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    Untitled Lame Alternative Game So, what songs do you guys want me to include?
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    SvS's Wonderful Beautiful Glorious (Sucky) Music

    As some of you may know, I've had musical aspirations for a while, and for the most part they've demonstrated themselves in two ways: 1. I post crappy lyrics on the wiki 2. "I'll upload this next song. No, seriously, I will! Really! Eventually..." However, I finally sat down and with nothing...
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    The Official R.E.M. Thread

    A bald guy and a couple of friends who make really awesome music. Discuss.
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    Thom Yorke's 100 Favorite Songs

    Inspiredby BHS's many "Top [number] [genre] Songs" threads on Xephyr, I decided to make this. It is not in any particular order, I'll just put my one hundred favorite songs on here in any order I please. With each post here, I'll add four songs to the list. Okay... here goes. Once And For All...
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    The Official Nirvana Thread

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    Are you [4x] Afraid Are you [3x] Can you Could you Lead my parade Yeah [10x] Am I [4x] Am I who I said [3x] Am I Can I Could I Should I Should I who I said Or should you be dead? Or should you be dead? Yeah [10x] Yeah [10x] Everybody’s special [6x] So no one is Nobody’s special [6x] Because...
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    Playing songs backward
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    The chat is in anarchy...

    AND IT'S AWESOME. Discuss.
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    A Guide to Action/Adventure Usercomics

    This goes either here or in the off-topic section. If it's in the wrong section, please move it kthx Now, I know I'm not the best person to create a guide to comics. That would be Uniju, Snack, DP, Ultima, Stooben, etc. But, I figured I might as well try. WHAT NOT TO DO: 1. Don't do a cliched...