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  1. Meta Knight

    Hurt and Heal Duel: UPPERCASE Vs. lowercase

    That's right we're having a duel between uppercase and lowercase letters because why not and while we're at it lets set some rules: - You only get to use 1 point - Both entries have 1HP - You can't heal why is it even called hurt and heal then this game sucks - This should have been KO a...
  2. Meta Knight

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament - CONGRATULATIONS TURBOO AND SATELLITE LOVERS!

    Hey everyone and welcome to the first Mariowiki Awards Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament! As you can guess, this will be a tournament for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. There will be two tournaments opening simultaneously here, a Solo tournament for 1-v-1 matches, and one for Team Battles...
  3. Meta Knight

    Issue 142

    The first issue of 2019 is here! I want to congratulate Raregold and Geeky for winning the election, and I wish them well for the new term. Thanks to Pitohui and Fun With Despair for being good sports as well. It's been a joy running the 'Shroom for two years, but I'm happy to pass the torch...
  4. Meta Knight

    2018 'Shroom Director Election - OVER!

    The annual Director Election is underway. You can find information about the process right here (The_%27Shroom:Issue_141/Director_Election). Do you think you've got what it takes? You've got until January 12th to post your campaign, so plan accordingly! Best of luck to everyone that decides to...
  5. Meta Knight

    Issue 141

    Issue 141 is up! Consider it a present from all of our writers and staff. Happy Holidays, and we wish you a happy smashing! Please enjoy.
  6. Meta Knight

    Issue 140

    Apologies for the delays, but Issue 140 is officially up and running! Please send us guest sections for 141 and please enjoy this issue!
  7. Meta Knight

    Issue 139

    Issue 139 is up! Due to certain circumstances, one image is missing, but it'll be up shortly. Take some time off from binging Spooky Scary Skeletons to read some of our own Halloween-themed sections! Also, the theme for the holiday issue has been announced!
  8. Meta Knight

    Issue 138

    Issue 138 is fresh off the press as the annual post-Awards issue! I would like to once again send a welcome to Roserade and Hooded Pitohui as part of the team, and offer my sincere appreciation to Lord Bowser for his work in Fun Stuff. Please go check out all of the specials and I'll see you...
  9. Meta Knight

    Luigi's Mansion 3

    Literally just announced in the direct. Announce your predictions/hopes/etc!
  10. Meta Knight

    Issue 137

    Hey everyone! The 'Shroom is up for this month! Please go check it out and consider it as part of the post-awards celebration!
  11. Meta Knight

    Issue 136

    Celebrate the forum crashing by instead checking out this hot new issue! Be sure to vote for your favorite sections and check out the Art Contest!
  12. Meta Knight

    Issue 134

    Destiny has arrived! I mean the issue. May you all enjoy it this month! And please send in guest sections for our summer special! :luigi:
  13. Meta Knight

    Issue 133

    Issue 133 is up! .... Most of it. Fake News is absent for now but will be put up as soon as we are able to obtain it, and we'll make an announcement here when that's ready, so be sure to come back and read it for that. In the meantime, please go check out the other well-written sections!
  14. Meta Knight

    Issue 132

    Issue 132 is up! A few sections are missing images but they will be added shortly. Go spring forward into the pages and check it out! Be sure to vote for your favorite sections and in the Mario Odyssey Contest.
  15. Meta Knight

    Issue 131

    Issue 131 is up! Courtesy of the 'Shroom staff and writers that have put love into this issue. Go check it out!
  16. Meta Knight

    Issue 130

    Issue 130 is out! Once again, I'd like to welcome The Pyro Guy, LudwigVon, and Lakituthequick to the Core 'Shroom Staff, and I wish another great year with all of you!
  17. Meta Knight

    2017 'Shroom Director Election - DEBATE IS LIVE

    The annual Director Election is underway. You can find information about the process right here (The_%27Shroom:Issue_129/Director_Election). Do you think you've got what it takes? You've got until January 13th to post your campaign, so plan accordingly! Best of luck to everyone that decides to...
  18. Meta Knight

    Issue 129

    Happy Holidays everyone! Issue 129 is out! My apologies this is out so late, I was afk and spending time with the family, but hey it's still Christmas! Consider it a present from all 'Shroom staff and writers. Special thanks to Lord Bowser and Lakituthequick for setting up a special scavenger...
  19. Meta Knight

    Open Core Staff Positions (Applications for February 2018)

