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    Pokemon Mafia

    Right, I'll get this started as soon as I send out role PMs 1. Nabber 2. Red Barchetta 3. GreenDisaster 4. MCD 5. Smasher 6. Bop 7. Queen Boo 8. Pyro 9. Rocker64 10. NSM 11. Lily 12. BMB 13. MM15 14. LTQ
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    Pokemon Mafia Sign Ups

    Well, I'm bored and I've decided to try my hand at hosting a mafia All standard mafia rules will apply to this Instead of the Pokemon Gold/Silver mafia, all roles will be based on trainer classes. BUT everyone will get one pokemon and a held item. You can use either your power or the Pokemon's...
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    Bulbapedia help

    I've been having some issues with Bulbapedia for a while now. It keeps being unable to display any image except for the logo. I've also been having this problem with some of the pictures, sigs, and avatars here. Do you know what's wrong?
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    Brave (Pixar Film)

    Might as well set up the inveitable topic. :-\
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    If you were charged with running any country. . .

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    What can be improved in SSB4?

    I've already made a thread about what should come back, but this is what should be improved: for starters, Ganondorf, use the sword! >:(
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    What you want to come back in SSB4

    This is basically to talk about what you want to come back from the previous three games. For starters: I want the Halberd and Smashville to return
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    What's your favorite Angry Bird?

    What's your favorite angry bird? I like the black bird.