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  1. UltraMario

    I can't seem to get the SSB Roster Maker working on my Mac

    Can anyone help me? On the official site, it said this: And in the readme file it said: I'm not very great at Command Prompt/Terminal stuff, so if anyone with the technical know how can help me make any sense of this, please help me out here.
  2. UltraMario

    What did you last download on your PC?

    I last downloaded the SSB Roster Maker.
  3. UltraMario

    What DLC did do you have downloaded/last download

    I'm downloading New Super Luigi U right about now.
  4. UltraMario

    Your hopes for alternate costumes?

    Here's mine for Mario: Jumpman Donkey Game Boy Mario Wrecking Crew 98' Mario SMB Mario Classic Mario (blue shirt red overalls) Frog Mario Cape Mario Raccoon Mario Sky Pop Mario SMBSS Life-Action Mario (not very likely) Baby Mario (same as above) Baby Mario in a diaper (^) Virtual Boy Mario...
  5. UltraMario

    ITT: Post funny Google Translations From this page:
  6. UltraMario

    You can't spell _ without _

    Basically, you use that to play. Example: You can't spell Moscow without cow! Let's play!
  7. UltraMario

    UltraMario's Quick Clip Thread - Taking requests

    That's right, gents, I will now be uploading short clips of characters from any work of media. Here is just an example of what I mean: Fire away!
  8. UltraMario

    Favorite color?

    And, to be further detailed, favorite shade of that color. My favorites are blue and cyan.
  9. UltraMario

    Count to 99 using font sizes

    Basically, you post the number with its corresponding font size. Example: 42 With that, let us begin! 1
  10. UltraMario

    Favorite Bob-omb?

    Feel free to tell me someone I missed. My favorite is General White.
  11. UltraMario

    Favorite Zelda partners

    So, what are your favorite Zelda partners? My favorites are Midna and Tatl.
  12. UltraMario

    Luigi pics

    For the Year of Luigi, I made this game! Simply post any pic you'd like of the clad green plumber!
  13. UltraMario

    Do you know that signature?

    Just like my Do you know that avatar game.
  14. UltraMario

    ABC Image game

    Rules Post an image from in ABC order. Example: S would be the Super Mario Boards logo Let us begin!
  15. UltraMario

    UltraMario's MP3 Edit Request Thread! ~ New!

    Yup, I now do MP3 requests. From backwards, to vocal removing, to flat-out weird, I'm your man! ;)
  16. UltraMario


    Is GIMP available on the iPad? Because I might be getting one soon, and I'd hate to have requests unfulfilled after having bought it.
  17. UltraMario

    What browser are you using at the moment?

    I'm using the Wii U internet browser at the moment. The browser I use most often is Chrome.
  18. UltraMario

    Do you know that avatar?

    Like Do you know that username?. :P I'll start.
  19. UltraMario

    Hurt and Heal: The Chaotix

    Knuckles the Echinda: 20 Vector the Crocodile: 20 Espio the Chameleon: 20 Charmy Bee: 20 Saffron Bee: 20 Julie-Su: 20 Mighty the Armadillo: 20 Ray the Flying Squirrel: 20 Heavy: 20 Bomb: 20
  20. UltraMario

    Chrome problem

  21. UltraMario

    I forgot my password on SignAvatar

    But I can't find anything on that site that can help. Wadda I do? :(
  22. UltraMario

    Hurt and Heal: The Freedom Fighters

    You know the rules by now. :P Sonic the Hedgehog: 20 Princess Sally Acorn: 20 Antoine D'Coolette: 20 Rotor "Boomer" Walrus: 20 Miles "Tails" Prower: 20 Amy Rose: 20 Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette: 20 Nicole: 20
  23. UltraMario

    UltraMario's Turbo-Tastic Art Dump!

    Drawings ahoy!
  24. UltraMario

    Have I been HACKED?

  25. UltraMario

    Do your eyes close when you sneeze?

    Strangely enough, mine don't. I think it's cuz I can't move my eyebrows. :P
  26. UltraMario

    Did You Know Gaming?

    Discuss. It's basically a series of videos on YouTube stating little known fun facts about videogames. You can also post your favorite DYKG's' here.
  27. UltraMario

    Favorite Video Game/Video Game Console Bootup jingles

    Well, for starters.
  28. UltraMario

    Post Interesting Super Smash Bros. series Beta content

    well, for one, this unused/unfinished DKJr. trophy That would've been cool.
  29. UltraMario

    The Official Mario plushie thread

    Basically, I'm sick, and my parents might get me a plushie off Amazon as a getwell present. However, I can't decide between Tanooki Mario or Flying Squirrel Mario. This is what the poll's for. EDIT: If you voted, please make a shout-out in the thread. I don't want this anymore confusing than it is.
  30. UltraMario

    awesome vg mashups

  31. UltraMario

    The Netflix thread

    A thread on only one of the single-greatest unlimited streaming services! :D So discuss. What shows/movies do you watch on it? What do you think it could improve on? Share your wishlists of thinks you'd like to see on Netflix! Ect., etc., etc..
  32. UltraMario

    What's the difference between cache and cookies?

    ^Topic. I need to know this because I wanna see my CSS on the Wii U.
  33. UltraMario

    Your favorite trailers

  34. UltraMario

    My right phone on my headphone isn't producing sound

    Wadda I do?
  35. UltraMario

    The Official Audiosurf thread

    A thread on Audiosurf. Discuss. Does this game work on Macs?
  36. UltraMario

    Your favorite cameos/references in Mario games

    Well, for one thing
  37. UltraMario

    Sonic Archie comics

    There wasn't a thread for this yet? Basically, discuss.
  38. UltraMario

    UM's Roster

    Mario Mario Luigi Peach Bowser Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario Toad TO BE CONTINUED
  39. UltraMario

    Kirby Fighting game ideas?

    Wouldn't a Smash Bros. esque fighting game starring the Kirby cast be cool? I think so! Talk about ideas or thoughts regarding this idea I had in mind!
  40. UltraMario

    Zelda pics

    Post pics from the Zelda series.
  41. UltraMario

    UltraMario's YouTube Playlists
  42. UltraMario

    The Zelda name game

    Let's start. Link
  43. UltraMario

    SMBC help

    All the characters I play as are transparent-like, and don't take damage. Is there anyway to turn that off?
  44. UltraMario

    Oz: The Great and Powerful

    ^Thread. So discuss. I just saw it today. 'Twas awesome a movie. :posh:.
  45. UltraMario

    Firefox won't open

    ^Basically the title.
  46. UltraMario

    Help searching on VGBoxArt

    Why is there no search button by the search bar on VGBoxart? Can you please help and tell me how to search on VGBoxart?
  47. UltraMario

    The New! Super Mario Bros. Movie

  48. UltraMario

    Easiest Mario Levels

    IMO, 3-2 of SMB was easy as hell. Just look how barren it was. Barely any blocks, just a shit ton of enemies to crush to their deaths.
  49. UltraMario

    UltraMario's Art Gala

    A thread for me to post my art. Current Project: Super Mario Bros. Collage