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    Re: "You shouldn't have done that..." the whole story is actually really good, but the lasting effects of it will doom the internet. You will never be able to start a discussion about Majora's mask without a douchebag butting in and screaming "you shoudn't have done that, you shouldn't have...
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    What is Waluigi?

    he's a shroobified clone of Mario and Luigi, created when the adult Mario and Luigi were stuck in that nose thing back in the factory in Partners in Time. it makes perfect sense with a few retcons.
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    What character do you think should have a more developed back story

    maybe the shroobs are responsible for Wario and Waluigi. Evil versions of good characters, that's what the shroobs did the whole time in PiT.
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    Death in pokémon games

    Retcon. It was later established in a throwaway fight that that Arbok was able to regenerate from such a wound, while others could not.
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    The worst video game ever?

    Hotel Mario. yeah, I've been there.
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    Wii U

    Re: Wii 2? today I've read an old interview from two years ago that said that the Wii 2 was already in production. Since the year 2011 will be owned by the 3DS I suppose the Wii 2 will in the earliest be released 2012.
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    What character do you think should have a more developed back story

    well, we know the most important details anyway: -Mario gets born in the mushroom kingdom and lives there as a baby (yoshi's Island series, partners in time) [Break] -Mario, as an adult in the human world, follows Donkey Kong and, according to the ending of Donkey Kong 94, ends up in the...
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    Best Bowser battle

    under absolutely no circumstance Super Mario Bros. That boss fight was so often recycled in the New Super Mario bros. franchise that it became awfully boring. I take Super Mario bros.3
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    Thwomp or Whomp

    Thowmps take the cake. they don't look as stupid as the Whomps, they're not killable through conventional means as they don't have a giant button at their back saying "Ground Pount me so I can die!" and they have more uses than simply being a boring enemy.
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    What character do you think should have a more developed back story

    absolutely Waluigi, the way he is treated is ridiculous. Even though he's a member of the bros.-group Nintendo has absolutely no idea what to do with him and doesn't want to waste a single thought on him. If he and Wario at least appeared in New Super mario bros. Wii, but noooooo.... they had to...
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    SM Sunshine ruined?

    to be fair, that voice acting in Sunshine was still better than that flood (no pun intended) of words you had to face in Super paper mario.
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    Favorite Mario Commercials

    all those old commercials featuring Wario were pure gold. He and his bomb fetish or the way he tried to hypnotize the audience were awesome. Of course that was until he started to produce videogames and randomly fart in sportsgames... That song in the mario bros. ad was quite catchy, too.
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    Should there be a fourth Mario & Luigi?

    really? maybe my memory is blurring but I remember a large amount of Shroobs frozen in Bowser's fridge, just waiting for someone to revive them, sir :posh: hey, that's actually a nice idea for the next game. Quick, someone write this down. I would actually like the idea of Wario and Waluigi...
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    Mario Press Conference review

    you, sir, are a genius.
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    Paper Mario 3DS Partner Ideas

    there are so many possible good partner member. next to the obvious choice of a hammer bro, a magikoopa or a shy guy I would love to see unconventional party members. How about a Piranha Plant, a Bullet Bill or even a Thwomp? Ever since I played Mario Party 3 I wanted a Thwomp to be a partner in...