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  1. winstein

    Hopes for Nintendo Switch Online

    Obviously, if it's free it would be better, because that will be the biggest obstacle cleared. If they insist that it needs to be a charged service, there should be more robust and useful features to justify the service. Cloud saves are a great start, although it should ideally be for every...
  2. winstein

    35th anniversary

    Something I just know about Super Mario Bros. 35 is that it's developed by Arika, who were the minds behind a good number of Dr. Mario games and Tetris 99. This does make sense, given their pedigree. It's another game that is time-limited, where it's going to be available for 6 months since...
  3. winstein

    Unpopular opinions about the Mario series

    I myself prefer the way Mario's Game Gallery gave Mario a lot of lines. In fact, I wouldn't mind a Clubhouse Games where Mario is the narrator. Thank you for reading.
  4. winstein

    Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

    I suppose that's one thing that's cheaper more expensive than Diddy Kong. Thank you for reading.
  5. winstein

    Things you didn't notice before in Mario games

    It's only now I realise that Wendy is bald. It didn't really register with me earlier because of the bowtie. Thank you for reading.
  6. winstein

    What games did you play which you enjoyed considerably more than you though you would?

    The first Splatoon: the game has a very novel concept and it's a new type of game produced by Nintendo, plus it has some promising concepts like the usage of motion controls to aim and roller as a (non-shooter) weapon. Despite this, it was still unproven until they released a Global Testfire. I...
  7. winstein

    What would you like as a Nintendo update?

    It is part of an update, true, but I imagine that if it would be part of the paid online subscription, the disclaimer would be there to begin with. Though maybe there is a point to be had, in that this feature was not ready in time so they had to either make it free or to update the case (and...
  8. winstein

    unpopular opinions

    Just because something is so high a quality that it can't be reached, does not make them immediately not worth checking. As somebody who is open to checking out new comic strips as they come by, it is annoying when I hear the opinion that is along the lines of "The Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes...
  9. winstein

    A Thread to Pay Respects to All the Board Members that Aren't Around Anymore

    Mister Apple has been mentioned, so I won't repeat. Since I don't see any mention of Cirdec, so I am going to be the first and say that I kind of missed him. 'tis always good to see a Daisy fan. Thank you for reading.
  10. winstein

    What would you like as a Nintendo update?

    I am kind of curious about how well the Nintendo Switch Online would fare if it's like PS3 and I think PS Vita, wherein the service is not essential for online play, but it's mainly for other features such as cloud saves or free games (note that PS4 and presumably PS5 made the subscription...
  11. winstein

    Panel de Pon tournament 🟥🟨🟩🟦🟪 (concluded!)

    Beaten Pink Cat 2-0 Thank you for reading.
  12. winstein

    Panel de Pon tournament 🟥🟨🟩🟦🟪 (concluded!)

    Beaten YFJ 2-0 Thank you for reading.
  13. winstein

    What character do you associate with the above user

    Sister Jill Thank you for reading.
  14. winstein

    Most Notable Mario Fanart? (If you can't see this image, you can check it from the link; it's related to Mario's Bombs Away) Thank you for reading.
  15. winstein

    Gauging Popular Opinions (Current: DiC's Mario Cartoons)

    The fourth option ("I like the animated series only for its cheesy value. ") is meant to mean that, since I wanted to word it a bit better than merely being called "so bad it's good". Wouldn't the second option (" There are things I like about the animated series, enough for me to like them.")...
  16. winstein

    Gauging Popular Opinions (Current: DiC's Mario Cartoons)

    A new poll is finally up! This time, it's about the opinion on DiC's Mario cartoons, which had some memorable moments, such as the infamous and oft-referenced Mama Luigi. Notably, the cartoons took a lot of liberties from its source material and is also cheaply made, resulting in a lot of...
  17. winstein

    'Shroom Spotlight

    I didn't read the spotlight, so it's actually a coincidence that I released the World 4 article for Dr. Mario World earlier. I mainly did that because I wanted a simpler article after the more complex later Worlds (due to more to keep track of, such as the flasks). The reason I pushed for it to...
  18. winstein

    Favorite Mario Kart gimmick

    I am tempted to say the dual-character, but I decided on Mario Kart 8's anti-gravity for the reason that it has the most potency in track design compared to traversal of air and water, especially with the way Mario Kart did those. The current race courses did well with this concept, especially...
  19. winstein

    Yes, I would love that, especially if they have concept art for the Mario Party games of old. I...

