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  1. Dannyboy

    Why am I banned in the chat?

    Question is in the Subject. :-\
  2. Dannyboy

    Anyone play BYOND games or Like Naruto?

    If you are familiar with Byond then you should know it is a place where people make online fangames. Well a friend of mine just whipped up a Naruto RPG game (Yes i know there are a lot of them on BYOND) but here everyone can have a chance at a Kage or W/e Organization or special thing you want...
  3. Dannyboy

    Wario and Waluigi Comic

    Here is Issue 1 of my comic and I'll post the other Issues in this post as well. I don't have too much time on my hands so comics may come rarely and please give CC but no flame please. I did not make any of these sprites so if you see a sprite that is yours you will recieve credit once i finish...