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    How do I get to it?
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    Post your IQ here.
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    Ozzy Election.

    Tony Abbot is a fucking dumbshit who I wouldn't trust buttering my fucking toast, let alone be Australia's head of state chief legislator. The only explanation I can think of for the election of Abbot is the pervasive racism in Australia. Of course all Australians aren't racist but the problem...
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    Strange Things on Userpedia

    When I looked up MarioWiki in Userpedia, I found some pretty weird shit, and I'd like to ask anybody with any type of authority on Userpedia why it's there. The things I find strange are bolded. Essentially, what I'm asking is why do the authors of this article think the MarioWiki is a place?
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    Is bumping allowed?

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    Countdown ending Too bad Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC is ending. It was a great program. Thoughts?
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    Black Ops

    A little late, but who has it? I have it and it's OK, but it's a tad overhyped IMHO. The campaign mode is awesome.
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    Signature question

    Is a signature <- that size allowed?
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    Gabrielle Giffords shot

    In Tucson, somebody shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords at a townhall type meeting.
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    ITT, Post the Operating System You Use

    For me, it's Ubuntu Linux. B)
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    The Jorge Song WARNING: Contains random swearing. The Jorge Song is a pretty funny song, and it oddly fits Paper Jorge perfectly. I believe "The Casulaties" is the band that performs it.
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    Promo: Episode 1:
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    Metroid Prime

    This game is awesome. I love the adventure aspect of the game. :)
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    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    I've read a little of the first installment, but never gotten around to finishing it. I think I remember it being pretty funny, though. That's where the whole "42" thing started, too.
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    It's a spaceship that crashed into the Moon this morning. I think they want to analyze the debris for water. Did anyone hear about it? Oh, and BTW: LCROSS stands for Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite.
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    Backronym the above Word

    For example: FUNNY Flying Umbrellas Napping on Nicaraguan Yo-Yos --------------- IDIOT
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    District 9

    The movie looks epic. Who else is planning to see it? For those of you who haven't heard about District 9, it's about aliens that come to Earth, or something, and we're racist against them.
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    I'm the biggest ___ on the forum

    Fill in the blank. For example: "I'm the biggest poster on the forum." Except try to make it more interesting than the example.
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    Spore is original, fun, and addictive as hell. I recently got up to Space stage. :D
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    Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

    Looks pretty good. I hope I get to use my Wiimote as Indy's whip. :)
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    Interviewee Suggestions

    I thought it would be interesting to see who people want interviewed for The 'Shroom. Post your suggestions here, and I'll see if I can interview them.
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    Adobe Flash

    Have it? I've used it recently, and I love it. ActionScript is also really easy, once you get the hang of it.
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    Grand Theft Auto

    Controversial, yes, but perhaps one of the best series of games ever made. Discuss.
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    Sonia Sotomayor and her "Wise Latina" comments

    I don't think it was that racist. If it was so racist, how come the media didn't bitch about it when she said it eight years ago?
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    Harry Potter

    Well, the new movie is coming out. Anyway, I've read books 1-3 and saw movies 1-3. I am currently reading book 4. The series is amazing. Any other HP fans out there?
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    Custom Monobook

    Share your custom monobooks here. I'm working on making one that will make the wiki easier to load.
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    What do you think?

    Heheh. Check out this sneaky guy. I wonder if the same thing happens to us. Luckily Nintendo Power doesn't rely on us for info lol.
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    What browser do you use?

    Firefox FTW. Its also the most customizable of them all.
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    Its pretty FTW. I love the concept of micro-blogging.
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    Hacked Again?

    Special:Contributions/Stooby WTF? Someone must be trolling Stooben.
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    What theme song would you give other users?

    I'm curious to see what other users would give me.... :-X
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    Video Game Music

    I love video game music.
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    Favorite Forum Software

    I personally prefer simple machines although phpbb and invision arent that bad. Discuss.
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    How often do you get an Edit Conflict?

    I probably get one every week or so.
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    Mainstream Waluigi

    Srsly! All Waluigi does is appear in Mario sports games! When will Waluigi have is own game? Or at least appear in a mainstream mario game....
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    Have you ever setup a Simple Machines forum before?

    I did today. :)
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    What is our theme?

    Just wondering if anyone knows what our SMF theme is and where to get it.
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    One of the best shows I ever seen. Discuss.
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    Super Mario Advertising Campaign

    What do you think about the Super Mario advertising campaign? I found the Japanese Super Mario advertisements hilarious, especially this one, but I'm sure you guys have different opinions on them. Plus, people from Japan might find western advertisements hilarious.
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    The Politics Topic

    State your opinion on politics here. Just don't let it get into a heated debate. 8)
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    Free Software you have

    I have: GIMP Paint.NET Game Maker (used to have teh pro version) Dev C++ and of course firefox what free software do YOU have?
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    A True Rename

    I registered under the name "Clay Mario" back then when I registered. Now I am Sushiario, but it stills says Clay Mario under my account settings. Is there a way to get a true rename?
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    Did anyone notice that just about every featured article is being nominated for unfeatured status?
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    Official LOTR Topic

    Its about time we have a topic about lord of teh rings. Great books. Great films. Great series.
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    Extensions you wish we had but we were too downgraded to get them

    I wish we had the user merge and delete extension. Discuss.
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    What's your specialty?

    For me, rewrites and coding are my wiki specialty.
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    What do I do If I can't access the restricted mariowiki awards board and I signed up for the committee?
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    Have you ever setup MediaWiki before?

    I have. It's really easy with WAMPserver. And just downloading it doesn't count, I mean so you can actually edit it. It doesn't have to be online tho.
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    Probably one of the only anime I do enjoy :P
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    Do you believe in Nostradamus? You know, the guy who believes the world will in in 2012.