    Yes, I would love that, especially if they have concept art for the Mario Party games of old. I felt that Mario Party has an abundance of settings that it would be great to see those, between the boards, minigames and even the menus (e.g.: the cruise ship in Mario Party 7, Toad houses in Mario...
  20. winstein

    Dr. Mario World

    A quick update on what I have found out so far about the World 7 challenges (layouts are still the same): 7-A: 75s -> 100s 7-B: 60s -> 80s 7-C: 70s -> 85s I wouldn't doubt that scoring can be daunting. Even though I completed a test run on two of the stages above with a lot of time to spare...
  21. winstein

    Dr. Mario World

    The developers made an effort to make the challenge stages easier this update. I have checked five worlds (2, 3, 4, 8 and 9) and found out how much easier they made them. Some of them have timer increases, including 7B, but a few had stage revamps (example: 3A, 4B). Even the "best doctors"...
  22. winstein

    Panel de Pon tournament 🟥🟨🟩🟦🟪 (concluded!)

    Won against Alex in a match of 2-0 Thank you for reading.
  23. winstein

    Dr. Mario World

    All right, I've played Skill Summit, and I must say that it's a very cool side mode, and in a few ways a better version of the Clinic Events from previously. For those of you who don't know what Skill Summit is about, it's basically similar to the regular stage mode where players need to...
  24. winstein

    Dr. Mario World

    The game has just recently had a version upgrade, the current world is only at its first half and there are at least two more planned worlds in the future. What do you think? Thank you for reading.
  25. winstein

    I think it's strange how there are far fewer Mario Party imitators, whereas Mario Kart has many...

    I think it's strange how there are far fewer Mario Party imitators, whereas Mario Kart has many challengers in the field that some even found success, such as Crash Team Racing and Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed. I think one series that come close to being a lasting party series is...
  26. winstein

    Gauging Popular Opinions (Current: DiC's Mario Cartoons)

    The results are in! Mario Kart: Super Circuit Votes: 7 (70.0%) Mario Kart 64 Votes: 4 (40.0%) Super Mario Kart Votes: 2 (20.0%) With that, we can see that more people agreed that Mario Kart: Super Circuit still held up better than its predecessors, and likewise the opinion is that Mario Kart...
  27. winstein

    What would you choose? PS5 or series x?

    Realistically, I would pick neither because there's little chance I would use them everyday, since it involves using the TV to use (and it's a shared TV). Plus, as long as online play mandates a subscription, that would be a dealbreaker. I could tolerate what Nintendo did because it has a cheap...
  28. winstein

    I just beat __

    BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! I have beaten all of the adventures. If you don't know how this game works, essentially the playable character Qbby and Qucy have the ability to generate boxes by extending them out from their bodies and can be used for various purposes, which include using it as stepping...
  29. winstein

    Gauging Popular Opinions (Current: DiC's Mario Cartoons)

    Since mods can only change polls, this is going to naturally happen. As such, only when the poll's confirmed to be on display will the introduction come next. If you have Nintendo Switch Online, you could try Super Mario Kart and see what you think of it. No need to do this, but it's mentioned...
  30. winstein

    Gauging Popular Opinions (Current: DiC's Mario Cartoons)

    Mario Kart games come a long way, so it can be difficult to go back to older Mario Kart games which do not have the features that newer Mario Kart games implemented. For example, newer Mario Kart games have indicators whenever a dangerous item is approaching, and the fairer CPUs where they must...
  31. winstein

    Gauging Popular Opinions (Current: DiC's Mario Cartoons)

    The results are up: Super Mario 64 Votes: 8 (61.5%) Paper Mario Votes: 3 (23.1%) Super Mario Odyssey Votes: 2 (15.4%) New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U Votes: 1 (7.7%) Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Votes: 1 (7.7%) Mario Kart 7 Votes: 0 (0.0%) Paper Mario: Origami King Votes: 0...
  32. winstein

    Gauging Popular Opinions (Current: DiC's Mario Cartoons)

    Our next poll will be about Peach's Castle, which is my topic of choice for Super Mario 64. That game basically established Peach's Castle as a significant landmark for the Mario series, which is basically the residence for Peach. Although Peach's Castle appeared a lot of times in future games...
  33. winstein

    Gauging Popular Opinions (Current: DiC's Mario Cartoons)

    The results are in, and here they are: I do not mind the change, as I am not bothered by the relationship change. Votes: 5 (33.3%) It's an unwelcomed change but I can accept it. Votes: 4 (26.7%) It's a good change, as it's made clear what Bowser's lineage is (as in, Bowser Jr's his only child)...
  34. winstein

    Dr. Mario World

    There are a couple of notable things happening in Dr. Mario World so far: 1) 8-bit Dr. Mario is available, and on Dr. Mario's 30th anniversary no less! This doctor is basically based on Dr. Mario for the NES, which is a nice throwback (I actually thought it was going to be similar to the Dr...
  35. winstein

    Even Rayman games? Thank you for reading.

    Even Rayman games? Thank you for reading.
  36. winstein

    Panel de Pon tournament 🟥🟨🟩🟦🟪 (concluded!)

    Defeated by tfp and turb, both at 2-0. For tfp, both matches are 2-0 in their favour, but for turb it's 2-1 and 2-0 respectively. Thank you for reading.
  37. winstein

    Most Notable Mario Fanart?

    Paper Mario dioramas! What I like about this one is that it did not disparage the three newer games that some unsatisfied people might have done. Also, there's something at the end of the showcase. In case you can't view the Twitter post, here are a few: Source...
  38. winstein

    Dr. Mario World

    My current progress (bold are new or levelled up since the previous post, italics are in process of levelling up): Worlds: - Beaten Worlds 1 to 16 with 3 stars in all levels - Reached level 647 (World 17) with 3* in every level so far Doctors: Dr. Mario (3) Dr. Peach (3:3) Dr. Luigi (3) Dr...
  39. winstein

    Gauging Popular Opinions (Current: DiC's Mario Cartoons)

    Ah, that's disappointing to know. I was hoping that the simpler choice list would cover for almost all bases since I am a bit apprehensive in having too many options, given the overall lower turnout here compared to the Wiki. I can see the merit in covering as much ground as possible for the...
  40. winstein

    Gauging Popular Opinions (Current: DiC's Mario Cartoons)

    A new poll is up, and with that, a new topic! Not even a decade ago, the creators of Mario have clarified that the Koopalings are not Bowser's children and that Bowser Jr. is Bowser's only biological son. This is unlike how it was portrayed not long after the Koopalings were introduced, and in...
  41. winstein

    Gauging Popular Opinions (Current: DiC's Mario Cartoons)

    As long as the choice of firearms are not realistic, it would be fine. Votes: 7 (58.3%) Mario using guns is cool and should happen more often. Votes: 2 (16.7%) Mario shouldn't wield guns for any reason. Votes: 2 (16.7%) Mario using a gun is better off only in a third-party media. Votes: 1 (8.3%)...
  42. winstein

    Mach Speed Mayhem (Superchao 'Shroom Section)

    Dai San Gen Thank you for reading.
  43. winstein

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournaments ∙ Crackin355 wins! ∙ Thank you so much for playing my game!

    I guess I will participate too. Thank you for reading.
  44. winstein

    Gauging Popular Opinions (Current: DiC's Mario Cartoons)

    The next poll is about the idea of Mario wielding a gun, or any firearm for that matter. The idea was originally going to be implemented in the first Super Mario Bros. game, but it was ultimately scrapped in favour of fireballs. It would be Mega Man that would bring the idea of a gun to a...
  45. winstein

    Panel de Pon tournament 🟥🟨🟩🟦🟪 (concluded!)

    Beaten Goombuigi for a result of 2-0 (2-0 in the first match, 2-1 in the second match) Thank you for reading.
  46. winstein

    Gauging Popular Opinions (Current: DiC's Mario Cartoons)

    Sorry for the lateness, but here are the results: Personality (cowardice, etc.) Votes: 15 (78.9%) Relationship or contrasts with Mario Votes: 15 (78.9%) Abilities (higher jump, electricity, etc.) Votes: 13 (68.4%) Joke-ish memorable moments (Mama Luigi, death stare, etc.) Votes: 12 (63.2%)...
  47. winstein

    Hurt and Heal: Pokémon Unova Gym Leaders

    Burgh: 28 Elesa: 30 Clay: 30 Iris: 30
  48. winstein

    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

    Something I have noticed to be quite welcomed is how every Pokemon mentioned in the Dex has a unique entry. What I disliked about Gen 6's National Dex is how much it reused past games' entries for non-Kalos Pokemon, yet every Pokemon available in these games, including the DLC, has unique text...
  49. winstein

    Paper Mario: The Origami King

    If the developers were to adhere to character restrictions, perhaps the situation could have been turned into an advantage. In quite a number of ways, I can see that happened, such as how varied the locations are and how well the papercraft are used to design the environments. I suppose that, on...
  50. winstein

    Paper Mario: The Origami King

    I felt that the character standarisation is not restricted to Paper Mario. I imagine that the folks in the "Character Supervisor" listing in the credits are in charge of this. Every other Mario series except for Super Mario is affected, such as how there are zero new characters in Mario Party...