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  1. MnSG

    Mario Tennis Wii U Thoughts

    I've been thinking about how the next Mario Tennis title should work out. Here are some of my inputs... Roster Starters Mario (All-Around) Luigi (All-Around) Yoshi (All-Around) Birdo (All-Around) Peach (Technical) Daisy (Technical) Toad (Technical) Koopa (Speedy) Diddy Kong (Speedy) Bowser...
  2. MnSG

    Baby Rosalina Theory

    In case anyone never got the message, Rosalina's infant form has been confirmed to appear in Mario Kart 8, and this has been stirring up a major controversy with Rosalina's Storybook. However, what people are failing to realize is that the events of Rosalina's Storybook took place after her...
  3. MnSG

    Favorite Punch-Out!! Opponent

    I recently managed to get a copy of the Wii version of Punch-Out!!, and have decided to make this thread. Basically, state which Punch-Out!! opponent that you like fighting. Me, I've made it to Title Defense mode, and I did find Contender Aran Ryan to be an amusing opponent. I haven't been...
  4. MnSG

    Favorite Dragon Ball Villain

    For the Dragon Ball fans, who is your most favorite villain? It can be any villain from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT, and this does include movies as well. Me, I like Cell the most. For some reason, I tend to look at him as the ultimate villain before the GT era.
  5. MnSG

    The Lion King

    Has anyone ever watched The Lion King? I actually saw the movie in 3D, and I recently saw the Broadway show as well.
  6. MnSG

    Brawl in the Family Discussion

    Has anyone ever heard of a website called Brawl in the Family? I've been viewing that website for at least two years now, and it features hand-drawn comics, which primarily involve Nintendo characters. Some of those comics even have a sense of humor in them. Anyway, discuss anything relating...
  7. MnSG

    Waluigi tries to join Super Smash Bros. Brawl - A Sprite Comic

    A couple years ago, during the Brawl discussions, I did up a sprite comic involving Waluigi and his attempt to become a fighter for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Amusingly enough, it doubles as a reference to how Waluigi ended up as an Assist Trophy. Anyway, here's the comic... Comment it if you...
  8. MnSG

    Favorite Mario Super Sluggers Combo

    If anyone has played Mario Super Sluggers, I am pretty curious about your favorite team setups. I'll start with mine... ----------------------------- Team 1 Mario (captain) Luigi Peach Red Yoshi Red Toad Purple Toad Toadette Red Noki Red Pianta ----------------------------- Team 2 Yoshi...
  9. MnSG

    Favorite Mario Sports Mix Combo

    Remember when I did up a Mario Sports Mix topic, regarding character picks? Well, for this thread, you basically state your favorite (or most commonly used) character combos. You can also separate your favorite combos, in terms of which sports you use them in, along with if the combos are...
  10. MnSG

    Mario Sports Mix Character Picks

    If you've played Mario Sports Mix, which characters have you used the most for each sport? I'll start with mine... Mario: Top 5 for all sports. Yoshi: Top 5 for all sports. 1st place in Basketball and Dodgeball. Toad: Top 5 for all sports. White Mage: Top 5 in Basketball, Volleyball, and...
  11. MnSG

    Mario Sports Mix - Sports Mix mode stories **spoilers**

    I managed to complete Sports Mix mode today, and I thought that I'd make this thread for those who want to state their Sports Mix mode achievements. For those who don't know, Sports Mix mode is a tournament that involves ALL the sports in the game. The difficulty is set at "Expert", which...
  12. MnSG

    Your control scheme for Mario Sports Mix

    If you've played Mario Sports Mix, I have a bit of a poll to show. Which control scheme do you use to play that game? They're either... 1: Wii Remote (horizontal) 2: Wii Remote + Nunchuk I use the Wii Remote (horizontal) control scheme. This is basically the same poll as the one for Donkey...
  13. MnSG

    Your control scheme for Donkey Kong Country Returns

    If you've played Donkey Kong Country Returns, I have a bit of a poll to show. Which control scheme do you use to play that game? They're either... 1: Wii Remote (horizontal) 2: Wii Remote + Nunchuk I use the Wii Remote (horizontal) control scheme. Please try to keep the discussions clean.
  14. MnSG

    Favorite Mario Kart Double Dash!! combos

    What are some of your favorite combos in Mario Kart Double Dash!!? I'll start by stating some of mine. 1: Petey Piranha + Donkey Kong + Piranha Pipes 2: Donkey Kong + Wario + DK Jumbo 3: Birdo + Mario + Turbo Birdo 4: King Boo + Wario + Boo Pipes 5: Bowser + Donkey Kong + Koopa King 6: Diddy...
  15. MnSG

    Mario & Sonic Racing Ideas

    You know how Mario and Sonic have starred in various racing titles; Mario in all Mario Kart titles; Sonic in Sonic R, Sonic Riders, and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. Well, wouldn't it be interesting to see those two, along with the various Mario and Sonic characters in a racing title? For...
  16. MnSG

    Shy Guy's Mask

    Has anyone ever wondered about what a Shy Guy looks like without its mask? So far, only Luigi has seen a Shy Guy without its mask, and he showed a shocked expression. Maybe the Shy Guy has such a cute face that it's shocking, which is why it always hides its face. Anyway, you can state your...