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  1. Shroobario

    What do you think ML3's subtitle in english will be?

    In Japan, MLSSS is called Mario and Luigi RPG In Japan MLPiT is called Mario and Luigi RPG 2x2 In Japan, the new Mario & Luigi game is called Mario and Luigi RPG 3; So, what do you think it'll be the title of ML3 in English?
  2. Shroobario

    Professor Layton and the Curious Village

    That game is too good to be described in words. Critical thinking is the key to success.
  3. Shroobario

    Okami's boxart (A IGN logo on it)

    Okami is a game realeased a short time ago, it was developed and published by capcom. Now is the funny part: A ign logo on the cover. Yes a ign logo. Why? Because (probably) capcom used this pic as background. Here is the cover: How capcom could use IGN art on their own game? That's stupid...
  4. Shroobario

    Write your username with your nose!

    The title said everything! My try: shroobario YAY I DID IT! :D I can do with the toe, elbow and nose... what next?
  5. Shroobario

    Nintendo Power's Moon

    In the least edition of Nintendo Power the let a picture of a moon out. They said that there will be a surprise in the next month's edition (along with Sonic Chronicles and etc.) Can anybody find anything on the moon? The pic is here. So what you guys see? I see a pokeball (the whole moon) and...
  6. Shroobario

    Type your username with your elbow!

    Can you write it correctly just using your elbows? --------------- Let's see if I can: shroobario I did it! I know the secret to tpe with your elbows and toes :D
  7. Shroobario

    Is Kamek guy or girl?

    What kamek is? A male or a female?
  8. Shroobario

    Super Mario Battle

    In this battle you take HP from the characters or add and if a character go to 0 it dies and it's off the game! Here's how to play: You can remove 3 of life Add 3 of life remove 2 of life and add 1 of life or add 2 life and take 1 Example: Original: Mario 10 Luigi 10 Wario 10...
  9. Shroobario

    Newcomer:Shadow (Shadow is in brawl!) Shadow's dojo update

    Made by me! :D Comment please!