    Hello everybody! As was announced (The_'Shroom:Issue_128/Pipe_Plaza) in Pipe Plaza this month, Yoshi876 is resigning from Pipe Plaza Director in December. Since it is so close to a new term, we will have a temporary staff member stand-in for Issue 130, and then the Director of the new term...
  20. Meta Knight

    Issue 128

    Issue 128 is up and ready for reading! Be sure to check out all the sections celebrating to 2D Mario, and check back next month for the holiday special!
  21. Meta Knight

    Issue 127

    Hey all Issue 127 is up! There's plenty of spooky sections and some special announcements, be sure to check it out!
  22. Meta Knight

    Party Trick! - 'Shroom Section requests

    I'm kinda late to this fad thing but I need one of these threads because no one really gives me requests, so this thread will serve for that! It can be used for discussion of my other sections as well but the main section I'm taking requests for is Party Trick. Here is my master list of things...
  23. Meta Knight

    Issue 126

    Issue 126 is out now! This issue has plenty of Awards coverage, and several sections relating to that. You should go check them out! Additionally, we have made some changes regarding the Activities Manager position, and announced news regarding Issues 128 and Issue 129. You can find more details...
  24. Meta Knight

    Issue 125

    Fresh off the press, the last summer issue of the year has been released! Go take a look and keep an eye out for more announcements. Be sure to vote for your favorite sections as well! Special thanks to Anton and Edo for all the amazing new artwork!
  25. Meta Knight

    Open Core Staff Positions (June 2017)

    Hello everybody! As was announced (The_'Shroom:Issue_123/Staff_Notes) in this month's edition of The 'Shroom, Andymii is resigning from his position as of Issue 124. We will be accepting applications at this time to fill this position, and the individual selected from this process will begin as...
  26. Meta Knight

    Issue 122

    It May excite you to know that Issue 122 is fresh and out on this spring day! Go check it out and I hope you enjoy. Keep an eye out for news regarding Issue 123 including two art galleries we are opening that you can learn more about in Palette Swap.
  27. Meta Knight

    Meta Knight and Packy's 2017 Pokémon Tournament! (Generation VII)

    Hello everyone and welcome to this year's Pokémon tounament! This year I'm going to be with my good pal Packy. This year, the tournament will be Generation VII only. Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are fair game. Rules and Information Format This tournament will be Swiss-style like last year...
  28. Meta Knight

    Issue 121

    No it's not a late Aprill Fool's joke, Issue 121 is up! If you're celebrating Easter, consider this a present from us! Additionally, we have announced the theme of this year's summer special. Go check it out!
  29. Meta Knight

    Issue 120

    Issue 120 is up! As I'm sure many of you are aware, many sections are theming around 3D Mario titles. This also marks the first spring issue of the year. Fun fact, Super Mario 64 released in Europe in March 1997, so this is also 20 years since then. Please enjoy this issue!
  30. Meta Knight

    Issue 119

    Issue 119 is up! Consider this a lovely gift for Valentine's Day from our staff, writers, and me. Go check it out and I hope you have a lovely day :birdo:
  31. Meta Knight

    Issue 118

    Issue 118 kicks off 2017! Go take a look and be sure to vote for your favorite sections! With the exception of one section that will be posted later, everything should be good to go! This issue also launches a new term. I am looking forward to managing the 'Shroom this year. Enjoy the issue, and...
  32. Meta Knight

    Issue 117

    Issue 117 is up! It's the annual holiday special and the final issue of 2016. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!
  33. Meta Knight

    What day of the week were you born on?

    Titile is simple enough. Just go to the date you were born on (including the year) and share what day of the week it is. To find this out, I've just been looking at the calendar on windows 10 and scrolling all the way up to the right place. For example, August 2nd 1999 is a Monday Squads...
  34. Meta Knight

    Super Mario TCG Bios project

    I don't mean to be stepping on any toes, but I wanted to make a thread for the progress of adding bios from the various trading card sets to their respective characters. This is so that I can easily keep track of what I have done and haven't done, as well as for what others have done. This...
  35. Meta Knight

    Super Metroid Mafia: Brought to you by DragoKnight-ANNOUNCEMENT: Reverse Mafia

    Greetings and welcome to my 5th game, and this time I have a guest! DragonFreak is here to help cohost. As you can tell from the banner, this game will be themed around my favorite game of all time, Super Metroid. I know what you are probably thinking, "Didn't you just finish BSG Mafia? Aren't...
  36. Meta Knight

