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    Heroscape Mafia - Night 3: The Strength of the Oak

    Description: This is Heroscape Mafia, a Mafia game taking place in the great Mafia Land, where all the factions of Heroscape vie for control over the land. Many factions seek similar goals, but none of their goals are the same. Rules: 1. No quoting game-related PMs sent by the host. 2. Send all...
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    Heroscape Mafia - Valhalla, where heroes go to die

    Has anyone played this game before? Many years back I got the first Master Set when it was released and loved the game. After that I got one or two boosters and then the marvel pack, then pretty much gave up on it :P Regardless, recently I had to clear out my basement and I ended up giving all...
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    'Shroom Mafia II: Directorial Dissent - Game Thread (Night 12: Endgame)

    Disclaimer: The actions and opinions depicted over the course of this game have no bearing to the actual thoughts or actions of any members of The 'Shroom, current or former, or the community. 1. Nabber - Killed Night 6 - GF75/Fun Stuff Director - Status healer 2. Superchao - Lynched Day 4 -...
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    'Shroom Mafia II

    What's this? Back again? Yes it is! 'Shroom Mafia II is coming around for a second round - bound to be better than last time! Make sure to sign up now, role PMs are released and the game begins on the release of the May Issue - that is May 19th. It will be hosted by yours truly, with some...
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    'Shroom Mafia II: Directorial Dissent - Lounge

    Last year, The 'Shroom hosted a mafia game on the forums, that game was called 'Shroom Mafia. It was a success, but it could have been better. I plan to make it better, this is 'Shroom Mafia II. The game will be played just as a regular mafia game is, none of the quirks I like adding to games...
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    General Discussion (Q&A)

    This topic is for any discussion regarding mafia games in general. Questions about mafia games can be asked here, and will be responded to by other players, as well as members of the Mafia Hosts Guild. Complaints about current games can also be put here for the Mafia Hosts Guild to review...
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    General FAQ

    This is a general FAQ for mafia games played on these forums. It includes the basics of how to play mafia, as well as specific rules for this forum. If your question is not answered here, feel free to ask in the general discussion thread. But make sure it isn't answered here before asking it...
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    Mafia Mafia Game Thread: The end of time

    RULES: 1. 24-hour phases. I still haven't worked out a good way to manage phases so bear with me. I'll aim for 24 hours but I won't make a policy about it. 2. Day phases, night phases, roles at night, votes in the day. 3. Vote:, Unvote: - I don't think I have to explain it. 4. No lynches are...
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    Mafia Mafia Lounge

    Hello again! Last year around this time, I did a Miser Bros. mafia in celebration of Christmas. I didn't want to celebrate the same holiday twice and Hanukkah is a bit too similar for me to celebrate that, so I have decided to go for a mafia celebrating the New Year! And what better way to usher...
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    Issue LVI

    So, how would you rate this issue?
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    Suggestions for Next Year

    SMB made a topic like this last year, so... What do you guys suggest we do next year?
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    Mafia of the Caribbean - Avast me hearties, yo ho!

    Arr, ye something or others, we be playing mafia...and stuff. Anyways, this game will operate in 24-hour phases. Ending at 10:00 and then a backup time at 12:00 (whatever host first came up with that idea, is a genius). Here are the players: 1. Marioguy1 2. Gamefreak75 - Killed Night 7 -...
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    Mafia of the Caribbean - Davy Jones' Locker [Lounge]

    Hola everybody! (the Caribbean was colonized by the Spanish, right?) I have made up my mind and am making another mafia! This one based on The Pirates of the Caribbean. Haven't decided which of the four yet, but one of them for sure. I can see a lot of promise for this game, and I have a few...
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    Easter Mafia Game Thread - Day 7: Easter!

    Hey guys! Welcome to the Easter Mafia game thread! This game should be interesting...anyways, I have here a very clear set of rules. 1. No quoting my PM to you, if you got one. That PM is like your role, to be kept in a sacred place and never shown to anyone else. 2. During the day phase voting...
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    Easter Mafia Lounge - Zero is selling fried Zero!

