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  1. Eric B

    SMB3 minor obstacle question

    Watching the SMB3 cartoon episode "Do the Koopa", around 4:00 (the version on Youtube wihth the opening, there's also one without the opening where it would be earlier), I notice pencil-like obstacles in the cave where the laser-shooting Bowser statues are. These are the same things called...
  2. Eric B

    Is the AOL ISP permanently banned?

    I can no longer enter the site at all with the AOL service. It says I've been banned; signed "rudnicki". I can get on with other browsers, though. I was able to get on with the AOL in the beginning. Is this a glitch, or are they just shutting out AOL?
  3. Eric B

    SMB Numerical Canon

    There are different ideas as to which "number" SMB game we are "up to". It is widely known that SMW was SMB4. After that, people lost count, as many third party games based on Mario came out (such as the 3D Super Mario RPG which came out for the SNES right around the same time SM64 debuted for...
  4. Eric B

    Mario Series Essay/Tribute + Info on SMB2.5

    Hi All! Been an avid Mario fan ever since the arcade version of the first game. Nothing else like it. While I followed the development of the series and always liked the new features, after awhile, I begn longing for the simplicity in the original game, but wished they would do it in 3D. Of...