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  1. Amphituber

    Black And Blue Project

    Black And Blue Lemme give you the lowdown. It's my senior year at high school. I have less than six months left. I want to do something cool before I have to grow up. So I wanna make a self-published, low quality, silly, crass, violent, pulpy comic-and-fiction zine. Something amateurish...
  2. Amphituber

    I drew some things, here, put your eyes on them

    The top one is a collab
  3. Amphituber

    PS3 Users

    Mmkay, so here's my situation. I've got an old SDTV on my desk, that I've hooked my PS3 up to via AV cords. I really like the TV, it gives the anime I watch just a little bit of a retro feel. My problem is, the right and left edges of an anime I'm watching get cut off, also cutting off...
  4. Amphituber

    Crazy-Ass Anime Night

    Come watch comedy anime with me. I've got three first-episodes of shows lined up, come add your own. Let's make this a party.
  5. Amphituber

    Smash Bros. Videos Leaked

    I haven't watched this yet, for fear of spoilers, but you crazy kids can have at it.
  6. Amphituber

    Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting (TF2)

    Two teams. One hat-based war simulator. The crazy people of Mario Boards. Hell yeah. Starts at 7:00 PM Central Time this Saturday. Will go to roughly 9:00 PM Central Time. Post or PM me your Steam ID if you'd like to participate. If you'd like to tell me the main class or classes you'll be...
  7. Amphituber

    Kid Chameleon

    103 levels 1857 screens 3 lives No saves This is Kid Chameleon
  8. Amphituber

    ATTN: Elder Scrolls fans

    So I recently picked up a copy of Morrowind for my original Xbox and I am loving the atmosphere and open world feel. I've never really touched the series before (though I have, of course, heard lots and lots about Skyrim) and I was wondering if there were any franchise veterans on this forum who...
  9. Amphituber

    Net Neutrality

  10. Amphituber

    Forum Fragfest: Series 2 - Cancelled

    What is this? Forum Fragfest, a silly little forum game meant to be reminiscent of old school "arena shooters". I don't have plans to continue this at this time. Sorry! How to play Week 1 Results Week 2 Results Week 3 Results Week 4 Results Week 5 begins; let the fragging commence...
  11. Amphituber

    Your Biggest Fandom

    What would you say your biggest fandom is? What fandom means more to you than any other? Personally, The Legend Of Zelda. It has the perfect combination of nostalgia, gameplay, and story that resonates with me. It's also probably the first "fandom" I've had, and I have fond memories of debating...
  12. Amphituber

    Invites or Spam?

    Would sending PMs to people with invitations to a game be considered spam? Thanks.
  13. Amphituber

    Decablade - An Odd Legend of Zelda Adventure (Signups) 3 Replacement spots open

    CURRENTLY SUSPENDED, DUE TO MY INACTIVITY The premise: The objective The game mechanics The signup form Achievement List All Super Mario Boards rules apply. Limit ten players. The actual role-play will occur on a quick-topic at a date to be determined. Signups (10/10) 1. Phoenix...
  14. Amphituber

    Fate Core Roleplaying

    Hey, if I started a Fate Core rp group, who'd be interested in that kind of thing? Fate Core rules can be found here Released under a Creative Commons license.
  15. Amphituber

    Forum Games Permissions

    Is any sort of special permission required to start a long (i.e. 1 week+) forum game or rp? Not just posting games but games with moderately complex rules? I know mafia requires permission (and that's a subject of debate) but what about other games?
  16. Amphituber

    Layers of Fandom: A Short Essay

    Disclaimer: Contains many of my opinions. Feel free to disagree with me; I'd love to learn what you think. There are many, many ways to enjoy an artistic work. Take television shows, for example; some people, when they find a show they like, watch it all the way through. Every episode. In a...
  17. Amphituber

    Help with Programming in C

    So I'm trying to learn C and I got this little program out of a book. #include <stdio.h> main() { int iResponse = 0 printf("\nEnter a number from 1 to 10:\n"); scanf("%d", &iResponse); if ( iResponse < 1 || iResponse > 10 ); printf("\nNope.\n"); else printf("\nYour number is %d...
  18. Amphituber

    The Mafia Role Archive

    A thread for posting rolecards for use in games of mafia. Posting rules are: You must be the creator of the rolecard or have permission from the creator You may not post a rolecard currently being used in a game You MAY post rolecards that you make just for fun Anyone may use a rolecard...
  19. Amphituber


    So I started this Smash Bros. fanfic called Freeloaders. I have posted the first chapter on and am currently working on the third chapter. Lemme know what you guys think! Link:
  20. Amphituber

    Need some help with links

    How does one make an image link to a profile page or another website? I want to make my sig link people to one of my user pages.
  21. Amphituber

    Problems with Userpedia

    I would like to sign up with Userpedia, but the chatroom won't work for me. So I tried signing up with the Userpedia Forums to ask an admin for an account, but the bot protection box wouldn't show the letters or read them out loud for me. Little help?