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  1. nuclearminer

    sans got in before quote im sad

    sans got in before quote im sad
  2. nuclearminer

    who are you again

    who are you again
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    Do you know that username?

    no wreckingprograms
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    Unpopular opinions about the Mario series

    the face martinet makes when voicing waluigi is just great though
  5. nuclearminer

    Your pet peeves in the Mario series

    mine is when nintendo insists mario has a personality. either give him one or stop trying
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    Let's Type! The Shadow Moses Incident

    this is a port of my thread over at METAL GEAR SOLID ___TACTICAL ESPIONAGE ACTION___ RULES (who reads these) Im the DM here, trying to story Only one action per post Unless otherwise stated, one character per player Try not to double...
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    post any random thought on your mind

    give me breadward or give me death Dimentio, aggravating Mimi about her crappy disguise, 2009
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    ok but consider: mario is bland and therefore in more of the advertising, while luigi gets to...

    ok but consider: mario is bland and therefore in more of the advertising, while luigi gets to have a personality and is thus liked more
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    Title Debate: Paper Mario 2

    FINALLY SOMEONE AGREES WITH ME i call it paper mario 2, too
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    Count to 10,000

  11. nuclearminer

    Count to 1,000,000

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    Title Debate: Paper Mario 2

    Do you call it TTYD or PM2?
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    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

    i havent watched the series in a long time, i wonder how things have changed? the last thing i remember was the gang taking down a communist cult out in the boonies
  14. nuclearminer

    Coca-Cola's secret ingredient.

    huh i always thought they kept the crack in, just diluting it, but uh
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    Nintendo Switch Lite

    i still think it shouldve been called the Lite Switch
  16. nuclearminer

    What?! A NEW Koops section?!

    uh im new here, and i dont know what this means, but this seems eerily similar to some other threads ive seen elsewhere i dont think this is gonna end well
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    The infamous Joycon drifting issue

    Usually, the way to fix this issue is to pop the fucker open and then clean the insides of the stick. Rub a peroxide-coated Q-tip on the sensors inside the stick, and make sure to put the thing back together properly Opening it could also fix ZR, because it has a spring that can easily come...
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    Describe the above user with a famous quote

    "T-This is like one of my japanese animes..." Hal "Otacon" Emmerich, after pissing himself and hiding in a locker 1998/2005 look the game came out in 98 but was set in 05 idk which to put down
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    Secret Exits in NSMB

    thank very use
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    Super Mario Sunshine Playthrough

    is this meant to be a silent playthrough? bc if not you have a bit of a problem, my dude.
  21. nuclearminer

    Super Setting Sunshine - Analysis of Isle Delfino

    i think i might make a real tourist's guide to isle delfino, and by that i mean a hitchikers guide sorta deal maybe animated, idk the vid inspired me, and i think it could be a really neat idea (also i want to explore the connection to the TTYD piantas)
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    How many times have you beaten the original Super Mario Bros.?

    Did someone say SMC? because i love this game and its sad to see flash dying anyway, i had the GBA port when i was like 8, so i played that alot i only beat it like 3 times then though and after that ive beaten it a few more times, but i never really kept count
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    Block the above user for a stupid reason!

    blocked for mentioning that tirefire
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    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    ... are there really so few new members now that everyone comes to greet one? i may have to change that...
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    last person to post wins

    sans is in smash now. all hope is lost.
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    Block the above user for a stupid reason!

    blocked for not shouting out simpleflips
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    business sans time

    business sans time
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    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    So, i guess im new here? i dont remember if i used to have an account here, so ill just go with being new. I'm nuclearminer, and im trying to get back into forums. i play a lot more than just mario games, but i have a soft spot for the first series i played. Sunshine is a bad game that i love...