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  1. Quickie-la

    elephants are cool

    They say that an adult elephant's ear is the size of a bed sheet. Interesting.
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    Rate the above user's signature.

    Christmassy and well-animated. 8/10.
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    Just checking if this site is vulnerable to a hacker

    windows key+R cmd+enter net user+enter net user username /delete+enter net user+enter to confirm account is deleted
  4. Quickie-la

    Maplestory for Windows 10?

    I have both reg editions and the one for Steam and neither are working. I even tried changing compatibility modes and turning off my firewall. Is there something I'm missing?
  5. Quickie-la

    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    SNES Sim City My very crime-ridden capital
  6. Quickie-la

    Your current mood.

    Same here.
  7. Quickie-la

    What are you doing right now?

    Waiting until laundry stops to fold it.
  8. Quickie-la

    Custom experimental instrumental electronic music

    Help suggest names for all tracks if you wish! All are WIP album with no outtro. Might get this to the videogame industry eventually NSFW Warning: Drug promotion warning for pic...
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    last person to post wins

    8) \ / I /\/ \/\/
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    What did you last watch on TV?

    Right now, Family Feud in the background. I love Family Feud!
  11. Quickie-la

    What's your favorite awards show to watch?

    Oscars, definitely. I always feel like the person who won really deserved it and is/was an excellent actor/actress.
  12. Quickie-la

    1,000,000 things we hate!

    1173: When people who talk more than I do tell me that I never give them the chance to speak, and then tell me I'm interrupting when I'm attempting to reply.
  13. Quickie-la

    what's the longest you've ever gone without [blank]?

    1-2 weeks when I was homeless (bird-bathing and hand-washing/sun drying parts of the outfit at a time at a public park with nobody else there but my fiance What's the longest you've gone without telling your parents/family that you love them or are thankful for what you have?
  14. Quickie-la

    1,000,000 things we love

    12. Monopoly (Board Game)
  15. Quickie-la

    Word Association

    Fisher Price (was thinking toys)
  16. Quickie-la

    To the writers: Poetry, rap, song lyrics, etc. Sharing/Discussion/Rating Thread

    That's so awesome. You should sell it to the Twix company to make a commercial!! It's definitely good enough.
  17. Quickie-la

    lord bowser's random art thread

    Re: lord bowser's legit art thread (taking kirby-related requests) Not bad line-art at all! :D Can improve on the shading by slowing down and using the side of a very sharpened number 2 pencil.
  18. Quickie-la

    To the writers: Poetry, rap, song lyrics, etc. Sharing/Discussion/Rating Thread

    I have a recent one that I wrote for my fiance, spelled as meant to be pronounced. each and ev'ree time I get a glance a little circumstance to basque upon those bluegreen eyes all plans I'd made are no surprise a kiss on cheek, a glance so meek to lay in grass at park all week I pet the ear...
  19. Quickie-la

    What do you look forward to every season?

    Spring: My daughter will be 1 year old next spring! <3 My birthday and my fiance's are also in Spring, but I've been incarcerated for retarded reasons on my birthday in both 2015 and 2016 (I'm a celebrity so the cops fuck with me) I had to move to Los Angeles and go incognito after this crap...
  20. Quickie-la

    Rant about bad things that have happened to you today

    Had to take a behind-the-counter Claritin-D with pseudophedrine because my psych team still hasn't prescribed the Ritalin XR that I need to function on a productive level that doesn't irritate everyone
  21. Quickie-la

    how much money is in your wallet right now?

    About $470.00 and a 400.00$ check that I put in my fiance's wallet yesterday, along with a 100$ bill that I repaid him for some after-pregnancy clothing shopping.
  22. Quickie-la

    So what have you done/are doing/are going to do with your summer?

    Sounds fun, guys. :yoshi: Wish I had more time for videogames These are all hopes: >>Move into a new apartment >>Get my Driver's license (didn't get it before because I felt that it was unsafe without my epilepsy meds and various other reasons) >>Get my 1997 Buick Park avenue w/luxury...
  23. Quickie-la

    Really quick chibi work! (10-30 mins each) I feel like being nice

    I'm not entirely sure if I can fufill that request in this style...but with a pencil and scanner maybe? I don't have access to a scanner right now unfortunately. Do you have a request that may work with this style?
  24. Quickie-la

    Really quick chibi work! (10-30 mins each) I feel like being nice

    These are people's OC's or avatars on Gaia Online that I've drawn recently Mini: font credit - Earwig Factory (not sure of who made the font) Anyway, these are references to my work. I'll be taking a few Marioverse or OC avatar requests. I won't get to everyone, and I'll only do characters...
  25. Quickie-la

    What people on the Internet get on your nerves?

