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  1. Jesus Freak

    Vote To Win: Mario Kart Wii tracks

    Bracket here Votes are counted every 3 days ~4 PM ET unless I have a brainfart First up: DS Delfino Square: 0 Moonview Highway: 0
  2. Jesus Freak

    ATTN: Forum Members (especially if I'm in one of your Mafia games)

    As of October 28, 2010, I am retiring from the forum. The reason? Well, at first I wasn't going to tell you guys, but I figure if anybody laughs at me I'll be gone by the time they do, so... I've realized, over the course of time, that the Mario Wiki Forums are really not the best influence...
  3. Jesus Freak

    Wii Party

    Upcoming game for the Wii. Discuss. In my opinion, this doesn't look as good as the real Mario Party games. I'm probably not buying this (unless I decide to give it as a Christmas present to my BFF).
  4. Jesus Freak

    What games should be on the 3DS?

    Exactly What It Says On The Tin. For starters, I think they should make a Toon Zelda game and a M&L game. Thoughts?
  5. Jesus Freak

    A short story/script-thing I wrote for a game on another forum

    In the game, someone wrote an email that Strong Bad would potentially, and the next poster would make a fake sbemail (Strong Bad Email; click here for an explanation if you don't know what that is) out of it and post a new email for the next person. This is what I did for mine (this is kinda...
  6. Jesus Freak

    Which episodes of SBCG4AP (if any) should I get?

    I get my allowance tomorrow, and I'm thinking about using some of that money to get SBCG4AP (my parents would use the money to download it via WiiWare, and that money would be deducted from the actual cash that I get). Problem is, I don't know which episode to get, or even if I should get it at...
  7. Jesus Freak

    What do you want in the next Mario and Luigi game?

    Here you can post things like plots, gimmicks, levels, ect. that you want to see in the next Mario & Luigi game. I already know three things that I want: 1. Starlow must make an appearence. I couldn't care less about Fawful. ::) *prepares to be flamed by n00bs* 2. If Fawful doesn't make it...
  8. Jesus Freak

    WarioWare: D.I.Y. fan-made wallpapers

    Nintendo didn't release any wallpapers for DIY, so I took the liberty of making some myself. :) I basically just took the boxart and expanded it. I did a horrible job with that paper. Small Medium Large Now, this just sucks. Might've been better if I used a lighter yellow, but I uploaded it...
  9. Jesus Freak

    Have you played on a NES before?

    Vote and reveal. ;D I've played once before and it was like a second Christmas.
  10. Jesus Freak

    1,000,000 excuses for dying in a video game

    [size=10pt][color=blue][tt]1. I was posting here. 2. It wasn't me. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................................... *points at Rudnicki* He did it!
  11. Jesus Freak

    Meetings: Will You Be There?

    No, I'm not Way or Porp. But, you know what? I like knowing about things. So, how many meetings are you attending?
  12. Jesus Freak

    What Fourm Games are your favorite?

    I'm thinking of making a Fourm game soon- but I need YOUR help! What Fourm Games are your favorite? 1.Continue above post ;D 2.Do something to the person below/above >:( 3.Answering a question ??? 4.Would You Rather :D 5.I don't play Fourm games. :posh: