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  1. Alphaclaw11

    The Flash (TV Show)

    Since it just premiered its third season, I thought it would be great to start a thread about one of my favorite shows, The Flash. Feel free discuss anything about the show here. It doesn't have to be about the most recent episodes. Personally, I could talk for hours about The Flash!
  2. Alphaclaw11

    LLAMA SONG lol
  3. Alphaclaw11

    The Song Lyrics Thread

    qoute lyrics of music i will start pump it louder
  4. Alphaclaw11

    Best paper mario

    what paper mario game is the best
  5. Alphaclaw11

    Alphaclaw comic title

    who like this title of a comic i am making (anyone can help me make the comic)
  6. Alphaclaw11

    DS mario game

    What game to you think is better (i meant to put it in hadheld games)
  7. Alphaclaw11

    sprite help?

    Will anyone help me make my sprites better or anyone's for that matter.
  8. Alphaclaw11

    Why is Brawl only for the Wii?

    why is super smash bros brawl only for the wii if you can use the gamecube controller
  9. Alphaclaw11

    how do you make a comic?

    How do you make a comic?
  10. Alphaclaw11

    Best video game

    What do you guys think is the best mario video game for the GC, Wii, and DS.
  11. Alphaclaw11

    Favorite character with item

    Mine is yoshi with Fludd. As you can tell the item can go to anyone and anyone can have any item.
  12. Alphaclaw11

    where's yoshi

    where's the yoshi sub topic