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  1. Quickie-la

    Maplestory for Windows 10?

    I have both reg editions and the one for Steam and neither are working. I even tried changing compatibility modes and turning off my firewall. Is there something I'm missing?
  2. Quickie-la

    Custom experimental instrumental electronic music

    Help suggest names for all tracks if you wish! All are WIP album with no outtro. Might get this to the videogame industry eventually NSFW Warning: Drug promotion warning for pic...
  3. Quickie-la

    To the writers: Poetry, rap, song lyrics, etc. Sharing/Discussion/Rating Thread

    I have a recent one that I wrote for my fiance, spelled as meant to be pronounced. each and ev'ree time I get a glance a little circumstance to basque upon those bluegreen eyes all plans I'd made are no surprise a kiss on cheek, a glance so meek to lay in grass at park all week I pet the ear...
  4. Quickie-la

    Really quick chibi work! (10-30 mins each) I feel like being nice

    These are people's OC's or avatars on Gaia Online that I've drawn recently Mini: font credit - Earwig Factory (not sure of who made the font) Anyway, these are references to my work. I'll be taking a few Marioverse or OC avatar requests. I won't get to everyone, and I'll only do characters...
  5. Quickie-la

    More drawings.(Need animation advice, last post)

    Edit for new drawings!
  6. Quickie-la

    Tegaki E scribbles.

    Incase you don't know, Tegaki E is a java-based single-layered art blog website. I've had an account for years but haven't done much until today. My account there Used a spoiler tag to avoid offending. Non-realistic gore warning, also drug reference. Feel free to comment or ask questions...
  7. Quickie-la

    Hydroponic Teledrone (complete)

    Song thingy I did. Genres of jazzhop/hipsterdom. Enjoy!
  8. Quickie-la

    4-year-old Texas girl taken from parents and heavily drugged by CPS Pisses me off especially since I witnessed this jargon first-hand. Apparently the state pays the foster or group homes more when kids are "disabled", mentally or physically. Finally after leaving foster care at age 18, and after 9...
  9. Quickie-la

    Mouse self-drawings.[fur stuff, don't click if you don't like]

    Man, my index finger is tired (touchpad...)
  10. Quickie-la

    R.I.P Adam 'MCA' Yauch

    In case you don't know, he was the lead man of the legendary Beastie Boys. Very sad day.
  11. Quickie-la

    Cackletta has a distant relative in Subcon.<drawing>

    Her name? Cackdusa! Drawing competition entry on another forum.
  12. Quickie-la

    Quickie-la plays piano.Officially another art dump thread.

    I don't have a piano at my home so I took the wonderful opportunity of being at a home with one to play a song I composed. Quoting myself via YouTube: Song I wrote and played spontaneously. As a song writer, I always feel like what I do may sound like the work of another unintentionally if...
  13. Quickie-la

    Mason's night life. <drawing>

    My sharpies were running out of ink, and so was Mason's spray can. Full image since post stretched
  14. Quickie-la

    Taking 3 character art requests at time.

    Hello and welcome. I feel like brushing up on my skills, and what better way than to do art for others. If you'd like to see example art, refer to this first post. For the most part, these will be colored. Please keep in mind that I'm a college student who has priorities, so if they are not...
  15. Quickie-la

    Quickie-la's art/music dump thread.

    Hello, Mario Wikiers. Incase you are not aware, I'm Mason's sister. Here's a track I've finally finished for a co-op RPG my brother and I may be working on in the future. If you'd like to keep up with my videogame-esque tracks, you...
  16. Quickie-la

    M+L:SS-styled Mason sprites. (WIP)

    Meh, I know, I haven't posted much. If you don't know me, I'm Mason's sister. I haven't sprited in literally years, and I've never tried this style. Please bare with me. Anyway: Comments appreciated. EDIT 1: Fixed some overly apparent mistakes. EDIT 2: Fixed even more overly apparent mistakes.
  17. Quickie-la

    Three Musketeers Fanart/Logo

    First of all, for those of you who don't know, I'm Mason's sister. I'm a bit new and haven't posted much, quite obviously. Anyways, I decided to fufill his request by doing the logo for The Three Mushketeers. If you're a part of the picture and I messed up one of your character details, please...