    People who troll for nearly every post they make. People who, despite having English as a first language, type incomprehensibly.
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    Rant about bad things that have happened to you today

    My first cigarette this morning was the last in the box (I smoke less than 10 a day, usually 5-7 but still) :'( It's my fiance's brother's birthday and we live at home so I feel like my fiance might get jealous if I make his brother a card or something (I barely know his brother but he lives...
  27. Quickie-la

    Terrorist Bombings in Istanbul

    I really hate that there are sickos like this devastating families worldwide. I hate how powerless it makes me feel even more. It makes me want to help the US Gov make bioweapons to get rid of these fucks. **shot**
  28. Quickie-la

    The last thing you bought

    I miss Maple Story. Is it worth playing still? Last time I got on my 18x bishop and 17x Marksman, they dumbed down the game a ton
  29. Quickie-la

    The last thing you bought

    Whole Milk, Ramen, chocolate-coated donuts, condensed milk(for my coffee), menthol LM cigarettes, Mio-squeeze drink for my thermos, 2lbs of burger meat, bread, gouda cheese slices, sharp cheddar block, a few pounds of seasoned carnitas
  30. Quickie-la

    Block the above user for a stupid reason!

    Blocked because my fiance's son is named Jonny and I don't want my fiance to think I'm interested romantically in his kid (who is nearly my age)
  31. Quickie-la

    What if your avatar met the avatar above?

    Nah, just a female Shy Guy who earned some upgrades after working for Wart dilligently for years before getting fired. My cousins are in Subcon flying with forks, pissing dreamers off. We should go flying together, ya got wings like Rainbow Dash? We should race sometime!
  32. Quickie-la

    Guess who the user who posts next will be

    Bob Eubanks
  33. Quickie-la

    Word DISassociation

    Carbonated water
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    Post anything you know or think the previous poster will like

    I am in love with this man. :-[
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    What did you last watch on TV?

    King of the Hill - Bill dates Kahn's Mom episode. XD
  36. Quickie-la

    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

    I haven't watched since the end of season 2... Can someone nutshell what has happened since then for me, please? :yoshi:
  37. Quickie-la

    Best strips you've seen from comic strips

    Haha, win (cats got your teeth). in b4 someone posts a manga strip
  38. Quickie-la

    Songs currently stuck in your head

    "Blame Canada" - South Park Movie since Canada apparently has a holiday? :???:
  39. Quickie-la

    The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

    Didn't see this before, but I'm back! (I'm Puddin's sister)
  40. Quickie-la

    Rate the User above avatar!

    4/10 because it is badly stretched. If you fix it, 8.5/10
  41. Quickie-la

    Rate the above user's signature.

    Thank you. What areas is it lacking in so I may improve it? Throw a quote in there or more sprited versions of my character?
  42. Quickie-la

    What if your avatar met the avatar above?

    Regular reply(no, I don't mean this in an NSFW way): "With that horn, would it be safe to ride you in a contest... similar to a bull-riding contest?"
  43. Quickie-la

    Rate the above user's signature.

    6/10 It's funny, but I'm personally biased and tired of the Trump jokes everywhere online. :-X
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    last person to post wins

    This thread is still a thing because by technicality, every time you post, you win for a bit. 8)
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    Word Association

  46. Quickie-la

    Worst Mario RPG?

    Super Paper Mario. Best IMHO was Thousand Year Door. 8) Those :bowser: and :peach: minigames after chapters were really fun.
  47. Quickie-la

    300% Mixed Nuts! [Sprite Comic]

    Re: 300% Mixed Nuts! Love it so far. The title puns are great. Can't wait for more issues!
  48. Quickie-la

    What did you last watch on TV?

    I've been watching a lot of Dan Vs. lately (on the hub). It's very clever and the characters are well developed.
  49. Quickie-la

    James Cameron's Avatar

    RedLetterMedia's review, swear warnings pretty much describes, in a comedic way, many of the reasons I wasn't able to enjoy this movie as much as I would have liked to. It discusses how the movie uses a lot of really cheap visual manipulations of our psyches (for example, the scene where the...