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  1. crystalking

    kirby challenges

    i have created some annoyingly annoying challenges and i want to see if anyone can beat them. 1. kirby's dreamland 1 vitality run (u get X continues where X = i don't know yet :P fo now it is Infinate) 2. KSSU True Arena No ability run (no partners allowed) 3. KSSU True Arena Copy Run Rules...
  2. crystalking

    Most Abnoxious video game boss ever

    yes, this is different from the hardest boss one, tis is about just plain long fights and stuff along those lines Straight off my mind, i would say King K. Rule in DK64
  3. crystalking


    Any puzzels you have post here. Give your answer to the first puzzel and post yours. i'll start Ron and Jim are given a job to plow and seed a 10 acer field. They decide to each do half the field. Ron Plows 20mins an acer. Jim plows 40mins an acer, but plants seeds triple the speed of Ron. If...
  4. crystalking

    Best brawl song

    If u think that i would make a poll for over 250 songs, then your sadly mistaken anyway mine are : Song of storms Mach Rider
  5. crystalking


    I was
  6. crystalking

    Subspace %

    Lets see how far people are in subspace now List if you beat the last boss and your % i beat the last boss and i have 92% as of now
  7. crystalking

    MarioWiki: A hack in the system

    (Note: if you don't like this blame CN, he is forcing me to) I have made a comic, unfortinatly, it was the one from me and SY10, so I have peoples sprites from that. anyway, I will add a link to Userpedia for now here is the first one link v Mariowiki: a hack in the system
  8. crystalking

    Guitar hero 3 friend codes

    I'm not sure if this would fall into the catagory of Wii friend codes, but I need to find a challenge, everyone I fought on Wi-Fi were too easy, only 2 people got me into a suden death, and I won
  9. crystalking

    The impossible quiz

    this quiz reflects his name The Impossible quiz
  10. crystalking

    Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

    Title is self explanitory. this topic is to talk about metal arms
  11. crystalking

    Favorite Luigi ability?

    (see topic) which one do you think should be in most games (note: super jump from super paper mario, he still has normal high jump)
  12. crystalking

    left or right

    ok your walking along a path until you see a fork in the road which way would you take (this is not going to be like the island topic. it is to see which way is more popular)
  13. crystalking

    Mr. L

    who do you think is better Mr. L or luigi?
  14. crystalking

    toadsworth for brawl

    Who thinks toadsworth should be in brawl final smash heart attack
  15. crystalking

    My horrible recoloring

    tell me if this is good or bad recoloring
  16. crystalking

    favorite paper mario boss

    Read the topic and answere the poll mine was dimentio
  17. crystalking

    would you die if myspace crashed?

    Most people go on myspace so this will be a good poll ( people who don't like polls go here
  18. crystalking


    if you were stranded on an island w/ no nose and no materials, what will you do?
  19. crystalking

    who are you and what is your purpose in life

    read the topic answer it... or else
  20. crystalking

    do you like polls

    read the topic if you don't like polls then vote in this poll
  21. crystalking

    continuous quote

    quote the person above you and say anything
  22. crystalking


    Mario write somethings in common w/ the thing that I here ^ I'll post new ones later if i fell like it :P
  23. crystalking

    favorite fruits

    read the topic people mine is kiwi :D
  24. crystalking

    favorite beam

    which beam do you think is the best in the metroid prime series
  25. crystalking


    If mario was never created, who would you have as the main character?
  26. crystalking

    favorite paper mario partner

    who was your favorite paper mario partner ( can be from any game in the series)
  27. crystalking

    Shyguys vs. Ninji's

    My friends were having an argument about this most of the school year so i am settling this once and for all. One was for shyguys and one was for ninjies. so vote for who you think is better. Shyguys or ninjies