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  1. FirePuppy

    VIDEO: Bowser's Fire Breath magically turns into a Cheep-cheep

    Check this shit out!: I discovered this while playing Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (for Super Players).
  2. FirePuppy

    Is Sonic younger than his modern self in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog?

    Well, I still think that just because he's described as a teenager and sounds like one, doesn't really mean he is. My guts still tell me that he's 11-12 years old in the syndicated "Adventures" series, unlike in other media.
  3. FirePuppy

    A REALLY OLD R-rated film marked as "for kids"?!?

    Are you god-fricking kidding me?!?! Why would modern-day kids want to see a really old completely unfriendly for kids movie that came out before their parents were born, anyway?
  4. FirePuppy

    Custom lyrics to Christmas carols

    Quite humorous, I must say.
  5. FirePuppy

    Custom lyrics to Christmas carols

    It's Christmas Eve today. For that, I wanted to show you some made-up lyrics I made to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas". On the twelfth day of Christmas My true love gave to me: 12 strawberry milkshakes 11 vanilla cheesecakes 10 apple dumplings 9 oatmeal cookies 8 chocolate doughnuts...
  6. FirePuppy

    What the hell is going on with my iPhone?

    2-3 years, I think. On the other hand, I also already have a newer Galaxy S10 phone as well.
  7. FirePuppy

    What the hell is going on with my iPhone?

    Can anyone explain this? This doesn't normally happen, by the way.
  8. FirePuppy

    Mario Party 4-7 Discussion.

    I never really played any of these games, so I'm not really sure. What I do know is that all the GameCube games haven't been re-released for years.
  9. FirePuppy

    Do you wish all the snow would melt after you stopped playing in it?

    When I was younger, I used to play in the snow a lot. But now that I'm older, it's become a lot more of a problem for my life. Sometimes, I'd have to dig it out, and I'd have issues going to work as well.
  10. FirePuppy

    The Wario Apparition

    Here it is:
  11. FirePuppy

    The Wario Apparition

    I've recently heard about this creepy shit in Super Mario 64 called "The Wario Apparition". I'm not sure if it's fake, since I've seen it happen on a YouTube video of someone playing the game on an actual cartridge and it all happened for real, and the game just crashed! However, when I...
  12. FirePuppy

    What happened to Disney's six package films after 1949?

    We should know that Disney made six package films (Saludos Amigos, Three Caballeros, Fun and Fancy Free, etc.) for various reasons back in the 1940s, but what happened to these films after The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (the last of the films) stopped playing in theaters?
  13. FirePuppy

    Since when was "Eight Crazy Nights" a kid's film?!?

    Why hasn't YouTube fixed this yet? Not only that, this video came straight from the YouTube Movies channel.
  14. FirePuppy

    Movie organizations in total disagreements about some films

    Okay, so there was this one time when some former parents' guide to movies called was active online. They believed that all three Ernest movies (Ernest Saves Christmas, Ernest Goes to Jail, and Ernest Scared Stupid) would be "too silly" for the 15-17 age group. BUT, those same...
  15. FirePuppy

    Who would win in a fight, Super Mario or Steve from Minecraft?

    Mario, obviously, since Steve doesn't have much known statistics.
  16. FirePuppy

    Do you wish there were more continues in Super Mario Bros. 2?

    You know, there is one way you could get that many continues. I've tried it on an emulator called "BizHawk". By using RAM Search, you can change the number of continues by clicking on the thumb tack icon and setting the value of the address 05C5 to a different number. A value of 3-9 will simply...
  17. FirePuppy

    Do you wish there were more continues in Super Mario Bros. 2?

    Well, the point is, lives are always common in every game, with some exceptions like Super Princess Peach and the Wario Land sequels.
  18. FirePuppy

    Do you wish there were more continues in Super Mario Bros. 2?

    Seriously, two is not enough. Why not nine, or even best yet, infinite? It always sucks whenever you get a Game Over for a third time in a row, especially when you're so close to beating a certain boss.
  19. FirePuppy

    What was the first Mario game you ever played?

    The first Super Mario Bros., no doubt.
  20. FirePuppy

    Will Kirby Right Back at Ya! ever come right back at us?

    This show has been long gone for years. The last time it was ever released, I believe, was just 3 episodes of it on the video game Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition on September 16, 2012. It was also available for streaming on Nintendo's Wii no Ma in Japan until April 2012, and the...
  21. FirePuppy

    Did Howard Phillips order a ban on SMB2 (the Lost Levels) back in 1986?

    After all, he did say that all those leaps of faith resulted in his immediate death, and he called it a "painful game".
  22. FirePuppy

    What's the saddest you ever reacted to media?

    The grand finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - "The Last Problem". The one that hit me the most was the "Magic of Friendship Grows" song.
  23. FirePuppy

    The ending sequence in the All-Stars version of the Lost Levels

    In the ending sequence after you defeat Bowser and rescue the Princess in the All-Stars version of the Lost Levels, there are two versions of it. In the standard version, this is what the ending looks like: But in another version of the game, the ending looks like this: (Source...
  24. FirePuppy

    Would you like a DK64-SM64 crossover?

    How about it?
  25. FirePuppy

    2020: The year where YouTube under COPPA plus COVID-19 on the loose combined occurs!

    There were only like, 645 cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. only 17 days ago. Now, it's 100 times that. Plus, YouTube's employees have recently left their offices, so we're clearly stuck with the old COPPA bot system until the coronavirus pandemic is dealt with.
  26. FirePuppy

    2020: The year where YouTube under COPPA plus COVID-19 on the loose combined occurs!

    How do you feel about it so far? IMO: Shïttiest year ever!
  27. FirePuppy

    COPPA rules are now in effect

    I know right? These automated bots must be fixed, but right now, the COVID-19 outbreak must be dealt with first, and that will take a long time.
  28. FirePuppy

    COPPA rules are now in effect

    Well then, get ready to let it be the last straw now because look what else I just found: a WHOLE channel called "Sundance Now" had all of its videos set as "made for kids" (most likely by accident). To make matters worse, one of the videos in there is a trailer of a movie that is actually rated...
  29. FirePuppy

    COPPA rules are now in effect

    Another video I found that was flagged as "made for kids" but is actually a clip of what isn't a kids' film at all: watch?v=fZlXbo0q6wk
  30. FirePuppy

    Lack of food as power-ups in some Mario games

    Well, I was mentioning some Mario games, Paper Mario not necessarily being one of them.
  31. FirePuppy

    Lack of food as power-ups in some Mario games

    I've noticed that in Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3 and Super Mario 64, no food is served as power-ups -- well, other than mushrooms, which I wouldn't count anyways. You think there should have been real food as power-ups in these games? If so, which ones?
  32. FirePuppy

    Couldn't Mario just drive to Bowser's castle to save the princess every time?

    If Mario has a car these days, why doesn't he just use that?
  33. FirePuppy

    COPPA rules are now in effect

    It's not the creators' fault here. The videos were flagged automatically by YouTube and the FTC, so the blame should go to whoever made up the new COPPA rules.
  34. FirePuppy

    Favorite and least favorite Mario characters

    My 3 favorites are Mario, Peach, and Luigi. Least favorite: Tough decision, but it's Birdo.
  35. FirePuppy

    COPPA rules are now in effect

    Guys, I found FIVE Sausage Party videos that also got flagged as "made for kids". Mod edit: Some of these videos really shouldn't be linked on this board, thanks. And just so you know, Sausage Party is an R-RATED film. This clearly shows that COPPA, FTC, and YouTube are not knowing what...
  36. FirePuppy

    How old are the Diddy Kong Racing characters?

    It's true. Here's the source for it:
  37. FirePuppy

    How old are the Diddy Kong Racing characters?

    I understand that in most franchises, there's no definitive, factual age for the main characters, but I'm still curious to know how old they are based purely on their looks. My guesses are: Banjo, Krunch, Drumstick - 13 Bumper - 12 Conker - 11 Timber - 9 Diddy - 8 Tiptup - 6 Pipsy - 5 Taj the...
  38. FirePuppy

    COPPA rules are now in effect

    Honestly, the creators should sue the FTC for this -- for flagging certain videos that can't be played on YouTube Kids, and for allowing kids to see these offensive videos.
  39. FirePuppy

    COPPA rules are now in effect

    I know, right? And of course, you CAN'T even play any of these videos on YouTube Kids.
  40. FirePuppy

    COPPA rules are now in effect

    You think it's NOT a bad thing? Well, have a look at these three videos: One of them is even an age-restricted video based on community guidelines.
  41. FirePuppy

    COPPA rules are now in effect

    Just yesterday, YouTube has now flagged millions of videos as "made for kids" (those designed for children up to age 12). This even includes really old videos uploaded way back in 2006, as well as foreign videos (like Japan, the UK, and pretty much everywhere else). Even a few TV-PG shows ended...
  42. FirePuppy

    How many of you have the Nintendo GameCube

    I still have the console and four games for it: Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Kart Double Dash, and Paper Mario RPG. But they're just personal storage now.
  43. FirePuppy

    How did Super Mario 64 DS and New Super Mario Bros. get re-rated 12?

    I know, you're probably gonna say that it was because of Luigi's minigames that contain mild gambling, but before that, the games were rated 3+ with the gambling games intact. Can anyone be more specific on how all this happened?
  44. FirePuppy

    Super Boy I & II

    Has anyone ever heard of these weird looking games called "Super Boy" and "Super Boy II"? They're actually ripoffs of the first Super Mario Bros.. A lot of things are also absent, like the Toads, Princess Peach, and of course, the Piranha Plants in the pipes. There's also only two music...
  45. FirePuppy

    Is Sonic younger than his modern self in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog?

    I think so. It's also stated that Tails, in this cartoon, is 4½ years old rather than the usual 8 in modern-day Sonic titles. So that means if Tails is younger in AOSTH, then clearly, so is Sonic, at about 11, maybe 12 years old.
  46. FirePuppy

    What's the point of the Bowser and Peach pictures at the top of Peach's first castle?

    If you've played Super Mario 64, you'll clearly notice that there are portraits of Bowser and Peach hanging on the walls on the left and right, and at the very top is a large-size portrait of BOWSER. But still, it's Peach's castle, so what's the purpose of these pictures on the walls anyway if...
  47. FirePuppy

    Would you like a T-rated Mario game?

    I know that virtually all Super Mario games are either rated E or E10+, in the case of Super Mario Odyssey, but would a T rated Mario game be in your favor? If so, what would it be?
  48. FirePuppy

    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

    The Earth ponies in the main cast look like Peach and Daisy, only they're pony-ified, and one of the Pegasi is almost like Sonic.
  49. FirePuppy

    Your favorite Kirby game?

    Mine is Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition. It was also the last one I ever bought before I stopped being a Kirby fan back in 2013.