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  1. Wargreymon

    Mario Party: Island Tour

    I hope they come back with the classic mode in Mario Party 10 (or whatever name it'll be). They can continue creating new mechanics for the series, it is good and makes the series fresh, but they should include an option to play the classic way (star and coins ;) )
  2. Wargreymon

    Super Mario 3D World

    Rosalina! ;D Although I liked Rosalina to be playable in SM3DW I'm also feel sorry for Daisy to be excluded like this... I mean, she has not been in any main Mario Game since Super Mario Land, not a single appearance. :-\ Heck! It is like Miyamoto or anyone influential in the Nintendo EAD...
  3. Wargreymon

    Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Re: Mario Kart 8 True but the Shine Thief from Double Dash is different than the Shine Runners from DS.
  4. Wargreymon

    Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Re: Mario Kart 8 Bob-omb battle would be welcome. Nintendo needs to stop this ****ing lazy trend and bring more modes to Battle Mode. >:( I want Shine Thief back too. I loved this tag game in Double Dash! ^^ They also should make things more customized... like, play solo or in teams, for...
  5. Wargreymon

    Why I don't like the Luigi fanbase

    Luigi's Mansion or Luigi's Mansion: Darkmoon? I still haven't played the second, but the first one he only says "Mariooooo". :lol: "You can say he's brave and determined but this is a mostly fan-based assumption." It is not... These traits you can assume in many games, inclusive the RPGs. The...
  6. Wargreymon

    Why I don't like the Luigi fanbase

    Luigi isn't much different than this. The only exception I can remember is the Paper Mario series where he talks more than Mario.
  7. Wargreymon

    What's your favorite Yoshi color?

    He is my favorite because I like blue and that he can fly with any shell in SMW. ^^
  8. Wargreymon

    Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Re: Mario Kart 8 Please understand, all I want is E. Gadd as playable character (now Dixie Kong too after her return in DKC), mission mode back and a better roster than MK7. The rest is amazing so far. ;D About Nabbit, he isn't even worth to be in a Mario Kart game... or any other spinoff
  9. Wargreymon

    Why I don't like the Luigi fanbase

    Well, I don't really understand these people that to love something have to hate something else... Mario and Luigi are awesome characters then why the hate? And Mario isn't flat, he has personality just like Luigi. Mario is the brave, determined, kind (not that Luigi isn't) brother while Luigi...
  10. Wargreymon

    Which game had the best level design

    SMG 2, SMG and SMW.
  11. Wargreymon

    Mario Party 9: Good or Bad

    I think it's good but that's all. Good... The graphics are well polished, the NSMBWii references are awesome. I really have fun with the mini-games (although Bowser's Block Battle and the lack of 2vs.2 mini-games were a great disappointment). The boards are nice but the last two are too short...
  12. Wargreymon

    What do you think of the eschatology in the Mario universe?

    Mario is immortal. nuff said... :posh:
  13. Wargreymon

    New Super Mario Bros. U

    Yeah, totally agree with you with this! If they want to give Miis more emotions then make a Mii game for this. :P
  14. Wargreymon

    I still don't get it

    A Super Mario Sunshine remake for the 3DS would be nice. ;D They could fix some things like the few number of levels and include some playable characters ( :luigi:) . All this in 3D *.*
  15. Wargreymon

    New Super Mario Bros. U

    Hmpf... first she wasn't playable in New Super Mario Bros. Wii because they would have to have special processing and programming to handle how the skirt is handled, now it's because of the Miis. :P I wonder what will be next... "herp derp we couldn't include Princess Peach in Super Mario...
  16. Wargreymon

    Hated Mario Soundtracks

    Very true. :posh: I also didn't like the all-hummed new overworld song. :P
  17. Wargreymon

    Mario Kart Wii U Course list and Character prediction Thread

    Yeah, I know ;D But in all MK consoles except SMK, there is a Luigi Circuit. So, I supposed it would be there... hehe
  18. Wargreymon

    A gold game that excludes Wario?!

