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  1. YoshiGo99

    SM64 Mod: Super Mario 64: Last Impact

    So this hack made by Kaze Emanuar, a SM64 hacker released his project a couple days ago. Not sure if anyone has tried it here or saw it. It's really impressive. I have been playing it and I really enjoy it, although it can be very difficult. Download and details are in the description of the...
  2. YoshiGo99

    Which music did you want in Smash Wii U or in a future game?

    Just curious to know because I might add some ideas into Smash Wii U through modding. For me I wanted Battlerock and Buoy Base Galaxy along with Saria's Song from Melee to return. Even some music from the Mario & Sonic games since they have some good remixes. I am also upset that they didn't...
  3. YoshiGo99

    Wii Disc Scratched

    So I've known this problem for a while but I never thought about asking on here. My Super Mario Galaxy disc is unable to play on certain galaxies. It gives me an error screen and very rarely I am able to get around the error messages by ejecting the disc and putting it back in (which is probably...
  4. YoshiGo99

    Favorite SMB Main Theme Remix/Rendition

    The Super Mario Bros. Theme is very catchy but we all have our favorite remixes of it. My personal favorites are Bowser's Quest 1-1 Gooper Blooper (Starts at 1:50) There's also a remix of it used in a NSMBW hack but I can't find the music for it.
  5. YoshiGo99

    Your Favorite Restaurants?

    It's a topic about Restuarants, talk about whatever ones are your favorites or what are some that serve great food. Fast Foad: Chick-Fil-a Portillos Pizza Restaurants: Home Run Inn Other Restaurants: Egg Harbor Cafe Red Lobster Cheesecake Factory
  6. YoshiGo99

    Zipped file problem on my laptop!

    So well about a year ago I downloaded a zipped file and and was trying to find how to extract it and make it a folder instead of a zipped one. So I went to Open With and clicked on some icon and all my Zipped Folders had that icon I clicked on. When I tried to open a zipped file it says it could...
  7. YoshiGo99

    Music you want in the next SSB

    So well this topic is for music you want in the next Super Smash Bros. game. It doesn't have to be from Mario games it can be from any Nintendo games. My list of some music that should be in the next SSB *Greenhorn Forest (Wario World) *Fear Factory (Donkey Kong Country and DKCR) *Castle (New...
  8. YoshiGo99

    Your Favorite Commercials

    Well post what your favorite commercials on TV are. You can post videos of them if you like I don't care how you post them. The General Commercials, I am like What the fuck did I just watch? A penguin and a General, what a strange pair.
  9. YoshiGo99

    Super Mario World U, YG99's Fan-Game

    So I have been working on some of my fan-games on Fantendo and I decided I need some new ones! So well today I decided to make a new fan-game called Super Mario World U. The title is mainly like an Super Mario series title so I don't really care what people say about it. I have also created some...
  10. YoshiGo99

    Best Museums, Aquariums, etc!

    So I had a flashback of the time I went to St. Louis, I went to the City Museum. So I thought maybe there should be a topic to post the best museums and aquariums and stuff like that you have been too. My most favorite are the City Museum in St. Louis and the Museum of Science and Industry in...
  11. YoshiGo99

    Super Mario Strikers VS Mario Strikers Charged

    So I am planning on getting one of these games. My sister has been talking about her friend's playing the games but she isn't sure which one. So i am wondering which game I should get by asking you guys. Also you can talk about the game in general here.
  12. YoshiGo99

    Favorite Pixar short films

    So what's your favorite Pixar short film? Mine is Day & Night
  13. YoshiGo99

    I was never part of the 'Shroom. Was I?

    So I was reading the Shroom Awards and S7. Is Favorite Music and Artwork writer. I am listed on that. Um I don't even remember working with the 'Shroom. Could it me my artwork and drawings? I don't mind that I am up there but I have never written one thing for the Shroom. Hey why wasn't I in...
  14. YoshiGo99

    ATTN: Anyone who wants to help me

    So I am making some Mario courses on Google Sketchup (This is for no apparent reason, I usually do this if I am bored) and so I was wondering where can I get some Mario textures (Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart games). I have all the textures from Super Mario 64 but I feel...
  15. YoshiGo99

    Artwork I found?

    I found this image on a site and I was wondering where would it go on the wiki? Can anyone help, it is on an island off of Mexico if you wanted to know where it was.
  16. YoshiGo99

    Favorite MP9 Minigame

    So what is your favorite Mario Party 9 Minigame?
  17. YoshiGo99

    Another Mario Poster by YoshiGo

    So Like I said a long time ago I would start another Mario Poster. Well here it is. It is halfway done, I have started coloring it using red. Anyway here are some of the pictures I took of it.
  18. YoshiGo99

    Good Ideas For Mario Worlds and Other Places

    It kind of started in the New Super Mario Bros. 2 thread. Say ideas for worlds and other places, levels, galaxies. Discuss now.
  19. YoshiGo99

    Have you every made a Board Game?

