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  1. Mariorules25

    Your highlights

    As you know,its almost the end of the year whats been your highlight this year?,maybe a thread was made and it changed your wiki life..who knows?
  2. Mariorules25

    Magazines you collect

    Sorry about that last topic but hey i decided to make a new one okay i collect FourFourTwo a football magazine....Offcial Nintendo Magazine WHAT ARE YOURS?
  3. Mariorules25

    Favourite Websites?

    Besides the mario wiki and the forum here are some of mine
  4. Mariorules25

    How Long have you been on the wiki for?

    I've been on the wiki since the 28th august 2009 which is 3 years
  5. Mariorules25

    Comics whose read em?

    I know its kinda of geeky but has any one read one,heres one ive read
  6. Mariorules25


    How do i put the backloggery in my sig?
  7. Mariorules25

    Whats your favourite genre of Music?

    Alternative rock, nu metal, alternative metal These are my favourites
  8. Mariorules25


    I found this place called urban dictionary and look this a stereotype of blackburn 1. A large town in east Lancashire, UK. 2. The British multicultural "dream" gone horribly wrong. A roughly 80% white and 20% Asian (of the Pakistani-heritage, Muslim variety) town.. the two groups seem so...
  9. Mariorules25

    Userpedia account

    Hey guys uhhhhhhhh is anyone here know how to get a userpedia account?
  10. Mariorules25

    Fall Of Cybertron

    Has Anyone Played Transformers War For cybertron theres a sequel Sweet ;D
  11. Mariorules25

    Very Weird

    39 Guests, 8 Users (2 Buddies) Users active in past 15 minutes: SkywardSwordLink, Young Link, Mason, '3K, Knife, Young Link, RKN-001, Norbert Two young Links?
  12. Mariorules25

    Super Smash bros Universe? it might be the name and also
  13. Mariorules25

    Whats this?

    Guest 04:49:28 AM Unknown Action Unknown action?
  14. Mariorules25

    Zelda Pics

    Oh yeah
  15. Mariorules25

    Favourite Family Guy Character

    Mine would be Brian or Stewie Note:If you dont like Family Guy, dont comment okay ;) because big arguments might go on
  16. Mariorules25

    Rate users Username

    Has this idea been done yet, if not lets do it!!!!!!!!
  17. Mariorules25

    Some new Mario Kart 7 gameplay and Weegee mansion 2 Mario Kart 7 and Luigi's Mansion
  18. Mariorules25

    Is This the Craziest scene in a mario game? CRAZY DAISY!!!! :daisy:
  19. Mariorules25

    Paper mario 3ds trailer for people who havent seen it
  20. Mariorules25


    Hey you've probably heard These games have been announced here
  21. Mariorules25

    Who is your main in mario kart?

    hi im new to the forums and uhh and umm i just want to know whos your main in mario kart you know the characters you always play as mine would be :mario: bowser jr, rosalina and funky kong