    I really wanted to Wario be unlocked after collecting one million coins... :-\
  19. Wargreymon

    Mario Kart Wii U Course list and Character prediction Thread

    Me too. Would like to see E. Gadd and Mona (this last is very unlikely :-\) About the course list... I have some ideas: Peach Circuit: will be placed in a Star-Festival style Toad Town, with Peach's Castle in the background Diamond City (this would be perfect if they include some Warioware...
  20. Wargreymon

    Paper Mario: Sticker Star

    Bowser Jr.!!!! Sweet *.* but still dreaming of seeing Daisy in a Mario RPG game... The more I see the trailer, the more this game looks amazing!
  21. Wargreymon

    Mario Party 10 newcomer and returning characters poll

    Rosalina would be awesome! ;D And bring back DK and Toadette as well. Am I the only one here that think the Mario Party roster are way stale? :P
  22. Wargreymon

    Mario Tennis Open

    It sure HAS been a while but I really enjoy Mario Tennis, I think it's my most favorite Mario sports game. I miss Mario Golf too... Two great franchises that would fit like a glove on the Wii and Nintendo didn't make them. :(
  23. Wargreymon

    Mario Party 9

    It started... A lot of gameplay videos on the web. :P Beware, lots of spoilers too. :boo: I didn't see all the videos because of the spoilers, but the parts I saw I really liked it.
  24. Wargreymon

    What would you like to see in the new 2D Mario for the 3DS?

    Yeah! And this time allows Mario to fly, what is not possible with the new Tanooki Suit. :P OMG, how did I forget it... If possible, multiplayer up to 4 players!!! ;D You can choose between Mario, Luigi, Peach and (Classic)Toad. That's it, PEACH! Nintendo should change the story this time...
  25. Wargreymon

    What would you like to see in the new 2D Mario for the 3DS?

    I agree they should make a 2D Mario just like the 2D levels of SMG2, it would be beautiful *.*. Obviously the 3D effect will not be as much used as a 3D game, but the staff can make some good effects, e.g. Bullet Bills going to the screen, spikes coming from various angles, platforms with...
  26. Wargreymon

    Mario Party 9

    It's very unlikely to happen now... :( What is a pity. I liked the Luigi's Mansion look too!
  27. Wargreymon

    Characters and their 15 minutes of fame

    Oh poor E. Gadd... He could shine more if Nintendo had included him in Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart 7. :-\ The same for Toadsworth, but at least he appeared in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. You can add in this list a lot of characters from Paper Mario, but it is different since it is not...
  28. Wargreymon

    Who will you play as in MP9?

    But my favorites are Mario and Yoshi as always. ;D
  29. Wargreymon

    Mario Party 9

    Good old characters are as important as new ones, imo. And it is perfectly possible keep the veterans and add new characters, that's why I'm disappointed with Nintendo... :( They shrank the roster... They should increase it, and so add new characters. I think Kamek is nice too btw.
  30. Wargreymon

    Mario Party 9

    Well, I respect your opinion but Toadette has been in Mario Party since the 6th one, she is not just wasting space... Someone could say DK was wasting space too, what is not true.
  31. Wargreymon


    1. Twisted! - Creative and fun mini-games with addictive gameplay. It has the Mona Pizza Song :P 2. Smooth Moves! - The same as the Twisted!. The use of the Wiimote in this game is awesome! 3. Mega Microgame$ = Mega Party Game$! - Well, it's the original. 4. Touched! - This one was a regular...
  32. Wargreymon

    His Evilness Has A New Movie Gig!

    Neat! I wonder how Bowser will be outside the Mario universe... Not mentioning the cartoon and the movie: I'm definitely looking forward this movie now. ;D
  33. Wargreymon

    Mario Tennis Open

    Wow, another awesome game to the 3DS library ;D but it would be better a Wii version with MotionPlus support... Agreed. Specially for Rosalina, that needs more appearance in Spin-offs rather than only in Mario Kart... ;)
  34. Wargreymon

    Mario Party 9

    Well, I'm disappointed, Nintendo! Again... :( Do not get me wrong, Kamek is a good character but why Nintendo, why do you have to remove a good character and replace with a random one? First was Waluigi in Mario Kart 7 and now Toadette. I mean, the roster is smaller in comparison of the MP8's...
  35. Wargreymon

    Characters you're neutral towards.

    That I can remember Petey Piranha and Baby Daisy.
  36. Wargreymon

    Favorite enemy introduced in SMB2 USA?

    I like the Shy Guys more and hate the Phantos >:( (didn't know they had this name... :o)
  37. Wargreymon

    Mario Party 9

    Thanks New Super Yoshi! Haven't seen these videos. Now, about the videos, they sure changed the gameplay this time, and although I wanted to the Classic Mode to return, this mode is looking very fun. I liked the way the game shows you the spaces you'll land depending on the number you get, it's...
  38. Wargreymon

    Mario Party 9

    I do hope the last new character is DK, Toadette or Rosalina (although DK and Toadette aren't "new" :P) Well, as long as it isn't Tanooki Mario or Bee Mario... ¬¬ I'm not the only thinking like this. hehe I mean, these rosters aren't bad but could be much better... Miyamoto is for...
  39. Wargreymon

    Super Mario Sunshine... who could forget the nostalgia??

    It is a good game, but not one of the best Mario games... There aren't much stages (compared with its predecessor) and some episodes is kinda repetitive. The blue coins was a bad ideia, bad use of Yoshi... :( But the game has his good moments (FLUDD, the story, new characters, the hub...
  40. Wargreymon

    Super Mario Kart

    I played this game when I was a kid. I remember it was the most spectacular thing the moment I first saw the game(Mario and the co. in a kart race with scenarios based on Super Mario World!?!?! Wait, you can hit your opponent with a Koopa Shell?!?!? NEAT *__*). And since then I'm a fan of the...
  41. Wargreymon

    Mario Should Have More Dialog

    Agreed. I think Mario is good the way he is.
  42. Wargreymon

    Who do you play as in Mario Kart?

    I play with anyone (It's a shame Nintendo doesn't include a random button just like in MKDD >:(), but my fav characters are :mario:, :luigi: and :yoshi:. I played a lot with Yoshi in MK64 times.
  43. Wargreymon

    Favorite Mario game soundtrack?

    Super Mario Galaxy. The music in this game is superb :posh:
  44. Wargreymon

    Mario Party 9

    I liked what I saw in the last trailer. The game looks even more fun and it is beautiful too *.* This! They would make these boards unlockable to you purchase with MP points or whatever cash system the game would have. It sure looks fun, but it still should have a classic mode. (hope) The...
  45. Wargreymon

    Hell Yes.

    I was just thinking it today ;D It would be neat if you could play with Mario, Luigi, Peach or Toad, and they should rescue Daisy this time (making a true homage to the original Super Mario Land).
  46. Wargreymon

    Mario Kart 7

    Any news if this Mario Kart will have competitions like the MKW ones?
  47. Wargreymon

    Mario Party 9 It looks like the vehicle thing is the main mode, I don't know if it's for the better or the worse... (I still prefer play with the characters alone...) Anyway, these screenshots are amazing! Can't wait to see more of this...
  48. Wargreymon

    Baby Waluigi is now official!!!

    lol Baby Waluigi is uglier than I thought!
  49. Wargreymon

    Your favorite Mario Party boards

    Here we go! It's hard to pick just one board... Mario Party - Eternal Star Mario Party 2 - Horror Land Mario Party 3 - Woody Woods Mario Party 4 - Toad's Midway Madness Mario Party 5 - Pirate Dream Mario Party 6 - Towering Treetop Mario Party 7 - Windmillville Mario Party 8 - Shy Guy's Perplex...
  50. Wargreymon

    Why nintendo? WHY? (Mario Kart 3DS new characters.

    I consider the inclusion of the others newcomers worse than Queen Bee, she at least is a new Mario character and is not a random enemy or a metal version of someone... but I still would prefer more expressive newcomers. I was so sure E. Gadd would be in MK7 because of Luigi's Mansion 2... :'(...