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  1. Phoenix

    Glowsquid post statements from wikis that amuses him

    What?! Why doesn't Nintendo do that with their stuff? If they did we'd have zero speculation by now.
  2. Phoenix

    Congrats to Phoenix

    Thanks you guys! :)
  3. Phoenix

    Congrats Phoenix

    Thanks guys! Not actually affiliated with Phoenix Rider, just an interesting coincidence.
  4. Phoenix

    Worst/Hardest prankster comet missions

    The Perfect Run is a piece of work, but once you get a handle on it by coming up with a pattern that works, it's actually pretty simple.
  5. Phoenix

    Super Luigi Wiki

    Unless you cough up 50 bucks towards it.
  6. Phoenix

    Worst/Hardest prankster comet missions

    The majority of the Purple Comet and Daredevil Comet missions in Super Mario Galaxy.
  7. Phoenix

    Why do so many people like the Galaxy series?

    What I often find myself wondering is why people dislike the Super Mario Galaxy games. It's really interesting that I'm so in love with them now, because I originally thought the designers went in completely the wrong direction and never really wanted to have anything to do with the first one...
  8. Phoenix

    What makes you rage in video games?

    Nonexistent/inadequate tutorials, especially when controls are complex. Cutscenes you can't skip. Games in which you can't replay missions or levels. Games that overwrite your progress and send you back to the beginning/allow you to do nothing but replay the last level after beating them. Games...
  9. Phoenix

    Current Vandal on Wiki

    Lots of special characters.
  10. Phoenix

    Gravity Falls

    Or is she? Maybe she's the person in the cloak... :shifty:
  11. Phoenix

    Super Mario 3D World

    Re: New Super Mario 3D Title announced If it's Super Mario Galaxy 3, I'll explode from happiness.
  12. Phoenix

    The official name change log

    Could I have my name changed to Phoenix plz?