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  1. UltimatePetey

    What do you want for Christmas/(insert other holiday here) this year?

    Discuss here what you're hoping to get for Christmas/(insert other holiday here) this year! Note: If there's already a thread for this, excuse me.
  2. UltimatePetey

    Basketball Tryouts today

    Yeah, basketball tryouts are today, tomorrow, and maybe Friday. I'm not worried about not making the team, I've been playing basketball a long time. Have any of you guys done a sport in school?
  3. UltimatePetey

    Call of Duty: Ghosts

    I don't know if I'm the only one who plays COD here (I mostly play Nintendo stuff, COD, and other random games), but Call of Duty: Ghosts is coming out tomorrow (November 5th) and I pre-ordered it! I'm very excited, as it's made by Infinity Ward. I enjoyed the Modern Warfare series quite a lot...
  4. UltimatePetey

    My Signature Letters

    Since I was done in Multimedia today, I decided to use Photoshop to make some different "Supremo78"'s for my signature. I have pretty much one for every single combination of theme, and some are just cool. You can request one, but don't guarantee it will be made. We're starting a new project...
  5. UltimatePetey

    New Storyline for Mario

    I've wondered a lot: "What would happen if there was a different storyline?" Obviously I'm not extremely creative, so I can never find myself an answer. Right now, Bowser always kidnaps Peach in all of the new Mario games, really the only thing different is new powerups, enemies, etc. What do...
  6. UltimatePetey

    You Decide: Akamora Tower

    Hey guys, I decided to quickly write this short little thing because I'm planning on coming back for a long time and getting involved again. I've been a lot less busy lately :) I wanted to see the feedback on this because I was planning to write another story on Userpedia, and this is kind of...
  7. UltimatePetey

    The Wiki Games - Signups opened!

    THE WIKI GAMES OFFICIAL THREAD! Discuss all of your story related things here! The Trailer has been released! Check it out on Userpedia! SIGNUPS HAVE OPENED! FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! Yes, I am planning a new fan-fiction! Yes, this one will not be cancelled :P The trailer has been released on...
  8. UltimatePetey

    Modern Warfare 3 Discussion Thread

    Discussion about all of Modern Warfare 3! Perks, guns, etc. You can also talk about past Call of Duty games, as well. To begin the discussion: What level are you on online mode? I'm currently 44.
  9. UltimatePetey


    On December 3, 2010, I joined the Super Mario Wiki! It's now my 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY :D
  10. UltimatePetey

    Official Homestuck Pesterchum List

    Well, this is the Pesterchum list for MarioWiki users! I'll give mine right now: transparentVoid. Add me on it and we can chat to eachother! I'm new to it so maybe some of you guys who are used to it or something can teach me some stuff. But here's the list! Supremo78: chaoticJupiterian Dr...
  11. UltimatePetey

    Userpedia Mafia Lounge - ALL ROLES SENT OUT!

    Ok, let's try this again. I cancelled my Twilight Princess Mafia, so now I'm going to hold sign ups for this one. The Userpedia Mafia! WARNING: I bet I will suck at hosting. (still sign up though!) Sign up NAO! Players 1. PokemonMaster 2. FireEevee (Giratina) 3. NSM 4. UltraMario (Pinkie...
  12. UltimatePetey

    Muammar Gaddafi - Dead

    Muammar Gaddafi, terrorist, leader of Libya, etc., has been killed. Talk about Muammar Gaddafi here! I saw the video of them killing Muammar, it was disturbing.
  13. UltimatePetey


    Hypnotoad, they have a Hypnotoad token in Monopoly Futurama!
  14. UltimatePetey

    I'm sick :[

  15. UltimatePetey

    World Series 2011 - Game 2

    Well, it's this time again. It's the World Series of 2011! Current Game: Game 1, Rangers @ Cardinals. Which team are you going for? I'm going for the Rangers. [s]smasher, you better vote rangers too since you live in texas like me.
  16. UltimatePetey

    Does anyone think this is weird?

    If you think I'm trying to disrespect the people who died on 9/11, which you probably won't think that, but if you do, I'm not, but don't you think this is weird?: 911 - Emergency Call # 9/11 - Worst Event in American history. Do you think it's weird they're like that? I think the Al-qaeda...
  17. UltimatePetey

    My bed frame broke so...

    ...I'm going to get a new one tomorrow. So now I just have my mattresses to sleep on tonight :P My dog still likes my bed, even though it's a little lower since the bed frame is now off.
  18. UltimatePetey

    Rate the above users personal text!

    Like the avatar and sig games, so shoot away!
  19. UltimatePetey

    Rate the above users custom title!

    Like rate avatar and sig games, so shoot away!
  20. UltimatePetey

    How many stickers do you have in Pokedex 3D?

    I have 300 exactly.
  21. UltimatePetey

    War of the Wiki World

    Well, this will be my next story I'm making. I already have a plot, but not a lot of it. Signups are not open yet. I will post on this thread when sign-ups will open. Sign-ups Major Heroes 1. Supremo78 (grimAuxiliatrix) 2. BaseballYoshi24 (BananaYoshi) 3. mollymoon4 4. Yoshidude99 (Paper...
  22. UltimatePetey

    Mega Man pics

    Post pics of Mega Man!
  23. UltimatePetey

    The Official Pokédex 3D Thread

    Well, talk about Pokédex 3D! I have a lot of Pokemon, but I want Zekrom.
  24. UltimatePetey

    10th Anniversary 9/11 "Speech"

    I didn't know where to put this, so I put it here. I decided to write this for the 10th anniversary of the devastating day, September 11, 2001. ------------------------------------- September 11, 2001. A day for the United States that changed it forever. We lost many things on that day...
  25. UltimatePetey

    Supremo's Sprite Request Thread

    I know how to edit sprites now, so I thought I'd make this. Remember, I can only edit, not make.
  26. UltimatePetey

    Twilight Princess Mafia (Lounge) - Cancelled

    Well, this will be my first mafia! I hope it goes well! Please sign up! Players 1. Yoshiwaker (Yoshiwalker) 2. Smasher (Norbert) 3. New Super Mario 4. New Super Yoshi (Dr. Eggman) 5. UltraMario (Pinkie Pie) 6. FireEevee (Andrew Hussie) 7. Gigaremo (-21) 8. Goomba's Shoe15 (Brother Love) 9...
  27. UltimatePetey

    MarioWiki Name Change Chain

    Read the title, then you should understand. UltimatePetey --> Supremo78 --> S78
  28. UltimatePetey

    Wikitar: The Last Airbender Book 1: Water

    Wikitar: The Last Airbender Book 1: Water, is a new fan-fiction I will be writing for Userpedia by yours truly. It is based off of the epic and awesome Nickelodeon TV Show, Avatar: The Last Airbender. If you'd like to know more, go look it up on Wikipedia. Wiki users will be based off of the...
  29. UltimatePetey

    Hurt & Heal Duel: Donkey Kong VS. Diddy Kong

    Same rules as all other Hurt & Heals, except the HP will be 40 starting out. Max HP=85 Donkey Kong: 40 Diddy Kong: 40
  30. UltimatePetey

    Pac Man & Galaga Dimensions

    Do any of you have this game? I do, and I love it. Anyway, talk about it here.
  31. UltimatePetey

    Can any of you do this?

    Well, this is a thread asking if you can do this thing. I can, and some of my friends at school can. So to do this, you hold your thumb and middle finger together. Then, you relax your index finger and shake your hand back and forth. If you do it right, your index finger will burn for a second...
  32. UltimatePetey


    I made a new game on Userpedia called Wiki vs. Zombies Some users have already signed up, including me, so I would like you to do artwork of them as the plant. Also, I will need you to do some recolors as well for the game.
  33. UltimatePetey

    3DS Time!

    I got a 3DS! :D
  34. UltimatePetey

    Poker Game

    Well, I had this new idea of playing Poker here. This may be a failure, but it would be cool for people to participate. Rules: 1. I will PM you your cards. I'm using a random card generator, so it will be random. 2. Each player starts out with 300$ in chips. 3. I will post the cards here. 4...
  35. UltimatePetey

    NBA Lockout

    I'm surprised no one made this thread yet, maybe cause you guys aren't in to Basketball as much as I am. I'm wondering when the NBA Lockout will end. I don't clearly know the reasons of it, but some good players are going away, along with new players from NCAA coming into the NBA, probably not...
  36. UltimatePetey

    I got the job!

    This may not be needed, but I got the job for the Guess that Character! ;D
  37. UltimatePetey

    Issue LIII

    What did you think of it? I give it a 9.
  38. UltimatePetey

    What virus protection program do you have?

    What virus protection program do you guys use? I use McAfee.
  39. UltimatePetey

    The Official Plants vs. Zombies Thread

    Talk about all Plants vs Zombies related things here! Plants you have, records, how big your Wisdom Tree is, that stuff. So for me, My Wisdom Tree is 1100 feet. My Survival Endless record is 150 flags. I unlocked everything including the Yeti Zombie.
  40. UltimatePetey

    The Legend of Userpedia (tentative title)

    I'm thinking about a new fan-fic idea, based off of The Legend of Zelda series. As of now, I'd like to own all things related to it, and for no-one to steal this idea. I will probably begin sign-ups in a few weeks and decide a plot. If I don't make it, and someone desires to have it, they can...
  41. UltimatePetey

    Count to 5000 with pictures only.

    Title speaks all, count to 5000 with pictures only.
  42. UltimatePetey

    What's this?

    When I was looking at Who's Online, I saw Guest with the thing Unknown Action. What does this mean?
  43. UltimatePetey

    Who doesn't have a 3DS?

    I don't. Yet. I'm probably going to get it for Christmas when the price drops to 169.99$. I want one REALLY bad :P
  44. UltimatePetey

    2011 Economy Crisis

    The Economy Crisis began about 2 weeks ago, and today it boomed with a 512 point loss of the Stock Market. For the last 2 weeks, each day the Stock Market has dropped 100-200 points. Many of you probably don't know what your position is in the crisis, but if you do, display it here. As of my...
  45. UltimatePetey

    Nintendo is not doing so well right now. I was looking on IGN yesterday and saw that Nintendo has lost over 300,000,000$/25.5 billion Yen, also publisher income forcast drops 82%! That's probably because the 3DS launch has not gone so well because of the current software lineup. Like many...
  46. UltimatePetey

    Guess That Character!

    Well this game is pretty simple. Someone gives 1 clue about a character of Video Games. Not just the Mario series, all series of games. So here is an example: GUY 1: He is the most known Pokemon. GUY 2: Uhh.. I don't know, Pikachu? GUY 1: Yes! And then the next person does a character. Now...
  47. UltimatePetey

    New Super Mario Sunshine?

    I don't know if it's just me, but I really want a new SMS. Or at least a port for it on DSi or 3DS. Or make a new one on the Wii U. What do you guys think?
  48. UltimatePetey

    The Real Life Wiki - 28,000 VIEWS!

    THE REAL LIFE WIKI OFFICIAL THREAD! Discuss all of your story related things here! Chapter 9: The Yellow Yoshi HAS BEEN RELEASED! Tell me what you think of it on this thread! Do you have a reference to something like a video game level, or famous quote? PM me your reference and I will put it in...
  49. UltimatePetey

    Current MarioWiki

    This is where you can post your latest proposals, TPPs, Featured Article Nominations, Unfeature Article Nominations, The 'Shroom Promotions and Fired Employees, all of that stuff. And as for me, I nominated Thwomp to be a Featured Article.
  50. UltimatePetey

    Which game are you getting? Super Mario, or Mario Kart?

    Personally, I don't like Mario Kart games without bikes now (because I've played MKW so much). Also, the Super Mario game looks pretty cool, so I'm gonna get that (If i get a 3DS ;D). What about you guys?