primrose #51 Hiro #55 Stepney #66 Whiff #323 Bluebell...
  41. Toad85

    Toad85's Mafia ~ Lounge ~ SPOTS HAVE CURDLED

    Using random *bleep* that I like. Sign up here; I will be taking around 10-15 participants. 1: Bop1966 2: Nubber 3: Enesem 4: Arsonist 5: WeegeeNo.2 6: Smashie 7: THE HORROR 8: The "Bold text" guy 9: Pinkie π 10: BurningRodent 11: The guy who can't make up his mind about what his name is. 12...
  42. Toad85

    V2W - Robot Master Edition

    Self explanatory. We vote on the Robot Masters in the Mega Man series instead of ballparks. Heroic characters like Proto Man, Mega Man, and Roll count because they are in the same line of robots as the Robot Masters, while some enemies like Bass and Yellow Devil aren't included because they...
  43. Toad85

    Vote To Win - Ballpark Edition - Starting Soon

    This will be inactive. I just know it. Stadium Roster: Fenway Park Oriole Park at Camden Yards Yankee Stadium (II) Rogers Centre Tropicana Field Comerica Park Kauffman Stadium Progressive Field Target Field US Cellular Field Angel Stadium of Anaheim Coliseum Rangers Ballpark in Arlington...
  44. Toad85

    2013 World Baseball Classic

    Who else is pumped for this next year? *= Locked into Classic. EDIT= DANGIT DON't VOTE YET I DIDN"T FINIH. Edit 2= OK I finished now.
  45. Toad85

    Harry Potter Mafia ~ Day 6 ~ The Mafia score a landslide victory!

    Play here. Anyway, there are a few rules I'd like to establish: 1: Vote by doing this: Vote: Who 1A: Unvote by doing this: Unvote: Who; Vote: What 1B: Once you vote for someone, you can't not vote someone. Even if you unvote, you must vote someone else or say "no lynch." 1Ba: Only two...
  46. Toad85

    User Big Brother 1: Veto Competition 8 (This also needs its own thread)

    Alright, it's time for the next Veto competition. All of you will be competing. Basically, count to 50. Whoever counts to 50 is eliminated from winning the veto. We continue until only one user is left. You each have three power-ups, that set the number back 10, 20, or 30 numbers. Use them...
  47. Toad85

    Mario Platformer Idea (Taking suggestions)

    Yes, GP, I'm ripping off the title of your thread. In the wake of Sonic Generations, and with the long history of the Mario series, I think that the next platformer should be a Mushroom Kingdom version of this. Since Mario doesn't really have two forms ("Generations"), and because Sonic...
  48. Toad85

    User Big Brother 1: Veto Competition 7 (Yes, this requires its own thread)

    Why this requires its own thread, you may ask? BECAUSE IT'S A FULL HURT AND HEAL GAME!!!1!! Basically, follow the below rules. 1: If you don't know how to play this, get out from underneath the rock you've been sleeping under for the last year and ask MCS. 2: Please don't use x2 moves. The...
  49. Toad85

    The Official Intellivision Thread.

  50. Toad85

    The Unofficial User Game Show Winners Thread (Updated January 07)

    If you win one of the above games, you get enshrined in here. You can also check to see what games are currently active, looking for members, or just plain haven't been made yet. Finished Games User Big Brother 1 (Toad85, 02 Sept 2011-25 Jan 2012): Baby Mario Bloops User Big Brother 2 (Baby...