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  1. Mr bones

    The Rick and Morty Mafia -Day 6-The Night of the Living Living-

    THE RICK AND MORTY MAFIA Hello everyone! Welcome to the first mafia game I'm hosting: The Rick and Morty Mafia! Based on the amazing Rick and Morty animated Adult Swim series, which I recommend to everyone because it is amazing, this mafia game will follow this set of rules: Rules *Use bold...
  2. Mr bones

    Rick and Morty Mafia Lounge (Sign ups Closed)

    Rick and Morty Mafia "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!" Hello people! Welcome to the Rick and Morty mafia! The first and hopefully not last mafia I'm hosting. Rules *Use bold text to cast a vote. *Do not quote your rolecard or any conversations you had with the host. *Do not post game information in the...
  3. Mr bones


    So I decided to make a new sprite comic untitled Kio-Wirima. It follows the story of some people doing some stuff. It will be very exciting and awesome. Feel free to sign up! (And please provide me with a link to your sprites) Userpedia Link: Sign-ups...
  4. Mr bones


    ...God that is such a shitty pun. Anyway, a while ago I've decided to work on another project: An RPG Maker XP Game. It's a role playing game (duh) that follows the adventures of a group of users. I decided not to reveal the story just yet and instead wait until the first demo is released. I've...
  5. Mr bones

    Trolls' Island

    Well, I saw Mason's comic thread and BMB's. So I said, why not make my own comic thread about my own comic. Yeah well, this comic talks about an island of trolls in the MarioWiki summoned by an "evil" guy who plots to rule the world. He is now forced to help the users of the MarioWiki to destroy...
  6. Mr bones

    Creatures of Shiverburn Galaxy.

    I don't own the game, but i saw a video on youtube that shows strange, beings in the background, that follows mario everywhere he goes. Ever wondered what these guys are? I think it's some yetis or lava monsters, since the galaxy is called shiverburn. ???
  7. Mr bones

    favorite Mario villain

    Hi guys! What's your favorite Mario villain? For me? FAWFUL OF COURSE! HE HAS FURY!!!
  8. Mr bones

    King Boo...Who are you?

    Hi guys!You all know about King Boo right?Of course you do!This guy has a big mystery...Who is him.Me?I think he's Bowser's Ghost.What about you? ??? :bowser: