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  1. Booman

    Need help in a videogame?

    Post here so someone could help you. I need help in Punch Out[NES] I can't beat Great Tiger.
  2. Booman

    Sponge Bob

    It's cool. Anybody else still watch it? *braces for posts saying that it's older episodes were better.*
  3. Booman

    Broken Wiimote

    Lately, when I recently played Punch Out, but my Wiimote just stops working. Does this happen to anyone else?
  4. Booman

    Mario Party Fushingi no Korokoro Catcher

    It's a Japan-only game. Discuss.
  5. Booman

    Rate The Above User's Username!

  6. Booman

    Say Something Good About The Last Poster!

    Don't Exist.
  7. Booman

    Lou Albano is dead :'(

    He died today. :'(
  8. Booman

    Impersonate the last poster.

  9. Booman


    Face it: His movies are epic.
  10. Booman

    Plenty of stories

    == A Threat to Us All == [[Image:Wario WarioWare Twisted.png|thumb|50px|The evil image...]] One night, FunkyK38 was on the Wiki, doing what she nomally does, when all of a sudden, a box popped up that said "You have new messages". Because she was expecting a reply, she clicked on it. But, to her...
  11. Booman

    Paper Users

    I'm Working on this. ==I'll put this until I get my Userpedia Password== Paper Users is a game for the NES It is about a Hero Who has to save the world from a villian known as Banny Sammy who is on a rampage banning every user.Booman must find all of the Artifact Stones before he gets banned...
  12. Booman

    The Question game.

    It's simple,person 1 asks a question,person 2 ansewrs. 1.Why did I make this?
  13. Booman

    The Boo Thread

    Let's start a Boo thread!I don't know,I was bored. Discuss :boo: