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  1. King_boo_X

    Random Question, Random Answer

    Because i fail. Why i fail?
  2. King_boo_X

    Random Question, Random Answer

    because yes is ugly. Why i just post like every 2 month?
  3. King_boo_X

    Random Question, Random Answer

    Cant tell because cuponk is just a floating face What is the meaning of life?
  4. King_boo_X

    a mario kart wii beta element

    and in the beta elements of mario kart wii, you can see king boo crown, but the quality makes it look like is part of the house
  5. King_boo_X

    What Movies Have You Seen Recently?

    Friday the 13th, jason shoping in manhhatan
  6. King_boo_X

    What did you last watch on TV?

    Friday the 13th
  7. King_boo_X

    a mario kart wii beta element

    well...i have found in spriters resource in the character icon sheet a hammer bro, paratroopa (looks glitchy) and petey piranha character icons, i trough it was fake...but then i saw a video of hacking...and also a icon of what it was going posibly going to be a third mii suit here is the sheet...
  8. King_boo_X

    Name a country that reminds you of the above user

    in soviet russia,countries name a user that reminds them of above country Russia
  9. King_boo_X

    What would you do if you were somehow in a Mario game?

    i would do what mario never did to peach.......ask her to go out, then, kill her, go to bowser lair and put a bomb there, kill mario with a chainsaw and explain to the toads about the evil ruler George W Bush
  10. King_boo_X

    Random Question, Random Answer

    OVAR 9000!!!! Why i cant stay on hotel mario?
  11. King_boo_X

    Good wishes aren't always good wishes

    Granted! but the bug eats your soul with his hyper cheez powers i wish to have a brothar
  12. King_boo_X

    Control the Throne

    i falcon pawnch the throne... Bwahahaha... *makes a wooden chair and sits in the chair*
  13. King_boo_X

    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    super duper mario rainbow factory :mario: Well... i think last game i played was F-Zero X
  14. King_boo_X

    Random Question, Random Answer

    because some red tomato with tuxedo wanted to kill me and the capital of mars is Shizaso How is named that tomato?
  15. King_boo_X

    Random Question, Random Answer

    Why no one anwswers the question some guys say? who wants a SANVICH?
  16. King_boo_X

    Fan fic and comic: The adventures of Burger spinia and The Robot

    "The adventures of Burger Spinia and The Robot!" a fanfiction and comic (yes..some episodes in fics and some in comics) Main characters are Burgy the Burger spinia and Roblontor, both are unused PMTTYD characters here is... episode 1 (fic) Once upon a the year 2003,a game was...
  17. King_boo_X

    Random Question, Random Answer

    Because is writed in "ENCLOSE INSTRUCTION BAWK" said Lotsa spaghetti?
  18. King_boo_X

    Comic: Boo Randomness!

    I Wasnt Creative xDDDDD thats why the ''joke'' is awful xDDD
  19. King_boo_X

    Comic: Boo Randomness!

    Good...this is my first Comic i post in this RANDOM CRAP....or...BOO RANDOMNESS!!! Episode one Please dont be so my first comic...
  20. King_boo_X

    Control the Throne

    i know what can i do! *turn on the TV and you are watching never gonna give you up by rick astley* *calls chuck norris and chuck norris kill you* and i can finally sit...
  21. King_boo_X

    Improv game: One-word story

  22. King_boo_X

    Endless Rock-Paper-Scissors

    Taco with stinks water
  23. King_boo_X

    Questions Only!!!!

    is this legal? lol
  24. King_boo_X

    Random Question, Random Answer

    i sayed burrito did i really sayed burrito?
  25. King_boo_X

    how would you kill above user?

    how would you kill above user :waluigi:: i am the i dont do a thing :wario:: i would kill you with a blade and with a giant toxic cheezburger :mario:: i would kill you riding the burrito of DOOM and grabing a hammer to SQUASH YOUR HEAD TO DEATH! :luigi:: i would kill you with...
  26. King_boo_X

    Do you think the koopalings look right in 3d?

    hmm...i think they look alright exept for iggy,he putted a seed on his brain or what :-\ well,larry followed morton example of the star,wendy looks fatter,roy,ludwig,morton...nothing changed... ( i think) lemmy looks like a hippie now with that ponytail and know...the plant... :-\...
  27. King_boo_X


    my favorite koopaling is larry kingoopa!! that is what i think :boo:
  28. King_boo_X

    New characters for the next Mario Kart?

    yes...petey piranha,hammer bro and paratroopa were cut out in the can see in spriters resource 3 scrapped images of the 3 scrapped characters... -Shy guy -Hookbill -koopalings -Goomboss (a playable one) -boo -pink boo -blooper -pink bob-omb -wart -the birdo bird with a mask of SMB:2...
  29. King_boo_X

    Princess Power (To Page 3)

    Re: Princess Power GO GO POWER PRINCESESS!!! is a good drawing... but a game with that artwork and historyline would end with my life :yoshi:
  30. King_boo_X

    My new sprite

    OBJECTION! is a clafeary... even if there is no spriting... :posh: is good a bow of the same game? i didnt know it °^°
  31. King_boo_X

    Random Question, Random Answer

    because he painted himself how kool aid taste?
  32. King_boo_X

    Random Question, Random Answer

    Cheese is love who ARE you?
  33. King_boo_X

    Random Question, Random Answer

    because king taco wants... who is king taco best friend?
  34. King_boo_X

    Random Question, Random Answer

    Ok this game is called RANDOM QUESTION...RANDOM ANSWER the point of this game is to make a random question...and someone needs to reply the question and make another question...for example: :mario::immah go i dont is the question: Who stolled my waffles? :luigi:: a...
  35. King_boo_X

    MKWii FCs

    My friend code is 4597-1670-9322 i am a master in Mario kart wii.but i dont play online race...just online private race with friends i challenge all...i will beat all of you PM if you want a race PD:the mii i use is boo rider...
  36. King_boo_X

    Naked Pichu

    :boo: some pichus are male and some pichus are female!!! a simple edit,but still awesom...a naked torkoal next xD