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    Pokemon GO

    I don't know if you guys know about the new Pokemon app, but it allows you (with the use of GPS and Internet and your device's camera) to capture Pokemon in real life!! I caught my starter, a Bulbasaur, not too long ago and I'm hooked
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    1,000,000 things we love

    I saw the other topic about things we hate so lets think positive! 1. Lemonade
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    Space Jam 2 Announced Space Jam 2 was announced earlier today. Instead of Jordan, we'll have Lebron. I am so excited im cryign oh my god
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    ITT: Everyday Little Things you Enjoy

    since we have one about bad things that are minor, let's have one on the good things you love! I love the smell of coffee brewing in the morning
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    Don't know if there's any other fans out there of Supernatural here but i love that show. my favorite character is castiel
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    If a movie was made about you, who would portray you?

    For me, it'e either Ben Stiller or Steve Carell with longer hair
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    what do you use to make videos?

    I recently made a Youtube account, and I just thought of something brilliant while looking at this .gif. Any software out there that I could use to loop the .gif and place music to go along with it?
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    Rotating Sig/Avatar

    Where do you go to do this? Im planning on addin some Jade pics.
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    Rebecca Black is pregnant Thats disappointing how shes 13.
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    SpinyMaster Mafia

    Wait, what? Yep, I'm making a a new mafia game. I'm going to improve it so it'll be better than the Pokemon and Halo Mafia games. I couldn't come up with a Mafia topic, so I'm just gonna get a bunch of random people/characters/whatever and make a Mafia out of it. Sign Ups 1Villain 2le BMB 3NSM...
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    Post a .GIF that represents how you feel

    I saw this on another place.
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    Daft Punk

    What do you guys think of these guys? I think they're awesome, and my favourite song from them is either 'One More Time', 'Digital Love', 'Aerodynamic', or 'Something About Us'
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    What Languages Do You Speak?

    I speak English, Spanish, and a bit French.
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    Pokemon Mafia - Game Over - YoshiWalker won!

    How has no one made this yet? Sign-ups; About Five hundred maximum, we'll just see how much I get. 1.New Super Mario - Venasaur - Mauled Night 3 2.Turtwig 3.Rocker64 4.Baby Mario Bloops - Tangela - Shot Up on Day 1 5.Brick4848 6.QuizmoManiac 7.The Black Yoshi 8.MarioGuy1 9.MrConcreteDonkey...
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    Halo Mafia: Day 8: Innocents won! And nice tactic, GameFreak

    Okay, the game has begun! You guys know the rules 1.Voting is everyday. Since I get on/off frequently, if someone has more than 8 votes against him/her, they get killed, phase ends. Bolden your vote. 2.You must Unvote in order to change votes. 3.Roleclaiming is allowed. 4.Don't be a BPK...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Have a nice one.
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    The New Airport Security System

    This is whack. Discuss.
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    Halo Mafia - Role PMs and Ratings

    Sup dudes! I'm making a Halo Mafia! Sign-Ups are here: SIGN UPS 1)Villain11 2)Zero777 3)MrConcreteDonkey 4)Mijzllfan 5)MarioMasta1 6)A 7)New Super Mario 8)Scorpion999 9)BaseballYoshi 10)Rocker64 11)Marioguy1 12)QuizomoManiac 13)Brick4848 14)older 15)BPK47 16)GameFreak75 Also, sticky
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    John Lennon

    He would have been 70 today. Discuss him. I like his song 'Imagine'.
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    My Sprites!

    As you can see, some other guy made them, but I recolored them. Credit to Rogucolt and Bacon.
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    A Boo I did in Paint

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    Are Bandits Shy Guys?

    Well, they look the same, so are Bandits a sub-species of Shy Guys?
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    The Antonym/Synonym Game

    Thsi game is simple. I say something and the next person has to say a synonym if it starts with a constanent but you say an antonym if it starts with a vowel. I start Happy