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    Who likes Flipnote Studios?

    Discuss Hatena. I saw sonic wuzzeh. Yo, wheres dukie?
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    The Exor Thread

    Discuss. Exor is needed in an emote.
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    Yes but story!

    You have to, well... here is a demonstration. I have a lollipop. Yes but you drop it. Yes but I'm on the cleanest floor in the world. Starting... I watch Blockhead on newgrounds and laugh.
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    Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

    It was awesome. I loved the part where she gave the spanish people subtitles.
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    The Story of a Goomba

    A new FANFIC. Intro: The Goomba's escape Once upon a time, there was a happy kingdom... This is not one of those tales. Actually, our kingdom of focus is not happy. It is in ruins. Bowser has finally taken over. "Lord Bowser, we have a goomba traitor!"A Paratroopa exclaimed."He has escaped!"...