    Meta Knight's stuff

    For anything i happen to draw/make/whatever. I actually never planned to make an art thread but you guys thought I should so here it is. I'm not taking requests at the moment but if I do in the future you'll be sure to know Completed Usertale list: Userpedia Link Toriel-DragonFreak...
  37. Meta Knight

    Favorite Arcade and/or Atari 2600 games

    What are some of your favorite arcade games? I put Atari 2600 in here too because a lot of arcade games were ported to the system. Personally some of my favorites are Galaga, Defender, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and many others As for Atari, I like Missile Command, Galaxian, Adventure, Dragonfire...
  38. Meta Knight

    Paper Mafia 64! Game Thread! Endgame: Villainous Victory

    Paper Mafia 64 Remember that this is a Reverse MafiaThis is the game thread for the Paper Mafia 64 game. To visit the lounge click here. PLAYERS Name Status Alignment Role Aregularforumuser (Lightspeed) Lynched Day 11 Hero Peach: Jinx...
  39. Meta Knight

    Adventures in DreamLand!!! Accepting Sign Ups

    As many of you are aware, I am opening a comic book series. Go check it out in the art thread or this issue of the Shroom to show your support if you want, but regardless of how that goes, I am now accepting sign ups. All I need are your sprites. If you want a preference of alignment, you may...
  40. Meta Knight

    MK's Gaming List

    So I've realized that a lot of games I've been playing recently are games that people have REALLY wanted me to play. I mean DF with Mother 3, Zae with am2r, then Icemario with Fire Emblem, etc. So this will be a thread where I will take game requests and give my thoughts on them...
  41. Meta Knight

    Paper Mafia 64! (Reverse Mafia)- Lounge-Endgame: Serving Ice Cream

    Paper Mafia 64 Hello and welcome to the finale (or I guess beginning) of the Paper Mario Mafia trilogy. This is my 3rd mafia and I plan to do things a little differently this time. Here are some things you should know. RULES -To vote, bold your vote (i.e. Vote: MK) and to unvote bold...
  42. Meta Knight

    Amiibo Tap! What do you have?

    A game where you tap your amiibo and you get samples of a game. Actually pretty neat because you have 3:00 and can have a variety of scenes. And no two of the same amiibo have the same game. Here's what I have. In order of when I tapped them. Mario- Kirby's Adventure Luigi- Kirby Super Star...
  43. Meta Knight

    Xenoblade Chronicles X

    Crackin made us realize there was no such thread for this. That changes NOW! Oh boy, I'm so hyped for it. I never played Xenoblade, but I really want that to change. I really want to play this game. It just looks like the kind of adventure I want to experience. Trailers: Music:
  44. Meta Knight

    Super Paper Mafia: Endgame- Hero Victory!

    This is the game thread for the Super Paper Mario Mafia game. Here are some things about this game Rules: -Phases will last 48hrs. Extensions may be requested. -To vote, type in bold Vote: MK and to unvote type unvote -Nolynches are allowed but lose in a tie -Joke votes don't count in the tally...
  45. Meta Knight

    The Official Animated Movies Thread

    When it comes to animated movies there are a lot of them. There are many companies like Disney and Pixar, Dreamworks, and things like that. There are even the more obscure ones like Blue Sky and things like that. What animated movies are some of your favorites? This is a thread for all the...
  46. Meta Knight

    Count until someone with Blue Eyes posts

    I can't start this
  47. Meta Knight

    Save a Character: Metroid Games

    In Danger: Metroid Metroid 2: Return of Samus Metroid 3: Super Metroid Metroid 4: Metroid Fusion Metroid Zero Mission Metroid Prime Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Metroid Prime Trilogy Metroid Prime Pinball Metroid Prime Hunters Metroid Other M Safe: Out:
  48. Meta Knight

    Top 10 Mario RPG's

    Rank the Mario RPGs from best to worst. Also I haven't played every Mario RPG but I'll rank the one's I've played and you can too Best to worst (of what I've played) TTYD BiS PM64 SMRPG
  49. Meta Knight

    MK Plays: FireRed

    So yeah I'm going to be starting a Let's Play of Pokemon FireRed. If you're interested (also you can know what I sound like) then I'll keep you updated. I have episode 1 uploaded so.. Let's see what happens.
  50. Meta Knight

    Fun Facts about where you live

    Idea from Soundless Voice's thread, talk about the state/province/country you live in such as events that have happened, interesting locations near you, climate/ anything else. No you don't have to say where it is, you can just say "such and such is here" or something among those lines. Kurt...