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  1. Bop1996

    Collab: Good writing

    A while back, the wiki admins created a page called MarioWiki:Good Writing to give examples of bad writing. This page goes into great detail on what kinds of bad writing plague our wiki and how we can fix it. This collab thread is designed to bring more pages in line with this policy, since an...
  2. Bop1996

    Bad Walkthrough-style Writing

    Many of our level articles have loads of bad walkthrough-style phrases/tense usage. The biggest culprits are phrases like "can", "must", "may", and "should", which disrupt the flow of the article and make the article read more like a GameFAQ than an encyclopedic entry on a level from a video...
  3. Bop1996

    Wikipus Rex

    so i figured i'd make a topic for the thing i'm very half-heartedly doing on userpedia. it's called wikipus rex because there was literally nothing better for my title to do but be as cliched as possible and somehow be ironic like this. i already wrote an introduction even though i don't usually...
  4. Bop1996

    Dangan Ronpa 1 Mafia: The End

    Don't quote your role PM, forward Perch and I any game-related PMs you send, you are allowed to vote no lynch, no revives at all. Player List: 1. Crash - Junko Enoshima, Mafia Godfather/Usurper - Lynched Day 6 2. Turb - Kyouko Kirigiri, Innocent Cop/Hider - Killed Night 3 3. Shoey MM15 Shoey 4...
  5. Bop1996

    Collab: Updating subpage links

    Since the vast majority of pages affected by MarioWiki:Subpages Policy haven't been changed to reflect said policy, there's been a recent flood of moves to the proper page titles. The main problem with that is that there's a lot of links to the redirect pages left lying around the wiki, and my...
  6. Bop1996

    Dangan Ronpa 1 Mafia: As Hosted by Ishida and Monobear (signups/lounge)

    This is dr1 mafia. Perch and I suddenly realized how to do this, so it's HAPPENING. SOON. And no this will not start before the LP finishes. Signups (limited to 16): 1. Crash 2. Turb 3. Shoey MM15 4. Ralph 5. Smasher 6. Quizno 7. Nitwit 8. MG1 9. Lily 10. Dippy FireEevee 11. NSY Stooben 12...
  7. Bop1996

    Chrono Trigger Mafia: The End of Time (Lounge)

    Mafia game based off the legendary JRPG Chrono Trigger. If this is an unfamiliar game to you, you can find this game on the SNES, PS1, Virtual Console, DS, and iOS, and you should totally play it (preferably the SNES/VC version, but take what you can get). No limit to signups, but I'm shooting...
  8. Bop1996

    Slippery Slope

    Alright, so if you've seen those DirecTV commercials in which some poor consequence of Cable causes a chain reaction of events that always end disastrously, this is very similar. You start with a simple, mundane event that happens every day, and escalate it for ten posts until you wind up in a...
  9. Bop1996

    Mafia Finale: Game Thread - Day ?: The End of MG1

    All classic mafia rules apply. Roleclaiming, no lynching and everything else is completely allowed. Lynches will be handled by Bop1996, Nightkills and roles will be handled by Marioguy1. Send all game-related messages to at least one host, preferably both. Player list: 1. Marioguy1 2. Bop1996...
  10. Bop1996

    Monobear stars in EVERYTHING: The Hound of the Baskervilles - Last update 7/24

    Have you ever been reading a classic work of literature and wondered to yourself, "Hmm, I wonder what this would be like if Monobear was here?" Well, now you can, with our new line of literature featuring none other than our favorite despair-inducing bear himself! Think of it! Homer's Iliad...
  11. Bop1996

    Ray Bradbury dies at age 91

    Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451, A Sound of Thunder, The Martian Chronicles, and others, died this morning in Los Angeles. I personally greatly enjoyed the of his works that I read, and he will be remembered for his vivid metaphors and brilliantly crafted futuristic novels. Rest in...
  12. Bop1996

    Mafia Finale (Signups/Lounge): Postgame

    This will a a mafia co-hosted by MG1 and I. We haven't discussed a theme yet, but we've agreed on hosting it together and starting signups now, so here it is. Theme will be revealed upon the beginning of the game. Signups (no limit for now): 1. Marioguy1 2. Bop1996 (it's not skill level, it's...
  13. Bop1996

    2011-12 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

    Alright, so the tournament has officially started today (I don't count the First Four, really). Discuss the tournament's teams, results, and predictions for the tournament here.
  14. Bop1996

    Eragon Mafia - Game Topic: Endgame - Saphira's wrath brings momentary peace

    Some rules of play: 1. Don't directly quote a game-related PM from me. 2. Roleclaiming is allowed. 3. No lynches are allowed. 4. Two deadposts max. 5. If you participate in a scripted event, then do not say anything about it to any other player anywhere else unless I specifically give...
  15. Bop1996

    The official Inheritance Cycle thread

    Discuss any facet of the Inheritance Cycle here, except the movie or the game.
  16. Bop1996

    Eragon Mafia - Lounge: Game over

    Alright, so this is my first Mafia I plan on hosting. It will be part of a series of four Mafias, each based off a book of the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. It will have a unique feature that I don’t think has been used before (or at least not very much); certain scripted events will...
  17. Bop1996

    War of Randomness

    The rules of the game are as follows: *The goal of the game is to beat up your opponents using various assorted weapons. *The weapons cannot be conventional weapons from any time period on Earth. *You may make a maximum of five (5) actions per post/turn, and each action can be used either...
  18. Bop1996

    The new sitenotice

    I'd like to extend a big thank you to whichever patroller or admin suggested adding a notice about not adding useless trivia to the sitenotice. That happens to be one of my biggest pet peeves, as well as just a general deterrent to article quality, so it is much appreciated when the entire...