    It is a simple yes or no question. I was asking this because I am going to make one soon that is a bit Mario themed and I am using the Mario Party 9 spaces and making some of my own. So have any of you made a board game and if you want explain what it was like.
  20. YoshiGo99

    Favorite/least Favorite Galaxies in Mario Galaxy 1 & 2

    My favorite galaxies in Galaxy 1 are Buoy base, Melty molten, Deep Dark, Ghostly, Sea Slide, and Bowser's Matter Plant along with a few others. Galaxy 2 favorites were Melty monster, Clockwork, Slipsand, Boss Blitz, Puzzle Plank and a few others. I have a few I hate but no a lot since they...
  21. YoshiGo99

    Are you afraid of anything in a Mario game?

    I am afraid of the Angry sun from SMB3 and king boo from super Mario sunshine. What about you guys?
  22. YoshiGo99

    Your Favorite MP9 Board?

    So what is your favorite Mario Party 9 board? You can pick 2! Start voting!
  23. YoshiGo99

    Fixing an iPod?

    Just about 15 mintues ago I turned on my iPod touch, it didn't even go to the unlock screen, it went to a black screen with nothing on it. If I hit the home button nothing happens. Same for the off/on button. I can't do anything to it, use it, or turn it off or on. I can only charge it. Can...
  24. YoshiGo99

    Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Talk

    This thread is about Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Talk about anything in the game. I beat the game once and I am currently beating it again.
  25. YoshiGo99

    User's Artwork and others art!

    Alright people, this is a thread where Mariomario64 and I show our artwork and you guys comment on it. It features any artwork I do and a few random pics I took. If you want you can show off your artwork here too. Sprites, Artwork, and drawings are fine, they don't have to be Mario related but I...
  26. YoshiGo99

    My Next Mario Poster!!

    I am going to make my next Mario Poster! It will have a lot more enemies and I will be adding bosses and a few more characters! I am asking u guys to give me any ideas on the poster. I am asking for enemies and bosses that I can add that weren't in this one...
  27. YoshiGo99

    My Marble Track

    Yesterday I made this really cool Marble track! It has a lot of things like books, game boxes, blocks, and streets. It took a long time to make. Here are some images of it.
  28. YoshiGo99

    Your favorite Donkey Kong Country levels

    Post your favorite Donkey Kong Country levels (all DKC games) here. My favorite is Slammin' Steel from Donkey Kong Country Returns
  29. YoshiGo99

    YoshiGo99's Artwork Request Thread

    Since I have been getting a lot of requests from users to make artwork for 'em I have decided (Supremo78 actually decided) to make a thread for artwork requests. Just ask me here and I will reply as fast as I can. I can only do Mario series artwork, Logos and boxart. Let me just say I am mostly...
  30. YoshiGo99

    My Fan Art

    I am pretty good at making artwork and I wanted to show my artwork. If you would like tho see them here is the link. There is quite a lot to see and they are all made by me. I hope you like them.
  31. YoshiGo99

    The Spongebob Squarepants Thread

    In this thread just talk about anything on Spongebob (show, movie, or games). Also my favorite episode was Sailor Mouth, the Bad Word episode).
  32. YoshiGo99

    The Weather in your Area

    What is the weather like where you live? I just wanted to ask. Today and Tomorrow for me it will be in the high 90s like near 100 degress.
  33. YoshiGo99

    To many Sockpuppets and Trolls recently

    I have noticed we have had many sockpuppets and trolls on the Wiki. Two major ones were Kiwi and Plumber690. Plumber690 has gotten annoying to us and is dumb cuz his sockpuppets all heve something to do with his old username. Kiwi is just some stupid person who blanks pages and says bad things...
  34. YoshiGo99

    My Mario Poster!

    I made this poster last year! It has a bunch of Mario Enemies! I don't care what you say about it cuz I am making a better one and it will be bigger with more enemies! I hope u guys and girls like it. :) That is the whole picture! Here is a few more.
  35. YoshiGo99

    The Enemy Name Game

    This is an easy game to play. In this game I start with a name of an enemy or boss and you have to name an enemy or boss that starts with the last letter of the one I said. It can be any enemy or boss that is MARIO TYPE only. Here is an example. If say Goomba the next person has to think of an...
  36. YoshiGo99

    My Spiny Artwork

    I just made this and it took 4 minutes. Pretty lame and 2D. I don't care if you say it is bad because I think it is bad and I could have done better. That is the link.
  37. YoshiGo99

    Favorite Special item in Mario Kart Double Dash!

    What is your favorite Special item? The special items are in Mario Kart Double Dash and I like 2. My favorite is the Chain Chomp and the Bob-omb.
  38. YoshiGo99

    Favorite Buzzybeetle

    I was wondering what is your favorite Buzzy Beetle? There are many. You can even choose Buzzy Beetle characters like Torque and Chan. If you want to know mine it is a Parabeetle. :goomba: