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  1. King_boo_X

    a mario kart wii beta element

    well...i have found in spriters resource in the character icon sheet a hammer bro, paratroopa (looks glitchy) and petey piranha character icons, i trough it was fake...but then i saw a video of hacking...and also a icon of what it was going posibly going to be a third mii suit here is the sheet...
  2. King_boo_X

    Fan fic and comic: The adventures of Burger spinia and The Robot

    "The adventures of Burger Spinia and The Robot!" a fanfiction and comic (yes..some episodes in fics and some in comics) Main characters are Burgy the Burger spinia and Roblontor, both are unused PMTTYD characters here is... episode 1 (fic) Once upon a the year 2003,a game was...
  3. King_boo_X

    Comic: Boo Randomness!

    Good...this is my first Comic i post in this RANDOM CRAP....or...BOO RANDOMNESS!!! Episode one Please dont be so my first comic...
  4. King_boo_X

    how would you kill above user?

    how would you kill above user :waluigi:: i am the i dont do a thing :wario:: i would kill you with a blade and with a giant toxic cheezburger :mario:: i would kill you riding the burrito of DOOM and grabing a hammer to SQUASH YOUR HEAD TO DEATH! :luigi:: i would kill you with...
  5. King_boo_X

    Random Question, Random Answer

    Ok this game is called RANDOM QUESTION...RANDOM ANSWER the point of this game is to make a random question...and someone needs to reply the question and make another question...for example: :mario::immah go i dont is the question: Who stolled my waffles? :luigi:: a...