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    Hardest Boss in gaming?

    elder princess shroob transformed.
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    fire emblem

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    fire emblem

    I don't hack either but I will still battle you so can you post your FE number
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    fire emblem

    who here has fire emblem shadow dragon? if you do I will battle you. 0388 7659 6981
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    Count to 5,000

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    Favorite Final Smash

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    Biker or Overalls?

    The biker clothes suck but the overalls rock
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    Who has a japan only game

    that is a game that won't work
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    Luigi's Mansion 2?

    Maybe waluigi finds a haunted mansion and king boo takes him over
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    super mario bros z

    seen it and love it
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    Waruigi DS

    not love him but he is their favorite mario character ::)
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    Waruigi DS

    finally someone who agrees with me that waluigi sucks, everyone i know loves him
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    Who here has Super Mario Galaxy?

    i feel bad for you :(
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    Should Luigi keep his THunder Hand?

    I think the need to put it in another game i loved that attack :luigi:
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    Is Kamek guy or girl?

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    Who here has Super Mario Galaxy?

    I do and i love it
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    Nintendo just made a BIG mistake.

    I like baby dk
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    Richest character in the Marioverse

    Wario by far :wario:
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    Waruigi DS

    NO I hate waluigi HE SUCKS!
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    Who has a japan only game

    You dont have to read that game I just skip through all the text and play the level
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    Who has a japan only game

    I do ;D it is Legend of stafy 4 I got it off of ebay it is my favorite DS game
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    Favorite DS Game

    Legend of stafy 4
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    Mario Super Sluggers Wishes

    I really wanted chunky the kooplings and BABY WARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Favorite 2D mario game

    SMW was the first mario game i ever played therefor I love it
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    Bring Chunky Back

    yeah he was my favorite DK character of all time
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    Mario fat??????

    Do you think mario is fat, I dont, People think mario is fat when he realy isnt, wario is the fat one. It realy bothers me when people call mario fat when he realy isnt
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    The World Ends With You

    I've never played it but i want it
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    Too much F-Flab on wario in brawl

    ya in brawl in the other mario game he only has a little but in brawl he has a ton of it :wario:
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    Favorite Song

    Im Blue
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    Nintendo Power's Moon

    I think the moon was a big blow off >:(
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    You know you haven't played enough Mario games when...

    When you think a mario game is rated M ::)
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    Too much F-Flab on wario in brawl

    I think he has too much F-flab in brawl. it is ok if he has a little.
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    Wario World 2

    If they did it would be awsome and longer! :wario:
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    Childish, unfunny, and annoying character..

    I disagree wario pwns Wario is AWSOME waluigi is just creepy :wario:
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    Favorite baby character

    baby mario luigi wario and DK
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    When are you out of school.

    I got out May 30 ;D
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    Cinnimin toast crunch commercial

    If you look closely at the cinnimin toast crunch commercial (the detective one) the kids mouths are just moving they are not really saying the words! it is actually kind of funny :D
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    First Gameboy game

    Mine was Super Mario World and Froggers Adventure Temple of frog
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    The best Pokémon

    Feraligatr/Tyranitar 8) They pwn ;D
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    Uniju is not fond of Mr. Saturns.

    ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? gay
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    I don' realy care
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    Favorite SSBB character

    Oh thanks :)
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    who is your favorite koopaling

    Shut up >:(
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    Anyone ever use eBay to get old handheld games? i have not :(
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    Guitar Hero DS

    there is going to be one I SAW A VIDEO PWN :o
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    who is your favorite koopaling

    mortin is a koopaling that has a grey shell and brown skin and a birth mark the shape of a star on his eye :P
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    Who was the easiest boss in the history of the Marioverse?

    First boss on New Super Mario Bros
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    Mario Kart Wii - whowill be the final unlockable character???

    Baby Daisy is in So is Dry Bowser Not too mention Funky Kong
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    Mario Super Sluggers Characters Prediction

    Heck Ya good Ideas ;D