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    Looking for a video editing programme

    I need to speed up a video by 6,65%. I don't care if the sound gets messed up, all I need is a sped up video. Windows Movie Maker only allows doubling the speed. Help plase.
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    Say something the above user would never say (round two)

    I think, therefore I am.
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    Which countries have you been in?

    I've been in the blue ones.
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    Considering the Donkey Kong board

    It says "Mario's first best friend? That's up for debate.". I doubt that you can have two superlatives after each other. It should be either "Mario's first good friend" or "Mario's early best friend", don't you think?
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    Eilert Pilarm

    Let's discuss the most epic Elvis imitator ever. Edit: He's epic because he has no sense of rhythm, sucks at speaking English, sings out of key, has a bad singing voice overall, and doesn't look like Elvis one bit. You can find some of his songs on UT00B.
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    The anagram thread

    I could make my name into "Madame norsk" ("Norsk" means Norwegian in Swedish).
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    Friday the 13th

    That was yesterday. What did you do? Were you scared? Myself, I went under a ladder thrice. Nothing happened.
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    The Spotnicks

    The Spotnicks are an instrumental rock band formed in the 60s. They are counted as the first important band in Swedish music history. Even though most of their songs have the same style, with a lead guitar playing epic melodies, a backup guitar, a bass and drums played in a marching manner, all...
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    Create your own collections of greatest hits.

    This is a music-related topic. Rest should be self-explanatory. Name: Egg salad. Tracks: 1. The Knack - My Sharona 2. The Spotnicks - The Spotnicks Theme 3. The Rolling Stones - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 4. Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out 5. Toto - Hold the Line 6. "Weird Al" Yankovic - Dare...
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    The foreign (non-English) language thread.

    Made the topic because the Japanese topic were becoming too off-topic. Apart from English, I speak Swedish and a little French. I can Norwegian and Danish.
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    Discuss crisps in this topic. My favourite flavours are dill/chives and chili.
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    Teh palindrome thread

    To start the topic, I'll rip off "Bob" by Weird Al. I, man, am regal - a German am I Never odd or even If I had a hi-fi Madam, I'm Adam Too hot to hoot No lemons, no melon Too bad I hid a boot Lisa Bonet ate no basil Warsaw was raw Was it a car or a cat I saw? Rise to vote, sir Do geese see...
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    The official virtual Xmas gift giveaway topic

    (I didn't really know what forum to put this in, sry) In this thread, you "give" stuff to other people. I'll give Stooben Rooben a fireproof guitar ('tsgonna save a lot of water), and SG will get one of those fishies that sing when you press a button, but with Ms Vickers instead.
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    The official "make song parodies" thread.

    Here's a shortie I've made: She's my haggis pie She's made out of lungs and heart of a sheep Tastes so good, makes a Scotsman cry Sweet haggis pie! It's a parody of "Cherry Pie" by Warrant. :)
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    Does anybody know any good video editing program?

    Please? Windows Movie Maker sucks when it comes to editing.
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    What is your best topic?

    What topic have you done that got the most replies? For me, it's probably either the "Characters in the next SSB" or some forum game. Too lazy to check.
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    Make your own SSBB tier list

    Topic says it. This tier list is based on how funny the characters are (no specific order): Top Tier Luigi Mr. Game & Watch Wario Upper Tier King Dedede Diddy Kong Peach Yoshi Kirby Toon Link Jigglypuff Middle Tier Lucas ROB Donkey Kong Ness Pokémon Trainer Mario Ice Climbers Pikachu Pit...
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    Characters in the next SSB

    Post suggestions and stuff here. I couldn't find any topic like this, so I made one (duh). I think the characters who have the greatest chance of being removed are Sonic, Snake and Toon Link.
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    Let's talk about doughnuts. My favourite doughnuts are those with raspberry filling and raspberry glazing. :)
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    You know everyone else has played Mario games too much when...

