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  1. KPH2293

    That's Autism (Book)

    There's this guy in Australia that is writing a book titled That's Autism, and my story will be in it. I'm nearly done with my piece, and the book itself should be released sometime next year. I wanted to share this with you guys since I know some of you have autism as well (I was diagnosed in...
  2. KPH2293

    Pet Advice

    My family is likely to move sometime in 2021 (hopefully Spring). I'll have my own space, like an in-law suite or tiny house. Once that happens, my mom said she'd be open to the idea of getting a third cat to join my current two, Dougie and Darla (ages 3 and 1 respectively). While I am an animal...
  3. KPH2293

    GameCube games on Switch?

    I've run this through a search engine, but it just gives me a bunch of articles from December of 2016. Doesn't help that I'm somewhat out of the loop with Nintendo. But I'm trying to come back to this world! Anyway, are these out yet?
  4. KPH2293


    Does anyone else have an interest in this subject? I've authored a few trees via, and I recently had my DNA tested through the website. The results came back today: 1. Great Britain: 38% 2. Finland/Northwest Russia: 21% 3. Scandinavia: 16% 4. Iberian Peninsula: 9% 5. Europe East...
  5. KPH2293

    2016 NFL Season (if anybody has a better schedule page, feel free to post it) The season starts soon, and I figured I would start this since we had a 2015 version of this thread. Free Brady!
  6. KPH2293

    Pokémon Platinum

    Hey everybody, I'm starting a Pokémon Platinum file as soon as I receive the game in the mail, and I'd like some feedback on my idea for a team. The end result will look something like this: *Staraptor: Brave Bird, Endeavor, Close Combat, U-Turn *Garchomp: Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Stone Edge...
  7. KPH2293

    Who's your favorite Paper Mario partner?

    Well, since this poll was a mess-up, I've started a new one (this time I've gotten everybody). So, again I say: What the title says. So, who's your favorite Paper Mario partner? NOTE: "Koops" is supposed to say Kooper.
  8. KPH2293

    Congratulations, Wayoshi!

    Congrats, man, on being our new bureaucrat! To repeat some of the comments I left on your talk page: You've always been like a de-facto bureaucrat in my eyes. Now you're a real one!
  9. KPH2293

    Who's your favorite PM:TTYD partner?

    What the title says. So, who's your favorite PM:TTYD partner?
  10. KPH2293

    Favorite color(s)

    What is/are your favorite color(s)? My favorite colors are green and black.
  11. KPH2293

    Which do you think is canon? SM64 or SM64DS?

    What the title says. Which one do you think is canon?