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    Download games on Wii

    What have you downloaded on the Wii. I have Super Mario Bros., Inernet Channel, Everybody Votes channel, Check Mii Out Channel(That one is really fun), and Nintendo Channel.
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    Mario Football

    Do you want them to make a Mario NFL football?
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    The Comics

    What's your favorite comic? I like garfeild
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    DS at Night

    Do you play DS at night? I sometimes snatch it with out my parents looking...
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    a new username AGAIN!

    Stooben Rooben didn't tell me how to get a Global Moderator! So tell me NOW.
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    a new username....

    I have been thinking about changing my username.I just can't find out how too! i think I have looked evrywhere! ???
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    Do you think R.O.B could have made an appearence in Mario Kart Wii?

    What do yoou think? I say yes. He was in Mario Kart DS?
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    mario figures

    I am getting some mario figures! Have you heard of them?
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    mario characters game

    First I will type down a mario character that starts with an A. Then the next person types down one with a B. Then you keep going until Z, the next person can start back at A but they may not use the same ones that were put down. And NO using the wiki. So that's the rules. Here we go! I will...
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    logging in.....

    When I go into the wiki I push on something to edit..... Then it says I'm not looged in. It says "log in" in blue words. I click on the blue words and type in my username and password..... Then it says that username does not...
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    Please Help Me! So click on this

    OK. So how does everybody get those pictures by there username? I really want to know. So ShyGuy27 or StoobenRooben Help ME!
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    Mario Hoops 3 on 3

    A poll about Mario Hoops 3 on 3....