    Now who didn't see this coming? Anyways, I am going to continue down my path of mafia games with special features with a mafia dedicated to Easter! However this mafia will have a very new feature that I've never seen done before...which I will explain as soon as I get more time to write it...
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    New Pipe Plaza Format

    Option 4: There's a new format? Anyways, yes, if you haven't noticed, the Pipe Plaza has come over with some major changes! Mainly the new pretty background with pipes on it <3<3<3 Anyways, this poll will help me decide whether or not the background should stay or if it should go. I can also...
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    For never was there a tale of more woe, than this mafia of Juliet and Romeo

    OK, everyone, the first thing I want to say is that I am soooo sorry. I just realized today that I would have to start my game immediately if I have a hope of finishing. So unfortunately, I’m going to have to abuse my power follow the lead of the other mods and skip the schedule. Additionally I...
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    Public name change log

    Member Current Name Alexneushoorn-->Don Orbulon Amphituber-->Waldotuber aregularforumuser-->Luke Atmey BabyLuigiOnFire-->Baby Luigi Baby Mario Bloops-->Deku Link Banjonator1-->Banjo BetaMaster64-->MS-DOS Boozooka-->Hitoshura Bowser45-->Nightmare Moon Brock-->Naze Youka Cackletta-->The Angel of...
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    Romeo & Juliet Mafia Lounge - After-game discussion, congrats mafia!

    Yes, I know the topic is rather odd. But trust me, this game will be great. I've added a special twist onto the game that I don't think has been in any mafia games before. Anyways, it's time for Romeo, Juliet and the Mafia! I'm continuing my tradition of making a mafia game for every holiday...
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    2010 in Review

    Does anyone remember what happened throughout 2010 for us? If I recall correctly: NIWA was created We reached 10,000 articles (I think that was 2010...) We had the best awards ceremony yet, introducing the 'shroom awards to the wiki The Poll Committee was created Is there anything else we did?
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    A Miser brothers' Mafia - Finished! To the lounge!

    Weeeeeelcome to A Miser Brothers’ Mafia! This game will go on for a while, featuring characters from the movies “The Year Without a Santa Claus” and “A Miser Brothers’ Christmas” (mostly the latter). The game is sure to be fun, so long as people play by the rules which are as follows: The game...
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    Mother Nature's Garden (Miser Brothers' Lounge)

    This game is Mafia, by Marioguy1. I will gradually reveal more details as I figure them out as people sign up but for now it is just mafia. Have fun! OK, I just remembered to add: it will commence sometime after GF's game ends or close to when it is ending (hopefully) as I don't want to stack...
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    Mafia Schedule

    As of October 5, 2013, the schedule is no longer being used. This is the schedule for all mafia games. It will be used to show the schedule for all of the games in this board, once the sign-ups for a game have been completed, it will be bolded on the schedule. Up to four games will be bolded...
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    Link OK, that post is messed up. I've edited it ~5 times to get rid of the two s at the bottom and they're still there. Little help plz?
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    l'Hotel des Démons - MW Game Thread

    This is the game thread for MW Werewolf Vampire! The rules will be found here but very simplified. 1. If you're not playing the game or have been killed sometime during the game, please don't post here. The game is supposed to have the illusion that the people have erm...left this world so try...
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    This game has now begun! Go to this topic to play! Hey! This is the sign-up thread for my MW Vampire game which totally includes no Werewolves :D If you want to sign up, put your name on this list in bold and I'll make sure to put you on the list at the bottom of this post. If you think I've...
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    Wiki Link

    Um, I just thought I'd let you know, on the upper bar (the one that says "Home, Help, Profile, Logout, etc.") in the King Koopa skin, there is no "Wiki" link which is really unfortunate for those of us that actually contribute to the wiki and want to get there but also :-* :bowser:
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    Poll Chairperson election

    OK, this topic is to discuss the new election for the Chairperson of the Poll Committee. So, discuss away! P.S. Will someone sticky this thing?
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    Meeting 7: May 7th

    In this meeting we will try to weasel out the few remaining problems and find any problems that may pop up. We will discuss whether Toad should be in A11 or A12 and try to figure out a new A19. We will also be looking at S2, S4 and S5 to find a new way to format them.
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    'Shroom Awards

    Use this to discuss the 'shroom awards which we now appear to be introducing to the awards ceremonies (*audience cheers*) Anyhow, so what were the five awards we agreed on again?
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    Koopalings are awesome! Now since this new game is coming out, which one of these awesome koopas is the most awesome.