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  1. Spore Knight

    Countdown to Ultimate Finale: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I think I've become a Banjo main now. Playing as him feels so good, especially with the down throw and the side special. Sonic was my main before, but I guess he works as my secondary, as I still really enjoy playing as him.
  2. Spore Knight

    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    Welcome TO MARIO KART!
  3. Spore Knight

    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 Finally finished the perfect run for the first time!
  4. Spore Knight

    Do you want an Icon from Kirby's dream course?

    well then, I guess I'd like to see myself
  5. Spore Knight

    Nintendo Switch

    Also, update 9.0.0 dropped. It apparently added friend invites (which I won't benefit because I don't have the online yet), Stylus support and other stuff.
  6. Spore Knight

    Favorite Smash remix in each game

    64: Gourmet Race. Melee: Gourmet Race (yeah gourmet race is here twice), Fever. Brawl: Angel Island Zone, Overworld Theme (super mario bros), Stickerbush Symphony, Vs. Ridley. Sm4sh: Yoshi's Wooly World main theme, Gerudo Valley, Mute City, Duck Hunt. Ultimate: The Map Page (DK country)...
  7. Spore Knight

    Stages, karts and characters suggestions for Mario Kart Tour

    I mean, I always feel like sonic needs to be dlc in mario kart someday. I mean he has his own kart racing series, so it shouldn't be really difficult to come up with an idea. We could have Green hill Zone or City escape as a track, or any sonic racing track.
  8. Spore Knight

    Poll Talk

    Option 3. I guess it's pretty cool that the Nintendo Switch family is being developed, and I'm happy for people who wanted a Switch Lite, but I'm not planning on buying one, because I already have a Switch and I feel like I would be wasting my money if I bought a switch lite. Especially...
  9. Spore Knight

    Post Smash screenshots.

    Ok! Now that Banjo is out, there's one thing I need to do! screenshots Don't mind me I'm just playing catch banjo kazooie nuts & bolts 2 Let's go for a swim! Kazooie! This big guy is hungry! Let's feed him some eggs! That's kinda gross actually...... but fine.... btw there's also that...
  10. Spore Knight

    The last thing you bought

    the sans mii outfit
  11. Spore Knight

    Nintendo Direct Thread (Do NOT post here unless one is announced)

    it's also amazing how a song from some earthbound hack became so popular that it's I smash now. Toby at out as just a regular hacker kind of guy, now he's a famous video game developer who collaborates with Nintendo sometimes. This is honestly kinda tear-jerking, as he must be feeling really...
  12. Spore Knight

    Super Kirby Clash

    i just finished downloading it. I never played Kirby Battle Royale, so I can tell this new experience is gonna be fun
  13. Spore Knight

    Nintendo Direct Thread (Do NOT post here unless one is announced)

    direct was decent, I guess Xenoblade 1 remake is cool, same for AC new horizons. and sans it's the only dlc mii outfit I bought
  14. Spore Knight

    Nintendo Direct Thread (Do NOT post here unless one is announced)

    -nintendo used direct! -its super effective!
  15. Spore Knight

    Poll Talk

    I guess option 1 and 2. One of my favourite things with anything, such as a TV show, a comic or a movie, is when they crossover. Mario got a few crossovers over the years, like Mario Kart Arcade GP, Mario Kart 8's DLC, Mario & Sonic and Mario + Rabbids. But for a big franchise like Mario...
  16. Spore Knight

    Third Party devs you want to see make a Mario game

    Maybe we could see Activision making a Mario game. I mean Bowser and DK were guest characters in a Skylanders game, so I wouldn't be surprised if they actually did it.
  17. Spore Knight

    Count to 100 with a twist.

  18. Spore Knight

    Official Fire Emblem Series thread

    So I recently started playing Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones, with Koops guiding me through the game. This is my first ever experience with Fire Emblem, and it's going pretty well!
  19. Spore Knight

    Which Mario Kart is your favorite?

    Wii is the one with the best tracks, the best music and pretty decent controls. Plus I have nostalgia with this game, so I'd probably rank it as my favourite one of the Mario karts.
  20. Spore Knight

    What would be a good way to differentiate Kamek from the other Magikoopas, design-wise?

    Maybe just replace him with Kammy Koopa or something. But I think they should keep the design because as confusing as it is, we got pretty used to it.
  21. Spore Knight

    Count to 1,000,000

  22. Spore Knight

    Count until Toadgamer starts spamming the restart button and resets the count.

    me: I haven't posted here in forever. I guess that means the count is going above 100 or something! *enters thread. me: oh...
  23. Spore Knight

    Block the above user for a stupid reason!

    blocked because you just used a generic artwork for your avatar. on second thought I'm doing the same thing so nevermind
  24. Spore Knight

    Create a backstory for the above user's avatar!

    simply someone speedrunning mario 64
  25. Spore Knight

    Do you like the above user's avatar or signature more?

    sig showcases speedrunner Mario's glorious speedrunning tricks. So yeah.
  26. Spore Knight

    Describe the above user's theme.

    Dr. Peach, a.k.a. nurse toadstool
  27. Spore Knight

    Rate the above user's signature.

    10/10 its romantic
  28. Spore Knight

    Rate the User above avatar!

  29. Spore Knight

    Word Association

  30. Spore Knight

    Usernames combine!

    Speedrunner Knight my favourite Knight
  31. Spore Knight

    Name change chain

    ★December 2017 - February 2018: Toadgamer ★March-April 2018: Bandana Waddle Dee ★May 2018: Toadgamer ★June 2018: Tennis Toad ★June - July 2018: Shovel Knight ★July - August 2018: Miles Tails Prower ★August - September 2018: Blade Knight ★September 2018: Toadgamer ★October 2018: Honoka's #6 fan...
  32. Spore Knight

    I have a new/avatar/sig/whatever.

    was planning to keep the Banjo theme for until he releases, but I felt like I needed to have spore Knight from shovel knight dig as one of my themes.
  33. Spore Knight

    The official name change log

    User Banjo has changed their username to Spore Knight.
  34. Spore Knight

    Have you ever made a Mario OC?

    ah, I definitely never made an oc. definitely not...
  35. Spore Knight

    Mario Kart Tour (mobile)

    Good thing is, unlike every Mobile Nintendo game, this one is available in my country so I predownloaded it. Anyway, the game looks fun! It looks like it keeps the traditional Mario Kart formula and it has awesome graphics for a phone game! They added new stuff, such as character skins and of...
  36. Spore Knight

    Most Notable Mario Fanart?

    I see Mickey with a brush in the first image. IT'S WHOLESOME!!!
  37. Spore Knight

    The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

    welp, buh-bye! See ya after a while!
  38. Spore Knight

    Should I buy a 3DS?

    Personally, I don't really care about the 3D. It only works with the early 3DS games such as Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 (at least to my knowledge). So I don't think I would mind buying a 2DS instead I a 3DS.
  39. Spore Knight

    Mario Awards Killing Game III Feedback Thread

    I haven't been alive for long in this KG, mostly because it was my first one. First of all, I'd like to congratulate everyone who got this far. I barely got through one night, pretty much because I'm (kinda) bad at this kind of thing. Second, I'd like to say that it would be better if we had a...
  40. Spore Knight

    The infamous Joycon drifting issue

    I guess we could wait till they start repairs outside of the US, because I don't wanna risk breaking my Joycons while trying to fix them myself. I'm also having similar issues. For example, the ZR button on one of my Joycons doesn't work, and the side buttons on some of my Joycons don't work.
  41. Spore Knight

    Poll Talk

    I feel like a Kirby×Mario or Zelda×Mario crossover would work. Maybe the Zelda crossover will be an RPG or an Action RPG. And maybe they can mix the gameplay of Mario and Kirby games together.
  42. Spore Knight

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I don't think you need to download the demo, considering event spirits can sometimes show up in the spirit board. (It was the case with partner Eevee and Pikachu).
  43. Spore Knight

    The infamous Joycon drifting issue

    Ok, so I know everyone who uses Joycons went through this at least once. I already did a thread about this, but at the time, I thought I was the only one encountering this issue. So I made this thread not because I'm asking for help, but I think it's time we discussed the drifting, if there is...
  44. Spore Knight

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Apparently you can get this spirit if you play Dragon Quest 11 DX or its demo. I actually downloaded the demo just for this spirit. Cause everytime there's a new spirit, I need to get it asap.
  45. Spore Knight

    Post Smash screenshots.

    "Never talk to me or my son ever again!"
  46. Spore Knight

    Marvel Cinematic Universe crap
  47. Spore Knight

    Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

    It's a Mario game. For some reason everyone never removes their hats in those games. but Eggman could probably use these goggles while swimming! Anyway, this game looks incredible, and I'm really looking forward to it!
  48. Spore Knight

    Nintendo Direct Thread (Do NOT post here unless one is announced)

    Nintendo PLEASE give us information on Shovel Knight King of Cards and Battle Mode! I'd also like a new reveal or information on the Cuphead DLC.