    *epic idea steal* Ontopic: When they've drawn faces on the turnips in the store. When some guy throws coins and screams "Float dammit!" When the fashion store sells red caps and shirts, brown shoes, and blue overalls. When those clothes come with a matching pair of raccon ears and a tail.
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    Internet forums

    Does anyone know any fun Internet forums? No, I already know about this one, so you don't have to tell me about that.
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    In quote pages and sections, we could maybe put references to other stuff. For example, one of Mario's quotes in Hotel Mario, "Hey you, get off my cloud!" is a reference to a Rolling Stones songs of the same title.
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    Endless rock-paper-scissors, image edition

    Rules are simple, like endless RPS but with pics. I'll start with this:
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    Posts deleted

    Sometimes when I log on, I see that some of my posts that I've posted earlier are missing. Is it caused by the forum engine?
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    Celebrate Smiddle's 5000th post with something.

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    ITT post your first mod note.

    My first was an early post of the off-topic thread, where I spammed "CAFFEINECAFFEINECAFFEINE" etc. on a single row, causing a screenstretch. Wayoshi mod note'd me and said something like "Please don't repeat the same word over and over". Too bad someone deleted it.
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    I like sitcoms.
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    I like coffee, I'm just wondering if other people here do. Edit: Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine, caffeine...
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    I have a new/avatar/sig/whatever.

    Post here if you, for some reason, want to share that. My new things (except for avatar) are from Weird Al's album Poodle Hat.
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    The person below you

    Ya saw it comin'. The person below me suffers from the ebola virus.
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    Viewing the code

    Is there any way to view the code of a post without using the "quote" button?
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    You're the man now

    Is anyone else at that site??!?!??!?!
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    Scary Movie & Co.

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    Edited comics

    YAAAAAAAAAAAY I made those two when I tried to take over one of Guiliant's comics lol.
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    Rate the pain of the user above avatar

    If the avatar of the above user would hurt you in some way, rate how much it would hurt. For example, if the above user's avatar was a fly you'd rate it 1/10 or somethin'.
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    Smash Bros. Mojo!!

    Yay. Mine:
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    Beetle Bailey

    'Swone of my favourite comics.
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    Type your username with your toe!

    am,idede D'oh. Stupid laptop with shallow keys.
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    Warcraft III

    Warcraft, not World of Warcraft. Keep that in mind. Anyway, I like playing as the undead or the humans.
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    Teh In-Semi-Non-Demi-Quasi-Un-Official Christmas Gift Thread

    Give any user anything! I give Xzelion a head asploder toy, 3Dejong gets some kilograms of cheese, and Ploumbière recieves a cat making funny facial expressions.
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    Rate the above user's name.

    [ insert stupid omg you don'tz exiztz lol here ]
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    Creepiest/ugliest non-boss

    A guy from Warcraft III.
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    Paste what you currently have copied in this thread! Just press "new post" and then Ctrl+V.
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    Oh No, Not Another Comic! - #4: "AUGENDS OF THE FALLENSTAR" RELEASED!!!one

    I, Smiddle, am making a new comic. I'm going to work much harder than I did on "The Untitled Comic Without A Name". I'll work harder on the background, style, everything! And I won't make any four-space comics, I'm going to make huge ones, approx. 15 or so. Also, it will be both serious and...
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    Favourite SSBM boss

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    Real-time strategy games

    Discuss them here.
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    Guitar solos

    What is the most awesome one you have heard? For me, it is the second solo in The Knack's My Sharona.
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    Stupid questions, stupid answers.

    User 1 asks a "why" question. user 2 answers it and posts a new question. User 3 answers that question and posts a new. Ready? GO FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!!!1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why are waffles so tasty?
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    What inspired YOUR avatar?

    Mine: I just thought of something random, and made it into a GIF.
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    I am on the wiki as often I can, but I barely find anything to edit. Any ideas? Myself, I often search for words like "payed" or "seeked".