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    PTR's WIP block thread

    No, not that kind of block, the other kind (block). WIP ? Block WIP Brick Block
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    Mario Kart TV

    Post your Mario Kart TV videos here.
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    Super Smash Bros. Melee Mafia (Day 2: Well excuuuuse me, princess!)

    All standard mafia rules apply, unless contradicted by anything below. No lynch will have a fifty percent chance of winning or losing in a tie, no matter how many players are tied. Dead players can post here, as long as glow text is used. Players cannot PM other players about the game, unless...
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    Favorite Mini-Game

    Which mini-game is your favorite? Mine is board the platforms!.
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    Collaboration: Removing Pointless Coding

    While editing, you can help out by removing pointless coding. For example, you can remove "right" parameters from thumbnails/frames; removing center tags, "File:", and "Image:" from galleries; and replacing "Image:" with "File:" for less coding. For removing "File:" and "Image:" from galleries...
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    Your favorite artwork style

    What's your favorite artwork style for the Mario games?
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    Does anyone remember iGoogle?

    The one that let you customize the Google homepage? I really wish it was still here. Google decided to get rid of it for no real reason at all.
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    Vote to Win: Characters with a Baby Counterpart

    I will do the next matchup whenever a character gets five votes or within 24 hours of the last vote or so. Matchups via Peach VS. DK Daisy VS. Luigi Wario VS. Mario Bowser VS. Rosalina Okay, here we go: Peach: 0 DK: 0
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    Do you prefer the long scale or the short scale?

    Wikipedia article Long scale 10000002 = 1 billion 10000003 = 1 trillion etc. Short scale 1000000 * 1000 = 1 billion 1000000 * 1000 * 1000 = 1 trillion etc. I prefer the long scale, as it makes much more sense to me than the short scale, as the prefixes match the exponent.
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    Who's That Pokémon?

    Simply guess the all black Pokémon. When someone gets it right, I'll post a new one.
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    Misty’s Club (Mario Kart 7)

    The password is 25-3875 -7720-9607. Features: All Items 100c Blue Seven icon We shall race in the future.
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    Super Smash Bros.

    Talk about that good ol' original game here. No matter how quickly I try, I can never get Capt. Falcon.
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    Hurt and Heal: Super Smash Bros. Characters

    Characters can only go up to 50HP. AVAILABLE ACTIONS Hurt one character by 1HP or 2HP Hurt two characters by 1HP each Heal one character by 1HP or 2HP Heal two characters by 1HP each Hurt on character by 1HP and heal another by 1HP Captain Falcon: 20HP Donkey Kong: 20HP Fox: 20HP Jigglypuff...
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    Count until a user with "Mario" in his or her username posts (Version II)

    Since the old thread died back when I just changed my name to Pokémon Trainer Red the first time. 1 RECORD: 24
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    ITT: Post awesome things you find on the Internet

    Depixelizing Pixel Art
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    Super Smash Bros. Melee Mafia (Lounge) [CANCELLED]

    All standard mafia rules apply, unless contradicted by anything below. No lynch will have a fifty percent chance of winning or losing in a tie, no matter how many players are tied. Dead players can post here, as long as glow text is used. Players cannot PM other players about the game, unless...
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    Count in Pokémon names

    This ends at 719 (unless new event Pokémon are released, or even a new generation). Count in National Pokédex order. e.g. Bulbasaur Ivysaur Venusaur instead of 1 2 3 READY? GO! Bulbasaur EDIT: In honor of our attempt, EDIT2: Here's a link to the order: List of Pokémon by National Pokédex...
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    Bravely Default

    I searched for this, but So right now I'm getting ready to get to Lontano Villa and fight that knight guy.
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    Hurt and Heal: Portable Nintendo Consoles - 3DS WINS!

    To hurt or heal, bold the row and change it. You can hurt and heal by two, and in this game, split your hurt or heal (e.g. hurt the Game & Watch and heal the Game Boy by one, hurt both, or heal both). Game & Watch: 20 Game Boy: 20 Game Boy Pocket: 20 Game Boy Light: 20 Virtual Boy: 20 Game Boy...
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    Hurt and Heal: Core Series Pokémon Games (Y wins!)

    (English ones only) To hurt or heal, bold the number and change it. You can hurt and heal by two, and in this game, split your hurt or heal (as long as you do the same action, e.g. hurting Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version by one, or healing them both by one, but not hurting one and...
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    What should I get on the eShop?

    I have $54 to spend and I can't choose
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    Story Time 3

    The old one was finished already RULES: no ending until on page 10 on default settings Once upon a time, a man went shopping, but then...
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    Low quality images?

    All the images when scaled down are of really bad quality.
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    I'm sick

    It's awful.
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    ITT: Make up your own Pokémon timeline

    Pokémon Yellow Version: Only 149 Pokémon have been discovered. Dr. Fuji discovered Mew, and genetically altered a clone of Mew to create Mewtwo, for a total of 151 Pokémon. Three years later... Pokémon Crystal Version: The steel and dark types have been discovered, along with 100 new Pokémon...
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    Do you think that the 3D Mario games should return to the previous style?

    By this I mean in the style of 64 (DS), Sunshine, and Galaxy (2). By the new style I mean of 3D Land and 3D World.
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    Your opinion on mini-maps in video games

    I like them, as long as they're very basic, such as just showing where you can go or not go. However, I prefer different types in different games.
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    Getting Java Deployment Toolkit enabled without the "Enable and remember" (FF)

    I want to get Java Deployment Toolkit enabled permanently without having to click "Enable and remember", which only remembers for that site. Can someone help me get it enabled on all websites, without it being disabled by Firefox?
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    KO a character: KAW - Meta Knight won the tournament, banned from future ones

    Kirby Meta Knight Waddle Dee (bandana) King Dedede Babut Blade Knight Blipper Bouncy Bronto Burt Broom Hatter Cappy Carry Dee Cerulean Chilly Coconut Como Degout Flamer Foley Galbo Gigatzo Glunk Gordo Hot Head Kabu Knuckle Joe Leafan Mumbies Needlous Nruff Pacto Poppy Bro. Jr. Rocky Scarfy...
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    My Roster

    Try to guess them all!
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    Temple Run: Oz and Temple Run: Brave

    Disney merged some movies with temple run making these things
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    I can't view YouTube for 8 secs on my iOS 6.1.2 iPad before it pauses by itself

    The word seconds was changed to secs because of the character limit When I click play again it freezes after a couple seconds, and I keep clicking it before the play button won't work at all I just wanted to listen to Super Mario World music ;_;
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    Collab: Names in Other Languages

    People with systems, change your language settings! You can help by adding (in the North American version) French and Spanish names, or in Europe, a bunch of other languages!
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    3DS Nintendo eShop not working

    It keeps getting errors. It says there may be something wrong with my connection on the Nintendo Support site, but the Internet application works just fine.
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    bluetooth keyboard for ipad not working

    i tried finding solutions on google to no avail. it connected for weeks, and now it just stopped working. It's turned on, but when the iPad no longer finds it on the Bluetooth menu. It never stops searching. Additionally, when I click the connect button on the keyboard, the connecting light...
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    Kirby: Fright to the Finish (Kirby: Right Back At Ya! movie)

    Yes Nabber, I know this isn't new. I just watched this.
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    featured wiki?

    When i was logging in a banner appeared saying Today's featured wiki: Smashwiki What is this??
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    Hotel Mario

    Captions available This game was awesome no joke :posh:
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    End of Year Sprite Poster (going to be released soon w/o half of the users)

    ALL SPRITES WILL BE DONE BY PTR EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE SPRITES For the end of 2012, I am making a poster with users You can sign up. Well the users already in are as follows 1. PTR 2. IceShadow1199 (signed-up by PM) 3. LTQ 4. Snifit on Stilts 5. Pyro 6. FE 7. LN1 8. Neptune 9. Rin 10...
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    SMB Sprite Comic

    Since Rise of the Fiend is on hold until I get my backgrounds and stuff back from my flash drive, I'll make a 2-D comic based off of Super Mario Bros. with some added stuff Eight cameo spots are available
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    Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

    Best Mario GameCube game ever
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    Fantendo fan game: Luigi's Story (by PTR)'s_Story I'm going to revise the box later EDIT: Done
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    PTR averages ratings on different Mario series

    For now, I am doing New Super Mario Bros. and the Mario 3D games (not counting Super Mario 3D Land) IGN 3D: 9.725 NSMB: 9 Gamespot 3D: 9.225 NSMB: 8.25 PTR's comments Hmmm, apparently the 3D games are better than the NSMB games for the reviewers.
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    Mario Super Sluggers preferred controls

    What is yours? I used to alternate with upright remote for fielding and Nunchuck for batting, but I decided that was kind of cheap as it's easy to catch balls, so now I play with Nunchuck every time
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    71st Pearl Harbor Anniversary

    25930 days ago, the Japanese military bombed the military base known as Pearl Harbor. We shall take a moment of silence in remembrance of this sad day...
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    Best antagonist

    MB2 made this as her first post but I don't want to reply to her's as she'll get extremely ticked so Bowser ftw Who's your favorite?
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    What's wrong with censor

    Now only my own words are censored when I have censor on ._.